Baby Tommo

They met at a party, just years before. Louis knew she was someone special, someone he wanted to be with. Was it the matching blue eyes? Or the way her smile lit up a room? He wasn’t sure but Louis knew he had to have her and so he did. When the world found out that she was pregnant, she suddenly became the hottest gossip in hollywood, will the drama become too much for the young couple? Read and find out!

Warning! - Unexpected ending

This is the first part in a four part series, please head to my profile if you wish to read the others.
1- Baby Tommo

2- Mrs Tommo

3- The Tommo's

4 - She's a Tommo.

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3. The Party


Chapter Three

The paparazzi were already there to greet all the oncoming guests of tonight’s function, cameras were flashing, t out of the here were cars dropping off celebrities everywhere, fences were keeping the public out of the way, but I could see fans lined up against the fence trying to catch glimpses of their favourite actors.

When our car pulled up, Lou squeezed my hand, I was hesitant to get out of the car and Lou knew why, this was the first public appearance since the news about our baby had been announced.

Niall was the first one to get out of the car, the camera men ran over when they stopped the new arrival.

They all yelled out things like:

Niall over here!

Look this way!

Who designed your clothes?

Where’s the rest of the band.


Louis decided to take a plunge and got out of the car before me, I followed him because I wanted to get this over with, I had to turn into actress mode as soon as I was out of the car doors, I gave the crowd one of my biggest smiles, and played it up for the cameras, blowing them kisses and winking at them. Louis was doing the same thing beside me. We paused for one particular camera and he pulled me in for a quick kiss.

I was trying to ignore their constant questions of:

How far along are you?

Are you getting married?

How did your family take the news?

Louis didn’t answer them, he just simply kept walking and because he was holding onto me, I had no choice but to do the same.

Once we were inside the hall I went over towards some of the minor cast who had arrived earlier.

“Jay you look beautiful darling” Christina, who played my mother on the show exclaimed, kissing me on both sides of my face, when she sees Louis beside me, she kisses him too.

“So do you!” I told her admiring her beautiful dress

I could hear screams from outside which could have meant two things, either the two heartthrobs from the show had arrived or Harry Styles had.

“Harry’s here.” Lou muttered, after peaking outside the doors.

He was right, Harry came inside ten minutes after, still lapping up the camera’s attention as he walked into the doors.

“Hey!”he called out to us, strutting over to where we were standing.

He looked amazing in his white suit, we weren’t sure he’d be able to pull it off when we picked it out but let me tell you he looked amazing!

“Harry you look amazing” I told him so.

“So do you” he told me, kissing the side of my face.

Lila squealed when she spotted me, and ran over to me, I love her to bits, she plays my best friend on the show and continues that role when the cameras aren’t rolling. She looked like a vision in her black knee length dress that looked almost like a tutu. Her black hair was pulled back into an elegant twist on the side of her head; she always looks a million bucks.

She hugged me tightly; I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume, and the minty aroma of the mints she had not long consumed.

“How’s my favourite mummy” she asked me admiring my dress.

“I’m great, moving in with Louis and Harry on the weekend” I informed her, we started to chat for a good couple of minutes when Harry pointed towards the door, in came Zayn with his new girlfriend, Ashley who was wearing a bright red dress.

“What the hell?’ escaped from my lips, did she not hear it when I told her black and white?

“Wow, someone didn’t get the memo” Lila noted.


“What the hell?” I repeated to nobody in particular, Lou looked at me, with a worried look on his face he knows all about my temper.

“Babe, don’t even worry” he said in an attempt to calm me.

I looked out into a sea of black and white; she stood out like a sore thumb, I couldn’t believe she would do that? Even though she was only making herself look a fool and not me, I was still extremely irked by the nerve she had, after all I had four witnesses to me telling her what color to wear.

“Why didn’t Zayn say anything?” Niall asked we all just shrugged; Lila was looking confused as ever, which wasn’t abnormal for her.

My heart began to pound fiercely when Zayn spotted us all from across the room; he started toward us, his girlfriend in tow.

“Vassup?”  He asked, embracing us each individually in a warm bear hug.

Ashley smiled sweetly at us from behind him.

“You look great” she told me, with that sickly sweet smile of hers, being the great actor that I am, I matched that very smile, telling her i was glad she came, and how much I loved her dress.

“You don’t get paid enough at that job of yours” Lou whispered to me, once the loving couple was out of ear shot.

“My boss is over there, why don’t you take that up with him?” I whispered back, only half joking.

He slipped his warm hand into mine, as we walked into where the function was being held.

