Baby Tommo

They met at a party, just years before. Louis knew she was someone special, someone he wanted to be with. Was it the matching blue eyes? Or the way her smile lit up a room? He wasn’t sure but Louis knew he had to have her and so he did. When the world found out that she was pregnant, she suddenly became the hottest gossip in hollywood, will the drama become too much for the young couple? Read and find out!

Warning! - Unexpected ending

This is the first part in a four part series, please head to my profile if you wish to read the others.
1- Baby Tommo

2- Mrs Tommo

3- The Tommo's

4 - She's a Tommo.

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4. Photos speak where words fail


Chapter Four

“First off we’d just like to thank you all for coming on the show this morning, we are all very grateful aren’t we guys?” she addressed the audience, Lou looked directly at me and smiled, my heart melted.

“We’re delighted to accompany you.” Liam answered her using one of his lady charming voices, the other four nodded in agreement.

“Aw thanks Liam, now boys what have you got in store for your fans to look forward to?” she asked them, sitting back waiting for their responses. Louis looked across at the boys who were sitting next to him on the lounge chair.

“Um, well for starters our new album will be released shortly” this came from Zayn, I watched as he braced himself for the excitement of the teenage girls in the audience, of course they began to scream so loud that I had to cover my ears to avoid a headache.

“Yeah, this album is entirely written by One Direction” Niall added, the male host looked impressed before asking them the next question.

“So boys, I was reading this here magazine” he picked up the magazine that Louis showed me the other day, the one where Ashley made a fool of me. I could feel my body tensing up at the mention of the article; Lou looked out at me, a worried look on his face.

“Something interesting caught my eye, do your girlfriends usually get along?” he looked directly at Zayn, and then at Louis.

“Um yeah usually they do, why do you ask?” Lou questioned the man.

“The fan’s wanted to know.” He quickly answered, too quickly I noticed, obviously he was caught off guard there.

The Woman looked shocked and readjusted her seating position.

“Louis, you’re beautiful girlfriend is pregnant! Congratulations, how did you take the news?” she asked him, putting on one of those fake smiles specifically for the cameras.

“She is rather beautiful isn’t see” he said, my heart skipped a beat when he said those words, it’s different him saying it just to me, when he says it on national television it just feels so amazing, like he’s proud to be my boyfriend.

“I remember the night she told him, he came racing into the kitchen where I was, he looked rather odd, I’d never seen him so happy, what did you say to me exactly?” Harry looked at Lou to help him recall the details of that very night.

“I can’t remember” Louis lied.

“Oh I know now! He ran in an excited expression on his face, he was yelling at me ‘Harry! You’re going to be an uncle!’ and of course that made me excited and we were jumping around like lunatics.” He explained, getting up off of his seat demonstrating, I was laughing so much my sides were aching.

The other boys, the audience and the hosts were all laughing along with me too, it was quite a sight.

“So, One Direction are all going to be uncles how does that make you all feel?” The man asked them, finally finding the courage to speak after he was shut down before.

“I’m really happy for Lou, he’s the oldest and he’s going to be the first of us that’s a dad, I’m really proud of him I reckon he will be the best dad” said Niall, patting Lou on the back, the audience aww’d

“Liam, you’re usually the one referred to as ‘Daddy’ how do you feel about Louis now being a daddy?”

“I think I will always be called Daddy Direction, sure he’s going to have a child but we all know that Lou will never be the serious dad type, like not those dad’s who scare off their daughters dates, I can just imagine a bloke ringing the doorbell, and Lou answering it.”

“I’ll scare him off but not that kind of scared.”

“He’ll run the other way” Zayn laughed

“At school everybody will be like, you’re dad is so weird” said Niall while laughing his head off.

“I am not weird!” Lou protested.

“Not at all” said Harry holding onto his hand as if to comfort him.

“Harry, my girlfriend is watching, I thought we agreed to do this only in private” he gestured towards their entwined hands.

“My bad” Harry said cheekily looking directly at me.

“I’m sure Baby Tommo will never have a dull moment in their life” the woman piped up cheerily.

The interview continued on like this, they’d ask silly questions, Lou would give a humorous answer and everyone would laugh, luckily by the end of it they had all stopped talking about the contents of my uterus.


A few weeks past from that interview, I was almost three months pregnant by then, a tiny belly was starting to shape, which i was extremely self conscious about.

“Stop staring at yourself” Louis interrupted me inspecting my belly in our bathroom mirror, he smelt of sweat, meaning he had just came back from the gym.

