Hospital Bed (Larry Stylinson)

When you just want to end all the pain, and give everything up sometimes the universe gives you a sign. When 16 year old Harry Styles is admitted into North Shore, he had no idea that he would meet the one person who would light up his world, like nobody else seemed to. He had no idea that skinny little Louis Tomlinson would change the way he viewed life, how could someone so starved of everything be the strong one. Life was a mystery one that Harry wanted to uncover.


5. Eleanor

Harry fumbled with his thumbs as he sat in his therapist's office, he hated single therapy, his therapist was named Caroline, and she was one of those overly sweet people who gave you annoying nicknames like 'sweetie' and 'darling' there was no denying that she was a very nice woman, attractive too, but just a little too nice for Harry's preference. 

"How do you feel about that darling?" She asked Harry, who had just opened up about his mother for the first time. He hadn't really given Caroline information about his past yet, they usually just stuck to small talk, something about wanting him to feel comfortable around her or some other bull, he wasn't really paying attention. 

"Small." He answered softly, avoiding eye contact as she scribbled his responses down on her notepad. "Do you mind elaborating on that? You don't have to." She told him, watching him with her soft eyes. 

Harry looked up finally, after a few moments of taking it all in, of thinking about what he wanted to say. "I feel small because, they make feel like I am below them." He spoke with tear filled words, yet no streams developed in his eyes, he hated admitting things, he thought as long as they were hidden deep down inside of him, it meant they didn't matter.

"That's good Harry, thank-you for sharing today. Would you like a tissue or something?" She asked, noticing his sniffle, the truth was he didn't even have a sniffle, he just expected he would have, which is the reason why he had forced one. 

"No thank-you." He whispered, as he was shown out the door. He walked along the hallway, shuffling his feet as he did so. His eyes were planted to the floor as he couldn't bear to look up and catch anybody's gaze. He didn't even notice that Louis had snuck up beside of him.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Louis asked, causing Harry to jump from fright. He smiled when he saw it was Louis, but shook his head as an answer.

"No, I'm fine." He told him, hiding his hands inside of his long sleeved shirt, something he often did when he felt this way, it was just habit and nothing he could do to change it. 

"I didn't even ask your name the other night." Louis changed topics, he walked rather slowly, which made Harry slow down too, not wanting to leave him behind. He knew Louis didn't like him giving him any special attention like that, but the look in the boy's eyes proved to Harry that he was glad he didn't have to push too hard to walk. 

"I'm Harry/" He smiled, grabbing Louis' hand to shake it, Louis didn't shake back, his wrists hurt a little but there was no way he was telling Harry that. 

"Harry, is like the prince of wales right? William's brother. That's my middle name you know?" Louis splattered his words, sounding a little like Niall for a second. 

"Yeah, like Prince Harry. Your name is royal too though." He pointed out, finally remembering those boring history lessons he had taken back in Holmes Chapel. 

"Yeah but King Louis wasn't very nice." He chuckled, following the hallways down to the dining hall. Harry opened the door for the two of them to enter into lunch. 

"You should sit with us." Louis suggested, causing Harry to smile. "I'd like that, but what about Nick?" He asked, thinking about his friend. 

"We have spare seats." Louis smiled as he joined the line, behind Niall who was excitedly telling Liam all about the game he had made up with his therapist. 

Niall turned around after a few minutes and almost buckled Louis over, it was Harry who held onto him, making sure he didn't fall over. 

"Eleanor is working today!" Niall jumped up and down, Harry didn't know much about this Eleanor girl, only that she was the youngest staff member, and apparently Niall's favourite person. 

"I can see her." Louis chuckled, as Niall grabbed his hand excitedly. Harry smiled as Liam fell back in the line to keep him company. 

"What was that all about?" Harry questioned. Liam chuckled, before explaining. "Eleanor always gives him extra food." Harry nodded knowingly, that explained why Louis always shared his food with the boy. 

"El!" Niall yelled excitedly when he was in front of her. "Hey beautiful, look what I have for you." He heard her enthusiastic tone. He didn't know whether he liked her or not, it seemed strange to him the way Louis seemed to be eating up her attention as well, seeing as how he was still a teenager.

When they were all seated at their table, Harry waved Nick over, he was confused at first, but it didn't take him long to make himself comfortable. Everything was going fine until Niall made his announcement.

"Louis kissed Eleanor." He told everyone at the table, they all stopped and stared at Niall before doing the same to Louis, who's face said it all. 

He shrugged it off, playing with his food like he had been before. "Shut up Niall, you don't know what you are talking about." He insisted, but Niall wasn't having it. "I saw you! Remember Louis? You told me not to tell anyone." He reminded Louis who still tried to shrug it off.

"Louis." Liam scoffed, but Louis only smiled, for some reason Harry felt a pang of jealousy, she was staff. Wasn't that illegal? Why would she do something like that? Maybe he was jealous, maybe he did fancy that boy.

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