Lila swept Harry off somewhere, probably to introduce him to all her new friends, which I knew he would love, Liam still hadn’t talked to me the entire time nor had he looked at me directly. I didn’t get why it was such a big deal to him? We’re friends aren’t we? I mean Harry and Lou do that all the time! What’s the big deal?


After the sit down part of the program was finished, the meals, and drinks began, Zayn and Ashley sat on the other side of the hall, but they only had eyes for each other so it wasn’t a terrible loss for us all anyway. Niall and Liam had found some chicks they thought were attractive and decided they were more interesting than me, the star of the show, i wasn’t actually worried, but I knew i was going to guilt them about it later, just for the fun of it.

Lou and I sat with Harry and Lila along with some of the other cast members, those who were actually allowed to drink were making the most of the free alcohol, while i just sat there eating and eating some more.

I lost count on how many the boys actually consumed, but trust me it was alot. I had to literally drag them out of there when it was all over, I felt like I was a mother already!

“I don’t wanna go home!” Louis practically yelled at me, as I shoved him into the Limo, Harry escaped when I was distracted by keeping Lou inside of the car.

“Stay here.” I commanded him, as if he was a dog, and I raced after his best mate.

“Harry, come here babe.” I tried to bribe him with the leftover chocolates I swiped into my handbag.

“Can I have one of those?” he asked me, eying off my candy, I nodded but kept walking backwards towards the car, trying to get him close enough so i could get him home in one piece.

“Yes Harry but you’re going to have to share some with Lou, can you do that?” he nodded and jumped in practically sitting on top of Louis as he did.

“If this is what having kids are like...then I’m not sure if I’m ready.” I spoke my thoughts aloud, to whoever was listening.

“But you have to be ready Jay you’re a mummy” Harry answered me; I was completely unaware that he was even listening to me.

“And Boobear is the daddy, and that makes me the uncle.”

“Yeah, you’re the uncle Haz.” I told him, admiring my Lou who was resting on Harry’s shoulder.




I sat by myself in the kitchen of the boy’s apartment, it was almost noon and they were still sleeping, recovering from the night before. The ticking clock was ringing through my ears. I couldn’t wait for the boys to wake up; it’s strangely boring without the constant noise of their boyish banter interrupting my every thought.

Soon i could hear footsteps from somewhere up the hall, a tired looking Harry walked straight into the kitchen where i was sitting, and yawned.

“I feel like hell” he told me, before opening the fridge to find something to drink.

“You look like hell” I joked, even though he didn’t look his usual cheery self, he was a long way from looking hell-ish.

“What happened last night?” he asked, rubbing his tired green eyes.

“You don’t really want to know” I avoided eye contact with him.

“I didn’t shag your boyfriend did I?” shock filled his face.

“No course not” i couldn’t help but laugh at that assumption, and the rush of relief flooded his pretty face.

“What did I do then?” his eyes stared up at me, sipping on his glass of water.

“Well for starters you up chucked on my new shoes.”

“I’m so sorry” he apologised and I knew he meant it.

“It’s fine, what’s one ruined pair of shoes between friends?”

“I’ll buy you a new pair.”

“No, it’s fine Harry.”

“No i insist.” He said before sniffing his t-shirt, a look of disgust formed on his face. “I smell horrible, I’d better go and shower.” He skipped down the hallway, back into his room.

I cleaned up the kitchen, and made my way back to Lou’s room, he was sitting up on his bed, just like Harry he looked completely knackered.

“Good morning.” I said cheerfully, laughing at him as he scrunched up his face.

“Why are you so happy?” he groaned, I climbed into bed beside him, and rested my head against his bare chest.

“How’s your head?” I asked him, stroking his belly with my fingers.

“It’s been better” he kissed the top of my head, and rested his arm along my back, we lay there for a while, without talking until he told me he wanted to have a shower, he slowly rolled out of bed, leaving me sitting there alone, I spread my body out like I was creating a snow angel. Lou came back into his bedroom and picked me up.

“What are you doing?” I giggled, not understanding what his intention was.

“Shower with me?” he asked me with a wickedly cheeking grin, he took me into his bathroom and locked the door, and started to undress me.

“I love you” I told him and we stepped into the steaming hot shower together

Harry was sitting down in the lounge room when we made an appearance again.

“Didn’t hear any singing this time, Boo, what were you two doing in there?” Harry winked at me, my face started to heat up. I know he obviously knows what we get up to, I have an unborn child to prove it, but it always made me embarrassed every time he mentioned it.

“I could ask you the same thing, but the difference is I had a woman in there with me” Lou teased Harry which quickly shut him up.

