Hospital Bed (Larry Stylinson)

When you just want to end all the pain, and give everything up sometimes the universe gives you a sign. When 16 year old Harry Styles is admitted into North Shore, he had no idea that he would meet the one person who would light up his world, like nobody else seemed to. He had no idea that skinny little Louis Tomlinson would change the way he viewed life, how could someone so starved of everything be the strong one. Life was a mystery one that Harry wanted to uncover.


7. It's Just a Crush

"How old were you when you lost your virginity?" Louis asked Harry. They were all hanging around in Liam's room, Nick included while they waited for Niall to come back from his therapy. Harry smirked at the question, turning his head to face Louis. 

"Fifteen." He said proudly, smiling widely. He was only sixteen but that didn't make it any less exciting for himself. Louis nodded, before asking his next question. "Was it with a girl or a boy?" 

Liam chuckled, he knew all about Louis' obsession with asking questions, secretly he was glad that Harry was the one receiving them for once. 

"A girl." He answered truthfully, alerting Nick to attention. 

"But you said you've never touching a girls breasts before!" He reminded him, the other boys in the room started laughing, but Harry merely shrugged.

"She was 17, I was there to get it in the right hole, she wouldn't let me do anything else." Louis smiled at this, although he didn't know what made the story so amusing, it just seemed to make him want to smile.

"So you have never shagged a boy?" Louis then asked, Liam kicked him for getting too personal but Harry wasn't fussed at all. He just smiled back at him, holding onto his tiny hand. 

"No, but I will one day." He promised, looking him in the eye. Louis felt his whole body shake, he didn't mean anything by the question, but the way Harry was looking at him it scared him. 

Luckily for Louis, Niall walked in before anything turned awkward. The blonde haired boy sat down between Harry and Louis, and handed Louis a new car toy. "That's for you." He beamed proudly, showing his teeth as he smiled. 

Nick gave Harry a worried look, as Louis took the car in his heavy hands. "I like red." He told Niall who nodded. "I know, that's why I picked that one." His little Irish accent was so peaceful that Louis forgot all about how Harry had looked at him, he focused on the little toy automobile that rested in the palm of his delicate hand. That's all that mattered.

Nick immediately questioned Harry as soon as they left the room an hour later, he knew Harry was acting strangely ever since before Niall had came in, and he had an idea why. 

"What was that?" He shot at Harry who kept walking. Harry didn't have an answer which was the reason why he had kept so quiet. 

"Harry, do you fancy him?" This question, made Harry stop dead in his tracks, why was he asking this? Why now? Did he fancy Louis? He had so many unanswered questions in his mind that it made him feel sick.

"Fancy Louis?" He asked, chuckling to brush it off, there was no way he fancied that skin and bones. He couldn't, not here in this place, not with someone so breakable. It just wouldn't turn out, especially not since he was straight.

"Harry, come on you were looking at him like you wanted to rip his clothes off when he started talking about sex again." Harry laughed, as he turned down the next hallway, Nick in tow. 

"I was not, take that back." He protested, nudging him playfully, Nick shook his head, he knew what he saw and no matter how hard Harry tried to deny it he knew it was true. 

"Just shove off Nick, I don't even fancy him." He growled, just as they turned up at his door. Nick smiled, he wasn't going to press him any further if he didn't want to talk about it. 

"Right, well see you at dinner then?" Harry nodded and leaned against his door watching Nick walk back to his own room. 

Perrie snuck up beside him, rested her body against the wall, watching Nick just like Harry was. "Do you fancy him?" She whispered, talking about Nick. 

Harry laughed, looking back at her. "Nick? Are you nuts?" She shrugged, and handed him over a chocolate bar. "Don't tell anyone." She pressed her finger to her lips, he nodded thankfully, dropping it carefully into his pocket. Perrie was a one of the good things in the hospital, one of the people that made him want to get better. 

"So, you still asking girls to see their nipples?" She asked cheekily as Harry opened his door and walked inside. He shrugged, not having thought about it in days. 

"No, only you babe." He promised as he climbed onto the bed and made himself comfortable. Perrie sat down on the chair beside the bed and sighed. 

"You can't just go around asking people things like that, it could get very awkward for some people." Harry nodded, knowing she was right, he stared at her until she looked back, smiling awkwardly. 

"Can I see yours?" He asked, causing her to laugh and shake her head. "No" Her arms folded across her chest as he pouted, giving her pleading puppy dog eyes. 

"I said no Harry, that face won't change my mind." He chuckled, looking up at the ceiling, before closing his eyes. 

"I bet they are sexy Perrie, your boyfriend is lucky." He whispered, causing her to blush. 

"I-I have to go and check up on some of my other patients. You'll be fine to get to therapy on your own?" She asked, heading towards the door. 

He opened his eyes for the moment, looking over to her and nodding. "Yeah, I'll be fine." She smiled softly, turning to leave and heading straight out of his room.

Harry had a lot to think about, his growing crush on Louis was taking over his mind, and not to mention his fascination with boobs, and the determination of seeing Perrie's. He didn't know what that meant to his sexuality, could it seriously mean that he was bi? or was this just a phase he was going through? Just like the time when he told everyone he was gay, just like when his mother told him it was just a rebellious phase. 

It wasn't.

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