In a dystopian America, Trinity Shire, and three other teenagers are taken captive by the government to be used as scientific experiments. The scientist plan on making the "perfect human". They strive to create someone that is able to conquer anything. They spent years perfecting a chemical that could wash out the mind of a human so they can't think for themselves. They plan to build an army of mindless power machines, but will they succeed? Copyright © 2013 by Cassidy McClurkan,
All rights reserved


19. Chapter Eighteen

       "Calm down, it's okay." Griffin reassures me. His voice echoes in the room, bouncing off the white walls. I try to take comfort in his words, but being here makes me feel uneasy.

        "It's all good, Trinity." Lance tosses in, "Look."

        I follow him over to the lab room. The wall is hardly visible though all the computer screens. The desks are covered with massive amounts of paper and tools. "I've hacked into the governments computers," his face is filled with mixed emotions. 

       I smile, "I never knew you could do that." 

       "Yeah, neither did I." he admits. I lean in over his shoulder to get a better look at what he is doing. I feel the pressure of Griffin's hand pressed against the small of my back. Lance's fingers fly over keys as he makes his way into the secret files in the governments computer. With the final click of the keys, a video pops up. 

        A girl rests on a metal table in a thin, paper-like fabric. Her robe vibrates in a fast rhythm. My view of her is cut off when a scientist steps in the camera's way. "This is Subject Three. Unlike the others, she is quite unique." His face disappears as an x-ray of her brain appears on the screen. I can see areas glowing with a bluish tent. The specks almost seem alive. "The serum which was injected into her a while ago has enhanced specific parts of her brian. As you can see, the Cerebrum is larger than the other subject I have tested, Subject Nineteen. This part of the brain essentially makes us who we are.  It contains our intelligence and our memory, in this case, it makes Subject Three much smarter." He slides another film in front of the light illuminating Subject Nineteen's brain.  The image is filled with red specks that cast a sinister glow on the scientist's face.   The brain is nearly consumed with red light.  I examine the cerebrum, and that's when I notice its dark, and empty. There is no red light Thriving in that section of the brain.

       "Subject Three was already extremely smart before the injection, and now post-injection, the cerebrum has become larger allowing her to store more information and have a clear memory."  That's when it all clicks. The specks are not active in the cerebrum of Subject Nineteen because he is a Drone. That part of the brain contains memories and information, which are absent in the Drone's brain causing them to not know who they are. Erasing their will.  It's complete brainwash. However,  Subject Three the cerebrum is active and alive. She is not controlled.  A sudden feeling of uneasiness rushes over me, and as the scientist moves away from the camera.  My breath pulls up into my chest and involuntary reaction.

       "Jesse," I whisper as my breath escapes its captivity. The realization hurts, and I feel a sharp pang in my chest. The horror she must be going through. It's more than I can bear. 

        The scientist voice cuts in again, "As you can see, she still has control of her mind and can assert her will.  This is not acceptable. It's my job to fix this error, and take away her ability to think for herself. However, this process proving to be harder than I thought.  I will need to combine the serum from Subject Nineteen that successfully neutralized the cerebrum's cognitive abilities, and the serum from Subject Three that enhanced the strength and endurance.  This combination should give us the ability to increase physical strength while erasing the individual will."  I watch as he moves over to Jesse to take her blood. He scans it and runs tests, then does the same with Subject Nineteen. 

         Then the video shuts off. Nobody speaks for what seems to be hours, we just stare blankly at the screen. 

         "We should get out of here before he wakes up." I mumble while looking behind me. The man who had taken us captive lies on the floor. He took a blow to the head, thanks to Griffin. I remember the moment I squeezed out of the elevator, he gripped me by the shirt and slammed me into the floor. I guess that sent Griffin over the edge, because somehow he managed to break through his hand cuffs, and attack the man. I can vividly remember Griffin ramming him into the wall. 

         "Agreed," Lance says. He pushes the chair he sits on away from him, and commands, "Grab anything you see that can be of some use." And at that, we all dart off, searching every closet and cabinet. 



         We all meet up at the elevator to show off our goods. I had found a knife, ammo, and a few maps. Griffin found a backpack, which I immediately cram my findings into, and Lance found a pack of trail mix. Griffin flings the backpack over his shoulders,"Okay, I think we're ready." he concludes. 

       Lance presses the button, which sends the elevator down our way. Clearly out of habit, I tap my foot anxiously against the ground almost as if the faster I tap, the sooner the elevator will arrive. Moments later, it does arrive. Without hesitation, I throw myself into it, the boys right behind me. 

        I begin to relax once we are on the main floor and heading for the door. Nobody stops us or gets in our way. It's an easy escape. Lance unlocks the door and we slip out into the comfort of the night where we are concealed by the shadows and quietness. 

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