Meet the 17 year old troublemaker, Isabel. Isabel is a bad girl, with problems. She dates every single guy in her school.
What happens when her dad decides to force her to marry a boy? And not just a boy, but the one she hates the most, the hottest, loveliest, Zayn.

What she doesn't know is that she is getting married to a ex gang member? And when his violent past effect her most.

This is not your average story.


1. Chapter 1



That's all I can feel, cold.

I am not so sure where I am either. My eyes are bounded so I can't see either. My hands and feet are tied up into the chair I am sitting on.

I am wearing a short, white summer dress that goes just down to my knees. I was shivering, afraid, cold, tired and I just wanted to go back home. Back to my friends, family and Zayn.


My stupid, hot Zayn.

My head started to fill thoughts about him.

Where is he? Does he miss me? Would he save me?

Of course not! He hates me! why would he save me? I should have listened to him, I should never have left that room! Now look at me.

Kidnapped in God knows where! They're going to kill me, I'm going to die.

Without even noticing it, tears started streaming down my face.

I'm going to die and its my fault.

By this moment, I realize how much I really love Zayn. I was a total bitch to him while he gave me all his love. I start crying even more without making any sound. I'm so broken. no, I'm not, I'm torn.



My hands are around his neck while my legs are wrapped around his waist. His arms around my waist, holding me tight and close to him and while we are in a full making out session in my room.

Who is he? Well, I don't know.

No, I'm not a slut. Not a whore either. Call me a bitch, but I'm not prostitute. I may bring guys into my house and make out with them, but I never have sex with them.

I'm a virgin, believe it or not. I've plans to stay like that until the day I get married. That comes from the schools biggest bitch, I know, shocker.

I pull back from the kiss and push him in my bed. I climb on top of him and kiss him harder this time. His hands is traveling all over my body, grabbing and squeezing my butt every second. He is so into this. He turn me around and got on top of me. He pull back and start to take his shirt off.

''Hang on there, buddy! What do you think you're doing?'' I ask him with a confused look. Well, I am pretty sure about what he was up to, but hell no I'm letting that happen. I'm always in charge and I am not gonna have sex with him or anyone until marriage.

''Oh come on, Isabel. You can't possibly think I won't get in your pants sooner or later?'' He said and started to take off his pants, pulling them down.

''Pull your pants back on, zip it and kiss me, Jake.'' I said with a serious face, mentioning him to kiss me.

''Mike.'' He corrected me.

''Whatever.'' I said and grab his shirt and pull him into a kiss.

''ISABEL!'' I hear someone yell. I immediately push Jake, or Mike or whatever his name was off the bed and he fell to the ground with a loud thud. Oops.

I look up to my door and see my dad standing at the doorway with his girlfriend. He was looking so angry that I could see the smoke coming out of his ears.

This doesn't look good. Not at all.


''You!'' He said and point at Jake, I mean Mike.

''Get the hell out of here and I don't want to see you near my daughter ever again!'' He shouted to Mike. Woah, dad can curse.

Mike got up and took his jacket. Aww, poor guy! He look so scared that I bet he peed in his pants, I can't help but laugh.

''Bye baby!'' I yell after him. He just waved quickly and sprinted downstairs.

''And you!'' Dad start and point at me. Here comes the bullcrap.

''When are you going to grow up?! You need to stop this, you can't drag every boy you see into the house!'' He yell at me. I'm used to this actually. Getting yelled on every time I bring a boy into the house, lets say tree to four times a week.

Still not a slut.

''I'm not doing anything wrong! I'm just having some fun, that's it! I'm so sure that you were dragging girls into your home when you were at my age. Isn't that how you got your bimbo right here?'' I said and point at his girlfriend who was clinging into his arm like monkey. Yuck.

She cover her mouth and start to cry. Dad gasped and hug her. Again yuck.

''Young lady! You've crossed your limit!'' He said and then they went out of my room.

Okay, that was harsh. I shouldn't have said that. I just don't like the idea of my dad dating someone else than my mother. No one is replacing my mother, not now or not in a lifetime. Even though she passed away.

I sigh and lay back on my bed.

I know what I'm doing is wrong, but I can't help it. Its the only way I can escape from the pain. I want to feel loved, I want someone to care about me and this the only way I can achieve my wish, well for a while.

My father works all the time and when he is not, he is always with his girlfriend.

My annoying brother goes to college in Manchester, so I'm never able to see him. And then there is my mother. Or was.