“Are you having a shower now?” I asked him, pulling my shirt back down covering my baby bump.

“Yeah can’t stand smelling like this any longer” he sniffed under his arm, and made a disgusted look on his beautiful face.

“I’m hungry anyway” I told him, as I left him to have a shower, I raided the kitchen in search of something decent to eat, which there never seemed to be in this house.

Harry walked into the house, carrying grocery bags filled with food.

“Ok I got everything that you told me you wanted to eat.” He started to unpack the bags, out on the table. I looked at all of the items, jello cups, Mac and cheese, gravy mix; marsh mellows, beef jerky, strawberries,  candy bars, sausages, jelly beans, cream cheese, peanut butter and turkey.

I started to massacre the packaging of the food, shoving jelly beans into my mouth, i quickly jumped up into the kitchen and grabbed myself a few spoons, I opened up the peanut butter and shoved my spoon inside, as soon as it entered my mouth I felt pure bliss.

“What?” I asked Harry who was staring at me.

“I thought you were meant to be over your little cravings by now” was all he said, he sat down next to me and I passed him over the jelly beans.

Lou walked out into the kitchen wearing only his boxers, his hair was still wet, but no longer dripping, he looked really hot.

“What in the name of food are you eating?” he asked me, staring at the many things I was consuming at once.

“I’m hungry alright, when you’re eating for two then you can complain, until then zip it” I snapped immediately regretting it.

“Right.” He managed to say with a hurt look on his face, I couldn’t believe that I let myself snap like that, he was only joking around!

“I’m sorry for snapping” I tried to apologize but he cut me off.

“Its fine” he didn’t look me, I suddenly lost my appetite.

“Lou, do you want some?” Harry asked him, trying to lighten the mood.

“Nah I’m fine thanks Haz.” He replied flashing him a fantastic smile, which faded as soon as he saw me.

I started to pack up the food, placing things in the fridge and in the cupboards, once everything was tidied up I went over to Louis and kissed his cheek, hoping that he’s forgive me.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you.” I looked him directly in the eyes.

“Its okay” he smiled back at me.

“Are you going to drive me to my ultrasound, or am I going to have to call Liam?” I asked him, with a sparkle in my eye.

“No, no I’m going” he jumped up and ran to find his keys.

“So you get to see your kid for the first time. You excited?” Harry asked me, from where he was sitting, he looked rather excited even though this wasn’t his child and he wasn’t even coming.

“Hell yea I’m excited” I said giddily, jigging on the spot, I’m glad i didn’t see myself doing it, that might have been embarrassing!

“Are you ready babe?” Louis asked me, as he swung his keys around on his fingers, he was wearing his favourite blue and white striped shirt, and a pair of black jeans, which made his bum, look delicious.  I did not hesitate to look at it when he walked past me; Harry noticed where my gaze was aimed and winked at me when I looked up.

“I’m really nervous” I told them both, and quickly scurried across the room, grabbing my purse on the way out.

“We get to see baby tommo, for the first time, don’t be nervous, be excited” Lou said to be as he held the elevator doors open for our neighbours to enter the elevator with us.

“You’re going to love it” Mrs V from across the hall said to me, she has three kids of her own and never hesitates to tell me everything I want to know about pregnancy.

“See, you don’t have anything to be nervous about” Lou pointed out.

“But I am nervous”

“It’s going to be fine you silly thing” he kissed the tip of my nose, and took hold of my shaking hand.



I was nervously waiting on the bed of the ultrasound room, Lou was holding my hand, and the technician rubbed the gel all over my tummy which tickled a bit, making me squeeze my lovers hand a little too hard.

“Calm down, I know you’re excited” he whispered to me in a hushed tone, the lady smiled at us.

“My daughter is a huge fan of you two” she told us, when she placed the machine onto my stomach, I admit it felt strange, but I was so excited at the same time.

“How old is she?” Lou asked her, he intentionally squeezed my hand to show me that he was happy.

“She’s 14, her room is filled with One Direction posters, and she watches your show all the time”

“Oh Lou can I please have a poster of you in my room?” I asked him trying to be funny; he chuckles slightly, but doesn’t take his eyes off of the screen.

“Why would you want a poster, when you have the real me sleeping next to you?”

“Okay are you two ready to see your baby?” the kind woman asked us, we both nod, I was so nervous I couldn’t bring myself to look up at the screen, I shut my eyes in fear.

“Jay, open your eyes” Louis nudged me.

“I can’t” I sounded like a silly little school girl, but it was the truth.

