In a dystopian America, Trinity Shire, and three other teenagers are taken captive by the government to be used as scientific experiments. The scientist plan on making the "perfect human". They strive to create someone that is able to conquer anything. They spent years perfecting a chemical that could wash out the mind of a human so they can't think for themselves. They plan to build an army of mindless power machines, but will they succeed? Copyright © 2013 by Cassidy McClurkan,
All rights reserved


16. Chapter Fifteen

        I know they will soon realize that it doesn't take that long for a girl to relieve herself. They will start looking for me soon. I keep my eyes forward. 

        My feet shift under the loose gravel, causing the barrel of the gun to jab my skull. I follow the path up to a mansion. Its windows are cloudy, and the wood seems a bit rotten. The house is a pale yellow, with a forest green door. The man swings open the front door, then shoves me into an open space. I collide with the musty wooden floor, then back up against the stairs. "Ah, it's nice to be home," he sighs. I notice a woman rush past me to take his coat, and hand him a bottle of wine. She wears a thin white dress, and her hair is combed into a bun. "Thank you... What's your name again?" he asks the woman. 

       "Mary," she whispers before she disappears back into one of the shadowy hallways of the house. I glare at the man while he tips the bottle to his lips. I watch as the liquid runs down his chin, then gets tangled in his thin beard. He staggers backwards before speaking to me again. The word drunk keeps entering my mind. 

        He jabs a finger at my chest and says, "You will be working for me... I have something planned, and I need you for it... Don't... Go anywhere," his words slosh together, and the smell of alcohol leaks from his mouth. The woman who had taken off his jacket quickly grabs my arm, and guides me to a room. Her face is young, yet old at the same time. Grey streaks of hair invade the silky black ones, which make her eyes seem aged. 

        "Did he take you?" I question.

         "No," she admitted. When she leans over open the door, I catch a glimpse of a golden ring supported by a chain across her neck. "I'm sorry this happened to you," she says while fluffing the bed pillow. I study her stiff, and timid movements. 

       "Mary!" barks a voice from below, and after the yell, follows the sound of glass shattering against the wall. My body jumps at the noise. The woman hurriedly grabs another bottle of wine, then rushes down stares to the man. As soon as she leaves the room, I spring up from the bed and begin searching for an escape. I slam my fists against the window, and attempt to pry it open, but it's sealed shut. I open an adjoined door that leads into a closet. I helplessly shove past the clothes that haven't been washed in ages till I hit a wall. I feel around, hoping to find some kind of door leading to the attic, when my hand fumbles upon a small piece of paper. I tear it from the wall, and examine it, but it's not just a piece of paper, it's a picture. 

         It's a happy couple, whose faces seem familiar. It's Mary and the man downstairs. Around their fingers are rings. The gold glistens against the sun, and the diamond on her finger reflects the light into a thousand rays. In this picture her face is flawless, not a single wrinkle sagging under her eyes. The man in this picture must not be the man she knows now. I feel pain for her, and for him. He has lost himself completely. He doesn't even know his wife's name, or the fact she wears her ring around her neck, because she's to ashamed to claim him. 

        "What are you looking at?" her voice tears my attention away from the picture with a startle. I'm searching for a reasonable excuse when she snatches the photo out of my grasp. 

        "I'm sorry." I manage to say. For a moment she is silent while staring at the photo. Her eyes gloss over, and tears threaten to fall. She quickly looks up, blinking them away. 

        "I was a stupid girl. I didn't know what love meant, I didn't know what I was getting myself into," her voice cracks, and she tosses the picture into the closet. She crosses her arms over her chest and sits on the edge of the bed. "Lately, he hasn't been himself. All he does is drink, and obsess over you." 

        The word "you" catches my attention. "What do you mean?" I ask. 

        "He wants to create some more people like you So they can fight back against the government's people," she says while messaging her brow. More people like me? I can't let this happen. My abilities are a blessing and a curse, they could be used for good, or evil. I'm not going to let every normal citizen become some monster like me. I wont plant a target on their backs. 

         "I have to get out of here." I mumble, half hoping that she hears me. 

          "I would help you, but I cant," she says while fingering her ring. 

          "You don't have to live in fear." I reply. 


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