I wrote it a long time ago when I found out Toby is A.


1. BetrAyer

He sits there in his lair

in a rocking chair

made by his powerful hands

with a black hoodie

upon his head

in leather gloves

covered in blood


He sits there

and stares

in the mirror of truth

he looks to the right

to the wall

covered with pictures

pictures of them

innocent dolls

of his bloody game


a deadly game

started by her

and now she's 6 feet under

or at least that's where

her remains should be buried

she'll never have her peace

he won't let her

they won't let her

but it's not like she deserves it


her body's been dug out

and the blame

will be put on them

her beloved toys

in her cruel game

they are PREETY

you may say


but not honest entirely


but raised by a devil

and finally


of all time

but they ain't evil

they will never be

and they'll never know

who betrAyed them all

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