My mother died 7 years ago. She got a heart attack right in front of me. I was 11 back then, I didn't knew much about heart attacks or anything. I started crying hard and called the ambulance right away. Even if it was a long time ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I miss her, every single day. Before I sleep, I always look up in the ceiling and tell her about my day. It actually helps, I know she is somewhere up there and looking down on me. I know she isn't proud of what am doing. I try to stop it, for her, but I can't.

''I'm sorry, mom. I will make you proud, I promise.'' I whispered before I close my eyes and slowly fell into sleep.

*Beep Beep Beep*

My stupid alarm clock ringed like a freaking sirene. That mother fucker! I grab it and throw it away. It hit the wall and broke into pieces, nope, I am not a morning person at all.

I sigh and roll out of my bed. I take a quick shower and apply some make up on. I am not in a mood for anything so I just apply some mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. My skin is flawless so I never need to put on foundation.

It is a sunny day so I took on black skinny jeans with a white T - shirt with ''69 on the table.'' written on my chest. I am dirty, its a part of my image. I'm not a bitch to be honest. No one at school really hates me. All the guys want me and all the girls want to be like me, but I'm just like the others. I'm treated just like the others, I'm not more or less important than they are, something I'm really glad by.

I went down to the kitchen and grab a toast my dad made me. My dad works in a huge business company so he leaves early and comes late. So I'm mostly alone all of the time. Sometimes it's awesome to have the whole house for myself, but sometimes, its not. It could be nice if I could have more time with my father instead of being all alone in this massive house.

*Beez, Beez, Beez*


My phone vibered and I took it up.


From; Sexy beast ;)

Open your fuckings door or I will bash it down ;)

I laugh at the text message and open the door. Emily rush in without looking up from the phone.

Emily has been my best friend since diapers! She is the sister I never had. She has black hair and brown eyes. She is not thick, but she isn't thin either. She is so beautiful, I get jealous once in a while, you would too if you saw her. Emily is like the opposite of me, I'm a bad girl, she is a good girl. She gets good grades, I get bad ones. She doesn't bring guys to her home, she barely talks to a dude. She has two older siblings, one siste and one brother. I wish I had a big family, at least someone I can hang out with and talk to whenever I need and whenever I didn't need to.

''Good morning to you too!'' I said sarcastically and close the door behind her.

''Have you heard it?!'' She ask in shock.

''Heard what?'' I asked her confused.

''Zayn is back in town!'' She said and my expression didn't change a bit, but inside I was exploding. Why is he here? I was so happy that he left, so why would he come back? He is a dickhead, always was and always will be. I know these type of boys. Some of the boys are sweet and cute, some of them are bad boys and then those boys who think that they are so hot that the girls would fall head of heels to them and that they can get whoever they want. Zayn was one of them. He think he can get me, he is playing nice and sweet in front of everybody, but he is not tricking me.

''Well?!'' Emily shouted and lifted her hands in the air.

''Well what? I can't possibly care less that he is back.'' I say and walk to the kitchen and continue to eat my breakfast.

''Psh, yeah right!'' She said and sat in the chair front of me.

''I mean it, I don't give a damn about him, anymore.'' I said and focused on my food like it was the most important thing in life.

''Anymore? You used to, not anymore, huh?'' She said and a smirk played on her lips. She knew about what happened between Zayn and I, before everybody did. We were known as the ''hottest couple'' of the year, tree times on a row. Guess what? We were not even dating. I gotta admit it, he is so damn hot, but not on the inside though. I messed around few times with him, but I won't let that happen again.

''It's going to be okay, Isa. Don't worry about him, just bitch him out when he is trying to get to you.'' She said and I smiled widely at her, she was right.

"But, not too much though. That boy is a piece of hotness!!'' She added.

''Emily! '' I yell at her. She took her hands in defense.

''Just saying!'' She defende herself.

''Alright, lets go.'' I said laughing and got my things and went out of the door.

We drove to the school. Emily had ''Take Off'' by Conor Maynard in full blast while she was driving. Yeah, remember when I said she was a 'good girl'? shyness wasn't part of it.

When we reached the school, I went straight to my locker. I tried to hide as much as possible.


Okay, I've to admit it. I was kinda nervous about meeting Zayn. I am afraid or anything, I just don't know what I feel right now. I don't care why he is here, but I know it kinda effected me when Em told me that he is back.

I take out my history book and close my locker. When I was about to turn around I bump on somebody and my books fell on the ground.


"Shit" I curse under my breath and start collecting my books.

Annoyed I get up and start to bitch the person out, but I stop freezing in my track. This face, this smile, those eyes....



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