Hospital Bed (Larry Stylinson)

When you just want to end all the pain, and give everything up sometimes the universe gives you a sign. When 16 year old Harry Styles is admitted into North Shore, he had no idea that he would meet the one person who would light up his world, like nobody else seemed to. He had no idea that skinny little Louis Tomlinson would change the way he viewed life, how could someone so starved of everything be the strong one. Life was a mystery one that Harry wanted to uncover.


6. The Virgin

Harry sat alone in the lounge room, carefully watching Niall drive his toy cars along the carpet. It somehow calmed Harry watching his innocence, portrayed in each and every movement, the way his mouth sprayed as he made car sounds, or the way he tapped his fingers along the hood of the BMW he held firmly in his hands. They way he jumped around the room, his imagination taking control of the game. Anything could happen and for Niall they did. 

He almost jumped out of his seat when a voice interrupted his thoughts. He turned to face the noise, which of course came from Louis, who hardly took up the whole seat. Harry nodded, a greeting he found much simpler, and more accepted among people his own age. 

Louis chuckled and leaned his body closer. "He can play for hours if you let him." He told Harry with a knowing look. Harry just nodded, he didn't doubt that he was telling the truth. It was then that Niall started making truck noises, despite having no toy truck to help his play. 

"His imagination is impeccable." Louis continued, watching the blonde boy in awe. Harry nodded once more, watching him intently. Why was Louis here? Didn't he have some food to not eat some where? He thought to himself but would never say out loud. 

"Louis, it's time for your check up darling." Jade, Louis' nurse interrupted their one sided conversation, Harry looked up and smiled at her, she really was attractive, he could tell that Louis knew that too, by the way he clung to her arm, the way he smiled when she had called him darling. 

"I will see you later." Louis waved over at Harry who waved back gently, his eyes didn't leave Louis until his body was hidden by the walls of the hospital. 

Harry didn't stay long, he soon made his way to Liam's room where he had been spending his time lately when Nick had been too ill to leave his room. Harry had no idea what was wrong with Nick, he had never seen anything like it. The drained look on his face, the way his eyes seemed to fade every time Harry tried to speak to him. He knew the nurses would take care of him, but it didn't cause him to worry any less. 

He ratted on the door, waiting for Liam to respond. He stood there jigging on his second foot, while watching the stray visitors who walked back and forth past his vision. He was pulled back into the room, almost falling from the shock. 

"Hey mate." Liam smiled, he was alone with Zayn, the pair of them looked like they had just crawled out of bed. He noticed the bed was unmade, the unspoken conclusion was suddenly made clear to him. They had just crawled out of bed. 

"You guys busy?" He asked innocently, wanting them to feel as comfortable as possible with him being there. Liam coughed, and Zayn shook his head, he still hadn't said a single word in front of Harry which made him wonder if Liam had ever heard him speak. It would make sense if he had, but at the same time if would still seem normal if he hadn't. 

"No, we aren't busy." Liam finally answered, pulling his sweater back over his head. Harry nodded and took a seat on the floor, not wanting to take any chances with the bed. 

"I uh just saw Louis, he's in for a check up now." He explained, accompanied by a snicker from Zayn and a chuckle from Liam himself.

"What?" Harry asked, not understanding. "What is so funny?" Liam shook his head, but Harry still didn't understand what they were getting at. 

"He loves his check ups." He laughed a little louder this time. 

"What's to like about a check up?" Harry wanted to know, in his mind a check up involved a lot of unwanted poking and prodding, needles and big words. 

"Have you seen Jade?" Harry nodded, of course he had seen Jade, she was nearly always with Louis no matter what. Why was Jade's appearance got anything to do with Louis' check up? It just didn't Mend together in his mind one bit. 

"Who wouldn't love her touching you in places you haven't been touched in a very long time?" He asked Harry, trying to say it without actually saying it. "You mean..." Harry trailed off, a frown peaking across his confused face. 

"Of course she checks every part of his body, but he makes sure she gets a good turn of his sensitive areas." He turned to face Zayn, which made the pair of them erupt into a fit of giggles, leaving the feeling of being left out sink into the pit of Harry's worried stomach. 

"Like his cock?" Harry asked with a sly grin even thinking about someone else's dick made him feel excited, but he tried to calm himself. It wasn't appropriate at all.

"Yeah, or his arse." Liam nodded, as if proud that Harry was finally getting it. Harry rolled his eyes in an attempt to shrug it off, when really he was wondering which room this inspection was being taken place in. 

"He really is sex orientated isn't he?" Harry chuckled, Louis was always talking about sex, not as much when Niall was around but every other time, when it was just the other boys, there he was mouthing off about sex, it made Harry think of two conclusions. 1) He was the biggest slut back in his home town or 2) He was still a virgin, talking it up because he really wanted to have sex but never had the chance. Either way it amused Harry all the same. 

"You could say that, not that he has ever shagged anyone." Liam answered, making Harry happy to cross the first option off his list. Louis was a virgin, that made things different. Harry just didn't know how.

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