“Are you sure, cos i can see you’re little one right now, letting us know it’s ok, you’re baby seems to be developing properly, everything is fine” relief poured over me as I stubbornly opened my eyes.

“Oh my...” I gasped as I saw my unborn child right there on the screen. Tears streamed down my face as I was overwhelmed with complete happiness, I looked up at my boyfriend who also had tears in his eyes, we were a strange pair but I didn’t care, I got to see my baby and that’s all that mattered.

When we left the office, Louis took me to the shopping mall because he wanted to buy me something, we went into a department store and he rushed straight to the baby section. I kid you not but the first thing that caught his eye was a baby jumpsuit that was navy and white horizontal stripes I could practically see the delight in his beautiful face.

“Buy it” was all I said to him, and he started to kiss me right there in the baby wear section, like he didn’t care that we were in public, or that we were paparazzi magnets, it was as if we were the only two people left in the world.

He broke away from the kiss, took a hold of my hand and took me towards the maternity wear, which made me a bit embarrassed, I’ve always seen pregnant women wearing all those things, and never for a second thought that I would need it this soon, but that’s where Lou dragged me.

He picked up all these underpants, and bras, that were made for pregnant women; it was one of the most embarrassing things ever! If one person were to take a picture of Louis Tomlinson holding underpants in the shops, pretty much the whole world would know in a matter of minutes!


“What are you doing?” I asked him with clenched teeth.

“I want to get you items, remember” he continued browsing the racks of underpants, I just couldn’t handle this so I told him I was going to the entertainment section and I’d meet him soon.

When I was roaming the DVD section these teenage girls approached me, there was three of them, one with blonde hair similar to mine, another with a red bob, and the third sporting a black ponytail.

“Excuse me; you’re Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend aren’t you?” The blonde one asked me shyly

“Yeah I am” I smiled at her, she seemed sweet.

“Oh my gosh, you’re so lucky” the redhead told me excitement bounced in her eyes.

“I guess I am, he’s a really great guy” I admitted, proud of my man.

“So how’s the pregnancy going?” the blonde one asked me

“Really good, I just went to my first ultrasound this morning” I told them, my face lighted up with the excitement that hadn’t yet warned off.

“That must have been so amazing!” finally ponytail piped up.

“It was, you girls have such an amazing thing to look forward to later on in life” I didn’t want them going out and getting pregnant just because I said it was amazing now did I?

“So is Louis here?” the redhead asked me

“Yeah somewhere, why don’t I call him?” I found my phone in the bottom of my purse and pressed 2, Louis’s speed dial number.

“Ello?” he answered, the girls silently squealed, i had made this phone call play through speaker phone so that the girls could say hi.

“Hey babe, there’s some girls here that would like to say hi” I told him.

“Hi girls” he sang, his voice made me miss him, even though I just saw him a few moments before.

“Hi Louis” they all said at once.

He talked to them on the phone for a few minutes, it was amazing watching their little faces light up when he spoke to them, when the call ended they asked for a photo with me, which of course I did for them, and they went on their way.

Louis texted me not long after telling me to meet him at the donut shop, when I walked over to the donut shop, I spotted him with a whole heap of shopping bags dangling from his arms.

“What on earth did you buy?” I asked him.

“Nothing, the shop assistant recognised me and gave it to me free” he admitted, before adding “I think you’re going to love it”


“Honey I’m home” Lou shouted as he rustled the keys in the door, when the door was fully opened, the pair of us walked in, he still wouldn’t let me peak at his purchases " or should I say freebees?

Harry was spread out on the lounge watching Bones his eyes engaged on the screen as he watched the forensic drama. He didn’t look up, not even when we flashed the fresh donuts underneath his nose. Not until the add break did he even acknowledge our presence.

“Which knickers did you choose” he questioned Lou naughtily, that cheeky grin spread along his rose coloured lips.

“You told him, what you bought and didn’t consider even showing me?” I whacked Louis on the side of his muscular arm; he mockingly pretended that I had hurt him.

“I needed his advice” he suggested, a guilty look arose in his blue eyes.

“Likely story” I huffed, crossing my arms against my chest, I flopped down beside Harry, leaned against his chest and devoured my chocolate donut.

Lou just chuckled, and walked along the hall all the way to our bedroom, and when he returned he no longer held the shopping bags, in his hands were a black and white photograph.

“Do you want to see who you’ll be uncle-ing? “ Lou asked his best friend quietly, I detected nervousness in his tone of voice, and his face confirmed my suspicion of nerves.

