In a dystopian America, Trinity Shire, and three other teenagers are taken captive by the government to be used as scientific experiments. The scientist plan on making the "perfect human". They strive to create someone that is able to conquer anything. They spent years perfecting a chemical that could wash out the mind of a human so they can't think for themselves. They plan to build an army of mindless power machines, but will they succeed? Copyright © 2013 by Cassidy McClurkan,
All rights reserved


12. Chapter Eleven

           I had made it out of the building by quietly strangling a guard, then bolting out the window. The bag at my side rattles with containers. I sail over the pavement as I race toward the hotel where Griffin rests. 

            It's been nearly six hours since I have seen him last. Once I heal him, if I heal him, I have to meet Lance, and hopefully Jesse,  at the Brooklyn Bridge. To be honest, I'm surprised it's kept the same name. Many famous landmarks have been renamed. Most are used for harsh talk about the fallen America. In fact, America isn't even called America. It's called the Abyss. Though, I still call it America, only, it's not the United States anymore. I don't think it will ever be.

           I run into the hotel with no problems at all. No thugs, no drones. My legs move soundlessly up the stairs. I race through the hallway, then stumble into Griffin's room. "Griffin?" I shout while ambling forward. My hand fumbles into the bag, eagerly groping the array of bottles. "Okay, you can do this." I whisper to myself while twisting open a bottle, but before I start, I press my ear against Griffin's bare chest. I sit there for a moment, just waiting for something. Nothing. There is no thump in his chest, and his breath doesn't tickle my hand resting under his nose. Tears swell up in my eyes as I look down to the blood soaked sheets. "You promised me." I sob.

            He will come back, he will. I remember what he said about my power of will. I swiftly screw off the lid to Disinfect, and dip my fingers into the foamy cream. I look down to his punctured chest, then message to cream into the breach. I insert my fingers delicately into the gaps in his flesh in hopes to remove the bullets. His warm blood spatters against my hands, and I feel my stomach lurch into my throat. 

           The six bullets clank against the floor as I remove them from his body. I then spray the quick heal on his skin, and watch it knead together. There is only six small spots on his flesh where the wounds had been. I sit the bottles down on the floor, and rest on the edge of the bed, my hand wrapped around his. They are cold, but not deathly cold. I swing my body around and press my face up to his. "Griffin, I know your in there! Wake up! Please!" I plead. "Wake up!"  I shake his shoulders violently, and then to my aggregation, slap his cheek. He doesn't budge. I roll my eyes, and slam my palms down on his chest as hard as I can.

           I grow weak quickly, and rest my hand against in the center of his upper body. Something faint nudges my palm. I wait for a moment, and press my head against his muscle. A thud comes from his inside of him, and vibrates in my ear. His heart. "Oh God, thank you!" I whisper looking up in praise. 

          Griffin's body jerks forward as he gasps for breath. His eyes are wide and alert, and traced with blue. He quickly searches his body for wounds that aren't there. 

          Tears spring from my eyes, then smear against Griffin's cheek as I press mine against his. My fingers tangle themselves in his hair, and his fumble around my face. "You did it. I knew you could." he whispers with a weak voice.

          "You scared me to death you idiot." I laugh as I playfully shove him away from me. 

           "It's not my fault you took forever." a smile lifts his cheeks.

           "How did you come back?" I question.

            "It's hard to ignore your whiny voice." he bantered.

            I roll my eyes, "Yeah, whatever. But seriously, never do that again." I look down at the red sheets, and fold my hands into each other. My skin burns as his cold hands wrap around my upper arm. He pulls me in, and presses his forehead against mine. Fire trails across my body while he touches me, and a tingle crawls up my spine. 

           "You really are superhuman." his breath collides with mine, and my skin lights up with fire. The warmth of his body spills into mine. My heart flutters in my chest, and my body relaxes. His body pulls closer, and his soft lips brush against mine. 

           Abruptly, I pull back. "What's wrong?" he questions.

           I stutter, "I've never kissed anyone before." 

           "Neither have I. Today can be the first for both of us." he says under his breath.

           "No. I can't." I reply while sliding off the bed. His face hardens in question. "I want to stay pure." I mumble. He nods in reply, understanding my reasoning. To be honest, I'm surprised he has never kissed anyone. He's handsome and strong. Any girl would love to love him. 

           "Well, where to now?" he asks, quickly changing the uncomfortable topic. 

           "Brooklyn Bridge. I ran into Lance while trying to get you the medication you needed. They got Jesse, Griffin."

           "And Lance is trying to get her back?" 


           "Well, if anyone can do the job, he can." I can tell he's trying hard to stay calm. He's probably screaming inside.

           "We're going to meet him at the Brooklyn Bridge once he gets Jesse... If he gets Jesse. We'll wait for him there till sunrise. He said if he isn't there at that time, to go without him." 

            "Go where?"

            "To Atlanta."

             A shocked look morphs over Griffin's face as he takes in the thought, "New York to Atlanta? Are you crazy?"

             "He thinks it might be safer there. He said that the new scientific discovery of creating mindless people hasn't been sent there yet. Everyone is normal. The people here are falling into the trap the scientist have set up." 

            He stands to his feet, and stretches his limbs. "Alright, lets head out." he says while tossing me a pistol that rested on the bed. I make sure the chamber is full, then slide it under my belt. "At sunrise we leave." he says with a wink. 

           I inhale deeply, praying for Lance's safety.           


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