In a dystopian America, Trinity Shire, and three other teenagers are taken captive by the government to be used as scientific experiments. The scientist plan on making the "perfect human". They strive to create someone that is able to conquer anything. They spent years perfecting a chemical that could wash out the mind of a human so they can't think for themselves. They plan to build an army of mindless power machines, but will they succeed? Copyright © 2013 by Cassidy McClurkan,
All rights reserved


10. Chapter Nine

           I slip though the shadows cast by the buildings above. My hand is coiled tightly around the handle of my pistol. I stay low on my knees, hiding from any unwanted trouble.  I can see the light from the inner city from here. I only have so much time.

            I creep forward, keeping all my focus on one thing: medication.

            My hands are stained with the dried blood, and crack when I move my hand. This time, I’m sneaking in. There’s no way I'll be able to just stroll in like every other citizen, At least not now.

            I hoist myself over a demolished truck, and scan the area. Nothing in my visual. I stay glued to the sides of objects, and hide in corners occasionally.

            It feels like it has been hours till I reach the familiar building. Its white walls reflect the blue glow of the moon that hangs above me. Quickly, I dust off my knees, and straighten out my black dress.

            Small grooves have been carved into the side of the lab, the place where I was created. Its almost like they built this wall for climbing, though, I know they didn’t.

            I stretch my weary limbs, and crack my fingers. If Griffin is right about my power of will, I should be able to climb this wall. Climbing is one of my weaknesses, and I can feel the fear already pulsing though my veins. A sigh escapes my trembling lips as I slide my hand into on of the grooves.

            My fingers fumble into the ridges, and my feet constantly look for a more secure hold. Just a few more stories till I reach the storage room.

            I remember, on my way up to the laboratory passing a small room filled with an abundance of healing meds and cleansing ones too. That’s all I need.

            My body is vertical to the wall, and my weight is hard to keep balanced. I grit my teeth as I look down. I can see the frame of six windows down the wall in a strait line. I am six stories above the solid ground. I’m superhuman, and if I fall, ill most likely live... Most likely.

            A cool breeze tickles my exposed skin, and tosses my hair into my face. I frantically spit it out of my mouth, trying to keep my balance.

            My fingers now tremble with feebleness. I feverishly grabbed the next groove, and a flood of relief spills over my body. I have reached the seventh story window.

            I lurch forward, my hands groping the frame desperately. Luckily, the window is unlocked. I slide it open easily, and then swing my weight over the ledge.

            My feet hug the ground, grateful for the relief. I skim over the medications, and grab the first one labeled Quick Heal, and Disinfect. Please still be there, Griffin. I think wistfully.

            I cram bottles and creams into my bag. Knocking them off the selves with each swoop of my arms. I laugh to myself, wondering why they don’t have somebody watching the storage room. I swing the bag over my shoulders, and prepare myself for the climb down. Just as I push the window open a little more, it slams such with such force that it causes my whole body to stumble back.

            “Did you make sure the windows are locked?” the voice is muffled on the other side of the door.

            “Yes sir. Just press the close button. They’re sealed shut.” Replied a man; I presume it’s his shadow in the small gap between the door and the floor.

            “Good. We know he’s looking for her, and there is no way he’s getting in, or out. Keep your eyes peeled, alright?”

            “Eyes peeled, sir.”

            No, no, no, no. My thoughts jumble. I’m stuck. And who is here? Who are they looking for? What about Griffin? He can’t hold on much longer. I slam my hand against the window, praying it will open. It doesn’t budge, confirming my fear. I pace around the crowded area, processing the ways of escaping. My mind is blank, for panic has set in and washed away every sensible thought I had.

            I retrieved my pistol, and cup it in my hands. My eyes focus on the shadow of two feet beneath the door. I prepare myself to run as I stretch my body. My hand shifts from my weapon, to the doorknob. I gently prod it open, and then slam it forward with all my force.

            I wait till I hear his body collide against the floor before evacuating the room. Swiftly, I haul his limp body into the small room he guarded, and slump him against the shelf.

            The door clicks shut as I slide into the shadows of the hallway. On the sides of the walkway is a blue light; it travels up the walls like a reversed waterfall. The blue slight casts a futuristic feel to the hall as it reflects off the pristine walls.

            There has to be a way out of here. The maze of corridors seems unending, and I grow weary quickly.

            My feet pad against the ground as I walk low to the ground. There has to be a door somewhere. Maybe there’s a balcony door, or an elevator, anything.

            Men prowl the rooms with guns resting on their shoulders. I’m able to sneak past most without them getting suspicious. I race though an empty room, and rush back into a new hallway. I quickly veer to the left, knowing I haven’t even gone this direction yet.

             The sound of boots clicking against the floor sends me fleeting backwards. The click echoes in my ears, alerting me that whoever it is, is close. I freeze abruptly, and frantically search for a place to hide. There are two doors on each wall. One labeled “closet”.

            They’re rounding the corner.

            I lunge for the silver knob, and lurch into the darkness. I feel as if they can hear my heavy breathing, and the pound of my heart. My muscles stiffen as the feet pass my door. Then the thought occurs to me, where am I? 

            My hands grope the walls blindly. There are two walls on my side, and I assume there is one behind me. I feel my muscles loosen, and I lean back. My spine presses against a soft object. Not a wall. I prickle crawls up my neck, and I feel somebody’s breath tickle my shoulder. My heart stops as my muscles freeze.

            What can I do? Nothing. I sit for what seems to be hours, when in reality its only seconds.

            Who else would hide in a closet but the person who broke in? Obviously the person I’m touching is the man the general had warned the guard about. My thoughts are jumbled and I don’t know what to do. I can’t run, and I can’t fight.

            I feel rough fingers touch my cheek, and tilt my face to the side.

            “Trinity?” his voice is surprised.

            “Lance?” my eyes nearly bulge out of my head. “What are you doing here?”

            “I might ask you the same question.” He says while glancing at my bag full of medicines.

            “You first,” I imply.

            His body shifts uncomfortably in the tight space, “I lost her. Jesse.”

            “You what?” I try hard not to snarl.

            “They found us… our house. We tried to run, but they were too fast, Trinity.”

            “Who? Who invaded?”

            Just as he was about to answer, shadows appeared from under the door. They paced slightly, and paused. The knob twisted.  My eyes snap shut, and I grab Lance’s hand. I have to get out of here alive and unharmed, if I don’t, Griffin will die.


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