Run The Show

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be head gamemaker? To run the Hunger Games as you want, to bend the rules so that the correct tribute always wins. Imagine having that kind of power, it is ever so easy to let it all go to your head, and as soon as that happens, things become very ugly. (This is for the two weeks in Panem competition.)


1. I am Seneca Crane

This is it, everything is waying up on these games. I need this to go well, my neck is on the line. But I have been doing this for years. I AM SENECA CRANE. No matter how many times I tell myself that it isn't enough, there is this awful feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that has already caused me to lose my lunch. It was a rather excellent lunch. We had the most delightful fresh bread from District Eleven that I found absolutely beautiful, it was still warm when we, we being my wife Fantine and I, ate it. Of course we had thousands of toppings and it was made especially for the occasion. Just the very thought of it makes something vile crawl its' way up my throat, which makes absolutely no sense as there is nothing else within me to get rid of.

"Seneca Crane, come to reception immediately." The buzz of the computeroid  voice comes through the radio. Today is the day of the Reapings, one of the most important moments of a gamemaker's life. Everything is reliant on whose name emerges from the reaping ball, the tributes, not only do they have to fight for their own lives, they have to fight for my life. I am utterly dependant on that  little, insignificant piece of paper. And yet I have never been more raring to go. I know the ages of every tribute in the games, that is the only thing we are allowed to control.  The identities of those people are unknown. Districts where no-one ever volunteers are the simplest to control, nobody ever voluteers so nobody can mess it all up. Districts like One and Two, they are far harder to control, but they are nearly always rather old for the games, that means that the other Districts, in order to balance the games, have to be rather young.

I step into the blue tinted glass elavator which has the Capitol logo on the front. As it slides down the side of the building I get a stunning view of the capitol, tall, elegant buildings and stunning colours that strike me dumb every single time. The very beauty of the capitol and its' clashing colours that somehow manage to blend themselves together to make an astonishing combination that always seems to change. Every time you look at the Capitol you notice something that you never saw before. It looks as though the world is opening out at your feet and it stretches on forever.

In short, I love it.

Eventually though, everything has to end, no matter how much you long for it to go on, it always has to. Much like the Hunger Games I suppose, everything has to finish. So the lift came to a stop on the final level, and the doors open to reveal the stony face of President Coralinus Snow. He speaks a simple sentence, but I later discover that it will change my life for good.

" A girl from District Twelve has volunteered."

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