“Let’s take a look at this kid” Harry reached up to grab onto the ultrasound still.

I watched his face change as his eyes scanned the photo, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what emotion had taken over his expression, but I know it was something good, the corners of his lips were up turning, his eyes wide with admiration, he sat there with this grin planted on his face and he turned towards me.

“Fortunately it takes after your side of the family” he joked as he carefully wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a side hug.

Louis seemed happy by Harry’s reaction.

“I’m gunna be an uncle” Harry yelled to the world, I started to giggle, and Lou just shook his head in that proud way of his.


A loud voice awakened me, I was still lying atop of Lou’s chest in bed, I struggled to open my eyes, but when I did I saw the outline of one very curly haired boy.

“Why?” I asked confused as to why he was here at….I spotted the time…5am? I haven’t woken up this early since filming ended.

“What the F…” Lou stopped just before he cursed; he knows how much I dislike swearing.

“Liam is sending a car around in ten minutes, we’re going to be late” Harry informed us, leaving us to get ready.

“Where are you going?” I moaned.

“I have no bloody clue” he jumped out of bed and stripped off, to go and have his shower.

I made my way to Harry’s room and knocked on his door.

“Where are you all going today?” I asked, puzzled.

“Photo shoot on the other side of the town, we have to be there by 10:30.”

“10 flipping 30?” I groaned, I was grumpy and did not like being woken up by curly hair here.

“You can use my bathroom if you want?” he was slipping his feet into his shoes, they looked brand new which didn’t surprise me after all he is filthy rich and loved shoes.

I had a quick shower in his bathroom, figured it would save us some time, because apparently I was invited on this little trip.

“Hurry up!” an impatient knock on the door startled me as I was drying myself.

“Hold you horses” I screamed back at him.

When I was completely dried, I ran into my bathroom and did the quickest make up I’ve ever done and rushed out to the front door where the boys were waiting for me.


The other boys from the band were already in the car downstairs, it was a Hummer, which I thought was quite silly considering the fame these boys have, and wanting to draw as little attention to them as possible, and a large car was only going to draw more attention wasn’t it?

I sat in between Harry and Liam, While Lou sat at the window seat next to Niall in the back. Zayn was up next to the driver who looked awfully familiar, I’m pretty sure he’s driven me to some award show or another in my career.

About an hour into the trip, I’m not sure who suggested it but the five of them thought it would be hilarious to start singing 99 bottles of beer. These boys have amazing singing voices but of course they were purposely singing off key to annoy the hell out of me weren’t they?

“So you saw the baby the other day?” Liam nudged me, once the singing had died down,

“Yeah, it was really cool” I excitedly shared with him; I didn’t care if I was blabbering on, and he didn’t seem to mind either.

Harry and I were both listening to my IPOD I could hear him muttering along with the words, his voice sounded angelic, but don’t tell him I said that his ego is already the size of England.

I turned around to check on Lou, he was asleep on Niall’s shoulder while Niall was playing video games, Liam’s head rested on my shoulder, so I laid my head against Harry’s. We were all still recovering from the early morning wake up, no matter how many times I’ve had to wake up at five I’m still not used to it or maybe that’s the pregnancy kicking in?


The car had stopped moving because we had arrived at our destination, the driver came around to open the doors for us, Liam was still sleeping on my shoulder, Harry was resting his head against the far window, the boys in the back were both asleep and Zayn was snoring, when I opened my eyes.

“Liam, wake up” I shoved his heavy head off of my shoulder, startled he jumped back to life, confused and unable to register where we were, he left the car to look around.

I followed him outside, this place was amazing, the photo shoot was taken place at one of the most beautiful parks I had ever seen, the weather was warm, and there wasn’t a rain cloud in sight.

Harry grumpily plunked out of the car and stood beside me, awe was on my face, his arm made its way around my shoulder as he too admired the view. The others soon joined us, Lou had his arms around Liam from behind, he was trying to sleep standing up, as he rested his head on Liam’s back.

“Hello guys, welcome to the shoot, so glad you could make it. I’m Tara” a nice red haired woman greeted the band; her smile made my head hurt it was that white and bright.


“No worries” Liam held his hand out to greet her, Lou protested as his pillow was moving.

“This way to hair and makeup” she led us all down the stairs into the makeup tent, a couple of hair and makeup stylists each took one of the boys to make them look amazing. Tara made her way over to me and stood directly beside me.

