Hospital Bed (Larry Stylinson)

When you just want to end all the pain, and give everything up sometimes the universe gives you a sign. When 16 year old Harry Styles is admitted into North Shore, he had no idea that he would meet the one person who would light up his world, like nobody else seemed to. He had no idea that skinny little Louis Tomlinson would change the way he viewed life, how could someone so starved of everything be the strong one. Life was a mystery one that Harry wanted to uncover.


4. Depression Wing

t wasn't for another week until Harry built up the courage to actual consider talking to Louis in person. The skinny boy, with discoloured skin, was still one of the most beautiful human beings he had ever come across, he couldn't work out whether his fascination was sexual, or just curiosity. He had a few more run in's with Niall during the week, all of which were severely more pleasant than the first now that he knew what he was dealing with. He had so many questions about Niall, but he knew he would never get clear answers especially since he had no idea he was any different than any one else. 

Nick had just came back from the shower and Harry was spread out on his bed reading a dirty magazine that Nick's brother had smuggled in for them. "I thought you were gay?" Nick teased as he noticed the large exposed breasts on the pages that he was entrapped into. Harry looked up embarrassed. "I am, just curious by boobies." He chuckled, rubbing a thumb over one of the girl's nipples. 

"Harry, it's paper, it's not going to feel any different than touching any other part of the page." He laughed as he flung his towel over the bed post to dry. Harry bit his lip, he had known that already. His curiosity just got the better of him. 

"I want to touch real ones." He said out loud, causing his best friend to jump from the absurdity of his statement. "I thought you just said you were gay?" He asked again, brushing his shaggy hair carefully. Harry nodded, as if convincing himself, or Nick or whoever else was listening. 

"I just want to touch some." He insisted, as if it were a normal request. Nick sighed and closed the book Harry was reading from, thinking that his crazy ideas would leave instantly. "Half the girls in this place are insecure, they won't let you near their boobs." Harry nodded, he knew Nick was right. So when Perrie walked in he thought it was an answer from heaven. 

"What are you looking at me like that for?" She asked, looking down to check if she had mismatched her buttons again. When she looked back up Harry was still staring at her. "What?" she repeated with a confused laugh.

Nick picked up on Harry's train of thought and hit his arm as if to tell him to stop but Harry was too stubborn. "You have breasts." He said to her, causing her to blush and fold her arms across them. "Yes, I do..I am a woman." She answered with a smile. She was used to Harry, but this was just plain weird. 

"Can I see them?" He asked, causing her to snort with laughter. "Nice try Harry." She chuckled and took Nick's towel, to take it to the laundry room. Harry shook his head as she passed him. "I am not joking, come on Perrie, we're friends right?" He whined. She took a step back, startled. "Harry! I am your nurse, I can't just expose myself to you whenever you ask, I would lose my job and your mother would probably make a big deal about it to the newsman and then, my life would be ruined." She babbled, making Harry laugh. 

"Just one nipple." He begged, inching closer to her, his hands just an inch from touching her uniform. Nick groaned from behind him, feeling embarrassed for Harry who was clearly lacking embarrassment. 

"No!" She laughed, moving away and out the door. Harry groaned and laid back onto the bed peacefully for a moment before his breathing was muffled by the pillow Nick had thrown at his head. He escaped, sitting up and facing his mate. 

"What was that for?" He asked with a grumble. Nick rolled his eyes and tucked the magazine back under his pillow. "Remind me to hide my porn from you in the future." was all he said. 

Harry had to leave Nick's before lights out, they had a rule in this hospital, 'No Sleepovers' and Harry didn't mind so much, he knew if the rule was invalid, he and Nick would be together every night, secretly he was glad that he had time to think every night. 

He was wandering the dimly lit corridors when he noticed a small figure across one of the hallways, he was sitting on a seat outside of the staff room, by himself. It wasn't until Harry came closer did he realize who it was. Louis. 

He took the seat beside him, swinging his legs as they sat there in silence. Louis was the one who broke the silence a few minutes later. "It's peaceful here at night time." He spoke softly, Harry noticed his voice was weak, as if it took him effort to form that small sentence. He nodded, before remembering that Louis wasn't facing him. "Yeah, I'm beginning to notice that too." Louis turned to him, Harry hadn't noticed the tube under his nose until then, he hadn't had it the last time Harry saw him, but there it was this time, plain in sight.

"Depression wing right?" He asked, nodding towards Harry's wrists. He had started shedding his long sleeved shirts lately feeling less insecure about having the scars since most people he interacted with had them too, but Louis' comment made him want to hide them, it made him feel small. 

"Y-yeah, that's me." He chuckled, trying to make himself seem casual when really he was dying inside. Louis' lips curled upward as he looked into his eyes. 

"I'm not depressed." He said smoothly, causing Harry to nod. He knew Louis wasn't depressed anyone with half a brain could see it in his eyes, he didn't have what it took to be depressed in Harry's opinion. 

"What are you then?" He asked curiously, making Louis let out a small snicker, one that made goosebumps land all over his skin. 

"I'm just not hungry." 

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