In a dystopian America, Trinity Shire, and three other teenagers are taken captive by the government to be used as scientific experiments. The scientist plan on making the "perfect human". They strive to create someone that is able to conquer anything. They spent years perfecting a chemical that could wash out the mind of a human so they can't think for themselves. They plan to build an army of mindless power machines, but will they succeed? Copyright © 2013 by Cassidy McClurkan,
All rights reserved


20. Chapter Nineteen

         "Think we could somehow pick up a car on the way?" I question after hours of walking. The heels of my shoes feel as if they have turned into rock. Not just a smooth rock, a sharp one that is digging into my flesh. 

           "Maybe, if we can find one." Griffin replies. Our conversations so far have been short and simple. Nobody has mentioned the fact that Jesse is in a lab being experimented on right now, but I know the thought lingers in the back of all our heads.

            We trek down gravel roads and mossy highways. Old rout 66 signs have rust crawling all over the metal. My eyes skip across the land in search for an available vehicle. Where we are traveling, it's practically deserted. Since the bright city is so far away, we hardly run into any trouble as the night continues on. 

           "Ha, look! A car!" points Lance. On the side of the road lies a rusted pick-up truck. It may be in bad condition, but I'm sure it'll run fine. We each give a sigh of relief as we approach it, and sigh again when we see that the keys are still there. We all pile into the truck, our feet eager to rest. I sit in-between the two boys, Griffin is behind the wheel.

             We all let out backs sink into the torn leather seats, soaking up the comfort while it lasts. "What a blessing," I exhale wistfully. 

              "Yeah," Lance chimes in while closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath. 

                Griffin grunts, and starts the engine mumbling, "Yeah right, blessing." he spits out the words bitterly, as if they are sour in his mouth. I ignore the comment, knowing that even the smallest things are gifts. Griffin wouldn't know what a gift is even if it was right under his pointed nose. 

              The car jolts forward, lurching us out of our seats. I brace myself against the dash-board. I give a sharp glare to Griffin, "Sorry, its been awhile." he replies, noticing my dagger-like eyes. I quickly brush it off, knowing I in fact have never driven a car. There was no need to know how back when I was with my parents. We would always take wagons and horses everywhere we went. Sometimes, me and my father would race around the fields yanking corn off the stokes and seeing who collected the most. The memory sends a painful pang throughout my body, and my steady breath begins to shake. 

               "Think we could make it all the way to Atlanta in this?" Lance questions.

                His question is clearly amusing to Griffin who immediately bursts out laughing."Ha, are you kidding me? We probably wont make it to tomorrow night." 

                Griffin drives the truck roughly out of the ditch, then sails down the road at unreasonable speeds. I try not to think about potholes in the road, or stray bear traps. I lean over and flip the switch to the radio on, hopefully it will work. At first there is a low fizz, but it soon clears out, and leave behind a harmonious tune. The strum of the guitar floats though the tuck and out the windows. Griffin sticks his hand out of the opening, letting the wind caress his fingers. And Lance begins combing through old CDs. 

                Overhead the stars seem to light our path. The three of us search for constellations amongst the random scatter of glitter. "Do you think this is going to be the beginning of the end? Do you think we started this whole... conflict?" I ponder aloud. 

                  "It's not our fault. Plus, this had been coming for awhile. No way to avoid it." Griffin says while keeping his eyes on the road. "You two better get sleeping. We'll take turns on the road." he adds. 

                  "You sure I can trust you on the roads?" I joke. The tip of his lips curl.


                  I trust him, and sink deeper into the seat. Lance props his head against the half rolled up window, and crosses his arms as his eyes struggle to stay open. I turn down the radio, and listen to the rush of the road underneath us. Being so close to Lance and Griffin causes my body to long for them. My body shifts toward Lance as I begin to drift into sleep. 

                 I situate myself and rest my head on his lap. I look up at him to make sure he is okay with it. All I see is a slight smile on his face. I too smile, then let exhaustion take over my body. 


                I wake up to Lance shifting, his eyes wide open. "Sorry to wake you. It's my turn to drive." He gave a quick anxious look, "I always failed the driver's test." he laughs.

               "Well, at least there is no rules on this road." I remind him while stretching. I rub my swollen eyes that itch from drainage. Lance gets out of the car, shutting the door behind him. Griffin slides over from the drivers seat, leaving him in the middle. I shift over to the seat on the far right. 

               "Now, just start the engine." Griffin instructs Lance, who seems eager to get on the road. 

               "Okay," Lance follows his instructions. I stare out the windows, though I am staring at nothing at all. My thoughts have blurred away my vision. The car vibrates as we hit a rough spot, but the bouncing is soothing to me. With them by my side, I feel safe. Now the distant glow of the city is almost gone, which gives me comfort. I think of all we have been though in such a short time. It leaves me questioning the future, and wondering what we will run into on the way to Atlanta. How can we be sure that Atlanta has no news of the new discovery? How can we know there is no Drones? What if they wont accept us, or take us captive to run tests on us? 

                "Hey, it's going to be fine, Trinity. You over think things." Griffin says, causing my thoughts to scatter. 

                 "Yeah, I know." I say, hoping he will just let me think, but I'm unlucky.

                 "Once we reach Atlanta everything-" I cut him off, knowing what his next words will be.

                  "Everything what? Will come together? How can we be sure? We don't even know them, Griffin. Maybe we should just go somewhere deserted."

                  "And then what? Watch the world become enslaved by mind control?" He questions harshly, causing Lance to swerve a bit to the left.

                   I don't reply because I know he's right. We can't just leave the unharmed people left to be tricked into believing the governments schemes. I can feel the tears rush to my eyes. My body stiffens as I try to contain my trembling inside. Clearly noticing my attempt, Griffin takes my hands. "I'm sorry for being harsh. I shouldn't have said that." 

                   "No, you are right." I say, "I'm just scared with this whole thing." 

                   "We all are, be we have to accept our part in this revolution." he explains.

                   "Revolution? What's this revolution?" I feel stupid asking.

                    He smiles a bit, then says, "We are the revolution." 

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