mermaid world

Its about the life as a mermaid


2. lisa,s birthday

Lisa got up this morning its was her "birthday happy birthday Lisa" said her sister "thank you, said Lisa

when Lisa wasn't looking. her sister where whispering about a surprise party for Lisa.

the queen had to order the food the king had to decorate the whole house with pretty pink ribbon

and lots of balloons oh and not forgetting the flowers and the maid was doing the cake her name is called molly. Lisa  boyfriend brought her a lovey present it was an engagement ring.

"OK we got every thing ready" said the queen "yes lets get this party started" said Lisa "You did this all for me thank you everyone" said Lisa it was her 19 birthday.Her boyfriend Kyle proposed to her "Lisa will you marry me" said Kyle "yes I will marry you" said Lisa. "present time" said Shelly "hooray" said everyone Lisa UN wrapped the the first present it was her first ever crown it had sparkling jewels on it that present was from her mother  the next present  was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen it had silk patterns with diamonds on it but it wasn't  just any dress it was her brand new wedding dress it  was from Kyle "do u like it" said Kyle "oh wow i love it" said Lisa. all of a sudden the lights went out happy birthday to you "happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Lisa happy birthday to you" sang every one "make a wish Hun"said Shelly Lisa made a wish she wished that she would work in the mermaid school with all of the mermaid kids all of a sudden her wish came true the old school teacher offered her a job to work with the children in the school Lisa took the job straight away.

"bed time everyone night sis night mum thank you for a fantastic party" said Lisa "your wellcome night" said Shelly 


END OF CHAPTER TWO               

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