“You look tired” she noted, looking me up and down, I felt so violated with her looking at me like that, sure I’m used to being watched everywhere I go, but ever since I’ve grown a tummy I haven’t felt comfortable with it.

“Harry woke me up early” I said to her cheerfully, not wanting her to know that I was upset by her comment.

“It’s really great of you to come and support the boys like this” she laid her hand on my shoulder in a sincere way.

“They’re my boys” I smiled a grand smile, I was so proud of the band, how far they’ve come, I love them.

“Here’s my card” she searched inside her handbag looking for a card of some sort.

“Why don’t we organise a shoot for you and Lou one time” she asked me handing over her business card.

“I’ll talk to him about it”

A photo shoot with Lou sounded amazing, I’d never had one with just the two of us before, so many different ideas rushed through my mind, until a horrid thought caused me to remember my condition, I’m pregnant, getting fatter by the minute, I can’t go in front of a camera!

“That sounds fantastic” she left me standing there to freak out on my own. The boys were now having their hair done, I took an empty seat and sat down next to Lou as he was chatting away to the very beautiful hair stylist, pangs of jealousy stabbed my heart.

“Hey guys” I said glaring up at that woman.

“Hey beautiful, I was just telling Stephanie about the ultrasound” he looked really happy, which calmed me down a smidgen.

“He’s so excited about this baby, it’s so adorable” she told me, finishing up with his hair.

“How do I look babe?” he asked me, inspecting himself in the mirror in front of him, His messy hair was brushed to the side in a messy side fringe, his blue eyes looked like the sky, his skin was golden and he looked so gorgeous as he spoke, I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying, because I was too busy staring at his beauty.

Next we strut over to the clothing trailer, five sections of different outfits specifically chosen to fit each boy’s unique style, when they were all dressed, a tear escaped my eye, it dripped down my face, slipping down from my chin. They just looked so great; I couldn’t help being flooded by my emotions.



Zayn’s famous pout was the very first photo to be taken; he was sitting on one of the steps, right in the middle of the park, Louis was holding my hand behind the camera waiting for his turn for single shots. Harry and Liam were sitting at a nearby table having arm wrestles, and Niall was trying his hardest to keep awake.


“So, Tara asked if we wanted to have a shoot together one time.” I said casually


“I think that would be amazing, you’d make me look a hell lot better” he joked squeezing my hand.


“Are you saying I’ll look so bad that compared to me you’ll look great?” I asked accusingly, letting go of his hand in fury.


“No, babe that’s not what I meant” but it was too late I stormed off to watch the arm wrestle, leaving him with his mouth gaping open.


“Who’s winning?” I asked them, they both said themself.


I snuck a look back over to Lou, it was his turn to have his photo taken, he did not look very happy. It was my fault of course but I’m a stubborn person and did not want to cave in.


“Where’s that smile of yours Louis?” the photographer asked, Lou faked a smile which was nowhere near as good as his usual cheeky grin.


“Maybe we can try this again afterwards, who is next?” Niall stepped up to take his turn; Lou looked over at me a hurt expression on his face. I slowly made my way over to my boo.


“I’m sorry for being angry” I said to him with my best attempt at a forgive-me face.


“I didn’t mean it the way you took it” he had this far away look in his eye, I knew he was still upset at me.


“I know that now, babe please be happy, you deserve this shoot. You’re the sexiest, sweetest, most talented guy I know” I took a step closer, and hugged his body tight against my own.


“What about me?” Zayn asked with a humorous grin on his smacker.


“You’re no Louis Tomlinson” I pointed out, fighting my urges to kiss my boyfriend, which I couldn’t, in risk of ruining his makeup.


“When we get home, I’m going to kiss you until your begging me to stop” Lou whispered sexily into my ear. I started to giggle and Zayn gave me a strange look.




We stopped for subway on the way home, paparazzi figured out we were there, so the manager let us sit in the kitchen to eat our sandwiches.


“Slow done there Jay” Liam patted my back, worry formed on his brow.


“I haven’t eaten a good sandwich in weeks” I said before thinking, Harry and Lou’s facial expressions changed as soon as I said it, they had been making me sandwiches for weeks.


“I’m sorry, they weren’t bad sandwiches, I have a soft spot for subway is all” I tried to make it right.


Niall and Zayn were laughing at their friends, and how I insulted their sandwich making abilities.


“Sandwiches are a woman’s job anyway” Harry spat, taking another bite into his meal, Lou cracked up at that sexist comment and lifted his hand up to give Harry a high-five. I slunk down in my seat, because i just got owned.





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