“Aww Harry” I gave him a sympathetic look, but he refused to look at me

The doorbell rang, and Harry went to answer it.

The rest of the band walked in the door, they all looked pretty beat, Liam looked me in the eye, his eyes looked sad, which wasn’t like him.

“Great party last night” Zayn hugged me.

“Yeah it was brilliant” Niall added, helping himself to food in the fridge.

“Thank you so much for coming” I said to all of them.

“What are you lot doing here anyway?” Lou asked them rudely, Zayn threw a pillow at his head, and Niall jumped on top of him.

Liam suddenly stood beside me, and rested his arm on my shoulder, “We’re here to help you move in” he told me, finally giving me one of those gorgeous smiles he’s famous for.


Zayn and Niall jumped off of Lou, and headed to the door, we didn’t all fit into Zayn’s car so Liam, Lou decided they would walk together, I thought they were probably going to race there to see who was the fastest.

I was mistaken, they took forever to meet us at the apartment, Zayn had already loaded up his car with some of my belongings, and Niall went back to the boys place with him to drop a load off, Harry and I were alone in my half empty apartment.

“So you’re okay with me moving in and everything?” I asked him, we were sitting by the door, with our legs crossed, the way preschoolers sit during story time.

“Yeah, it’s about time, I honestly expected you to move in long ago.” He admitted to me, swiping a stray curl away from him face.

“Well I think he wanted to do the whole baby thing right or whatever” I looked away, i didn’t want him to know that it hurt, I’m only moving in because of the baby right? He wouldn’t have asked me otherwise! I thought to myself.

“Well yeah, but he would have asked you to move in soon anyway.” He tried to convince me; obviously my acting skills weren’t a match for my feelings this time.

“I guess we’ll never know.” I jumped up and started playing with some nearby boxes, repacking them for no reason besides needing a distraction.

Louis and Liam walked in the door, as it was still open.

“Look babe, a magazine spread about last night” Lou hugged me from behind, handing me the magazine, and went back over to Liam to tell him something.

I sat down on the lounge flipped through the magazine pages. There was a double page spread dedicated to last night’s event. A Great big photo of me and Lou was the focus of the piece, along with the photo of our kiss. A couple shots of Harry dancing with Lila made it in as well.

“Haz! You’re dance moves made it into the magazines” I yelled at him, holding up the article for him to see, he got off of his spot on the ground to come over and sneak a look at himself, just as he was peaking over my shoulder I spotted something that made me angry.

“That cow!” I exclaimed, causing Liam to jump.

“Who’s a cow?” Lou asked rushing over to me to look at what had upset me.

“Ashley, look read this” I shoved it at him, and started walking around the room to calm myself down.

“Zayn Malik’s new date sure brought attention to herself, wearing a red dress to the black and white party, when asked why she wore such a thing she told reporters ‘If Jay had told me this was a black and white party I could have saved myself alot of embarrassment’. “ Louis read aloud, Liam gasped, and Harry had a blank look on his face.

“We were all there when you told her” Liam said trying to make sense of it all.

“My question is why did Zayn just stand there when she said all of that to the press?” Harry asked, and I admit that’s something I’d like to know also.


Zayn walked in, ready to grab a few more boxes, but as soon as I saw him I rushed off to the bathroom to hide my tears. Usually I wouldn’t cry over such things, but I’m certain my pregnancy hormones were contributing to my reaction.

“What’s wrong with her?” Zayn asked confused, I could barely hear the conversations through the walls of the spare bedroom, but I’m sure they would be filling him in.

“Jay? Where are you?” Liam called, as he walked down through the hallway, I could hear him slowly getting closer to where I was.

“There you are” he poked his head into the room where I was sitting, he sat down beside me on the carpeted floor, and handed me a handkerchief to wife away my tears.

“Don’t worry, Lou had a go at him, and Zayn said he already had an argument over this with her” he wrapped his arm around my shoulders, and rested his head against mine, I was still shaking from the crying session, but somehow Liam made me feel alot better.

I grabbed hold of his spare hand, slipping my fingers through his.

“I’m sorry about being weird yesterday” he apologised, but I still didn’t say a word to him, I couldn’t in fear of hysteria escaping through my lips.

A knock on the door startled me; I looked up to see Zayn’s sad face looking down at me.  Liam stood up and left us alone.

 “Jay, I’m sorry about Ashley, I don’t know why she said those things” He slowly made his way closer to me, sitting down in front of me.

“I told her that if she wanted to be with me, that she couldn’t pull stunts like that especially about people I care about. You’re like a sister to me you know that?” he reached out to wipe a tear from my face with the side of his finger.

I looked up at him, and stared directly into his eyes

He leaned over and gave me a hug, well that’s what I thought he was trying to do, but I didn’t hug him back so it wasn’t really a hug now was it?

“Alright, I see you’re still not entirely happy with me, so I’ll leave you be for now.” He left me alone in the empty room; I laid myself down, and began to cry again.

When i opened my eyes again i noticed Louis was watching me from the doorway, he smiled at me but did not move any closer, I sat up and started to cry all over again, he makes me so happy i would be lost without him. So I got up on my feet and walked over to him.

He hugged me and I cried into his t-shirt, and he didn’t let me go.



When I was fully moved into the other apartment, they boys wanted to throw me a party, a house warmer party, and there was only one rule.

Ashley wasn’t invited, I’d like to take credit for creating that rule, but really it was Louis’ idea.

“WELCOME HOME!” Louis and harry yelled as Liam and I entered into the apartment, a few days after all of my things had settled in. The two of them were wearing only boxers, and had party streamers and balloons all over the living room and kitchen.

“Come here!’ i laughed and hugged them both at once, their musclier bodies, pressed against mine, alot of girls would kill to be in that position, having a half naked Harry Styles rubbing his body up against mine, and the apple of my eye on the other side of me.

“Stop checking my boyfriend out!” Louis fake scolded me.

Harry winked and started to hug and kiss Lou all over his bare skin.

“That’s enough!” Liam interrupted before I could, call me silly but yes I do get jealous of their bromance sometimes.

 “Let’s get this party started!” Niall piped up with a cute excited look on his face.

“I’m all for that but just excuse me for a sec” I said before bolting towards the bathroom, this pregnancy thing is driving me insane! I’m always tired, and always needing the bathroom.

“Ew is she going to chuck up?” I could hear Harry asking

“No um I think she’s gone to relieve herself” Louis told him quietly, although I could still hear their conversation.

It was so blooming embarrassing after all they were discussing the fact that I was in there peeing!

When i had finished, I washed my hands and returned to the living room, the lads were all sitting around on the lounges.

“Now can we eat?” I asked, felling the hunger pains from my stomach.

“Amen” Niall chorused.

“Did somebody say party?” Louis asked, and ran into the kitchen; we all thought he had gone mad until he came running back with a cake which he placed on the coffee table right in the middle of the room.

“Did you make this yourself?” I asked him, admiring the delicious looking dessert in front of my eyes, it was covered in icing, with the words reading: “We love you roomie” written in blue icing.

“No silly I cannot make cake!” he shook his finger at me “I got this from the bakery”

He sat down on my lap, and man was he heavy.

“Am I babysitting?” he asked cheekily.

“No but you’re sitting on my bladder” I groaned, trying to shove him off of me.

“Do you want to swapsie?” he asked me in a kiddish tone, getting off of my lap.

“I’ll be too heavy for you” I stood up pointed to my stomach, he sat down and looked up at me.

“I don’t see any heaviness there?” he made a big deal out of pretending to find ‘heaviness’ on my front, before lifting my shirt up to kiss my belly.

“Um guys, can we eat the cake already?” Three pairs of eyes stared up at us.

“Where’s Zayn?” I asked

“He’ll be here soon”

“Fine, you can start on the cake” I gave into them. “But save a slice for Zayn, otherwise he’ll complain” I reminded them.

Liam dished out the slices of cake, which probably wasn’t the best idea, the three of them practically ate the whole cake their pieces were that huge!

“If our kid is a boy, we’re going to have to start saving up for food now” I whispered to Lou

“But if it’s a girl, all the money will be spent on shoes.” He answered, taking a huge bite out of my cake.

“Hey! Eat your own piece!” I playfully slapped his face, before kissing his adorable cheek.

“You love me, you can share.” he poked his tongue out at me before eating the rest of his piece.



Zayn didn’t turn up for another two hours, and when he did he walked in reeking of smoke, and woman’s perfume, which made me feel nauseous, I’ve always hated the smell of smoke but even more so now that my pregnancy senses were kicking in.

“Where’ve you been mate?” Liam asked him, as he patted the seat beside him offering it to his band mate. Zayn sat down beside him, and made himself comfortable, he noticed the leftover cake sitting on the coffee table in front of him.

“Went to see Ash” he answered, taking the leftover cake Liam offered him.

“Righteo” was Liam’s response, and he sipped from his glass.

I was snuggled into Louis’ body, all rugged up with a blanket; Harry was sitting on the floor in from of me, his curls tickling my feet and Niall was lying on the ground, his eyes were glued to the movie screen, we were watching the latest Johnny Depp film, although I could hardly keep my eyes open.

“Do you want to go to bed?” Lou whispered into my ear, I looked up into his blue eyes, and hesitated for a moment.

“No it’s fine” I said between yawns, he just laughed at how pathetic I was.

Harry decided to annoy Niall by throwing the popcorn at his face, while he was trying to concentrate, at first it was quite humorous as he could not work out where it was coming from, I watched him desperately trying to ignore whatever was hitting him, desperately trying to keep his attention to the television screen, the more Harry threw his way, the harder it was for him to ignore.

I had to control myself from bursting out laughing when Niall jumped up and looked around the room; five faces all looked at him innocently.

“Who’s throwing food at me?” he asked suspiciously eying us each individually, We all kept a straight face which really seemed to annoy him, so he turned back to the movie, and Harry picked up the popcorn bowl and turned it upside down upon Niall’s head, the entire contents spilled out over his body, the bowl upon his head like a hat, that’s when I couldn’t control my laughter anymore.

Liam was the first one to join me in a fit of laughter, followed by the rest of the boys, Niall angrily turned to face Harry before jumping up and coming after him, Harry ran like an Olympian I’d never seen him go so fast in my life! Niall chased him all over the house; I could hear Harry’s fit of giggles and Niall screaming “I’m going to kill you Styles”

The rest of us just sat down and laughed at how silly they were, Harry ran over and tried to use me as a shield.

“You can’t hit a pregnant lady, that’s ethically wrong” Harry cheekily pointed out, Niall was fuming, but unable to take a swing at him, in case he did in fact hit me, he sat back down on the floor defeated.

Harry, unsure of whether or not he was safe, did not leave my side in case Niall decided he would after all continue with his revenge.

“Hey, no more using my pregnant girlfriend as a human shield” Lou told him, in his protective voice.

I love it when he’s all protective of me, it’s really hot, I stared at him and he gave me one of his famous smiles, before winking and turning back to the movie. Harry wrapped his arm around me in an attempt to make his best friend jealous, and I think it worked, despite the fact that he didn’t make a scene.

When the others left, Harry helped me to clean up the mess that was made earlier in the evening, I was still yawning, tired as anything.

“Go to bed” Harry said to me, pointing down the hall.

“After I clean up a bit” I answered, picking up all of the popcorn from the carpet.

“No, I made the mess, I’ll clean it up” he insisted.

“Fine, I’ll wash the dishes then” I scooped up the cake dishes, and took them back into the kitchen.

I was in the middle of running the warm water, when Lou walked in, wrapping his arms around my waist, as he kissed the back of my exposed neck.

“Why are you washing up?” he asked me, his breath tickled down my neck as he spoke.

“Because, the dishes are a mess and I hate mess” I told him, scrubbing the icing off the plates.

“Well I can do that, why don’t you go and lay down?”

“No I’m almost done, its fine”

“Ok babe, I’ll go and wait for you in our room” he kissed me one last time before leaving.

I loved how he called it ‘our room’


It took me a few days to recover from all those late nights; the boys had an interview the morning I finally decided to climb out of bed.  I walked out into the kitchen, Lou and Harry were already dressed, and were eating fresh toast.

“Morning” Harry said cheerily, with a mouthful of toast, Lou looked up from his laptop; I leaned over to kiss him on the cheek before sitting down at the table beside him.

He was talking to his mother online while sipping from a cup of hot tea.

“Say hey from me” I told him nodding towards his laptop, he typed in the message from me, and awaited the reply.

“We’re talking about the baby” he told me, a warm smile on his clean shaven face.

Harry finished up his breakfast and was washing his plate in the sink.

“Are you coming with us?” Harry asked me, talking about their television interview this morning.

“I didn’t know I was invited” I replied, he wiped his hands on a nearby tea towel

“Of course you are, come keep me company” he winked at me; Lou didn’t look up from his computer.

“Ok, sure I’ll come”

I changed into a summer dress and let my hair down; Louis finished his conversation with his mum and was ready to drive down to the television studio.

Liam, Zayn and Niall were already inside having their makeup applied; Louis sat down in one of the vacant seats, and waited for his turn.

One of the assistants came to take me to my place in the audience, I took my seat in the fron trow and waited for my boys to come on stage.

“Today on the show, we’ll be chatting to Boy band One Direction” the hosts started their introduction, I checked my phone, a message from Lou made me smile.

‘I’ll have my eyes on you the whole time, my beautiful woman xxx’

“Put your hands together for One Direction!” The female host of the show cheered expecting the crowd to go crazy which of course they did.


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