Baby Tommo

They met at a party, just years before. Louis knew she was someone special, someone he wanted to be with. Was it the matching blue eyes? Or the way her smile lit up a room? He wasn’t sure but Louis knew he had to have her and so he did. When the world found out that she was pregnant, she suddenly became the hottest gossip in hollywood, will the drama become too much for the young couple? Read and find out!

Warning! - Unexpected ending

This is the first part in a four part series, please head to my profile if you wish to read the others.
1- Baby Tommo

2- Mrs Tommo

3- The Tommo's

4 - She's a Tommo.

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14. Isn't Life Lovely part two


“Because he’s so important to you, and when you aren’t there he’s like the closest thing I had to you when I needed comfort” I tried to make what the therapist said, sound like my own words.


“Sounds legit” he just kept kissing me, I moaned it felt really nice having him like this, showing that he loved me and knowing that he wanted me.


“I think Harry and Lila are hooking up” I told him, thinking about the phone call I had earlier.


“No freaking way” he moved away from my neck, and laughed to himself.


“What’s so funny?” I asked him, wanting to be let in on the joke.


“I didn’t think he’d go there after we walked in on them is all” a smile was planted on his face still, but I still didn’t see the humour.


“So, if he’s your best man at the wedding and she’s my maid of honour, they already have that sorted for the wedding night hook ups”


“I guess you’re right.” He didn’t sound too keen to talk about our wedding, which hurt. If he didn’t want to get married why the hell did he propose to me? I must have sniffled, because he soon wrapped his arm around me and asked me why I was crying.


“I’m not crying” I lied, hoping he’d just leave the topic.


“Babe, how long have we been together?” he asked in all seriousness.


“A while” I answered as strong as I could.


“So you’d think by now I’d be able to tell if you’re upset and perhaps when you’re trying to cover it up then?” he asked, no really as a question more like a statement. He knew he had me stumped there, he knew I had to confess but I didn’t want to.


“Do you want to marry me?” I asked, turning to face him, I wanted to know the truth, it went both ways. I could tell when he was lying to me, just as he could tell when I lied to him.


“Yes I do” he said, looking me directly in the eye, and I believed him. He reached out and brushed his fingertips against my cheeks, I didn’t want to cry anymore, I didn’t want to seem weak, but he had this effect on me, I couldn’t help it.


“I love you Jay, I love you so freaking much.” he assured me, although he didn’t exactly say ‘freaking’ he watched me, waiting for a reaction, but I didn’t exactly give him one I laid there unable to show my expression, I just lay there emotionless.


“I want to be with you forever; even if there was no baby I would still want you to be mine. Not Harry’s not Liam’s not anyone else’s, just mine” he kissed me on the tip of my nose, before wiping away the floor of tears that fell because of those beautiful words. I felt the baby move around inside me. This was a beautiful moment for our family, one that I never wanted to forget.


I was spending the day with Lou and his Mum at our place, as I wasn’t really the world’s best traveller lately, if you get what I am implying. Harry and Lila took the others to Universal Studies for the entire day. Harry and Lila were spending an awful lot of time with each other lately which was really sweet for them, although a bit strange for me to get used to after all they are the best friends of me and my fiancé.

“It’s so soon till my baby will be turning 27, and having his own child” His mother started getting emotional; she’s always been really caring towards me, because I’m the girl who stole the heart of her one and only son.

“Crazy isn’t it?” I tried on my best impression of a British accent; the both of them started laughing at me.

“What I thought it was rather good” more laughter came from the both of them.

“It was love” Lou told me, sitting down beside me with a rather large grin on his face.

“Very impressive” his mother agreed.

“I can’t tell if you’re just taking the piss here, of If I should be crowned an honorary Brit” I was so confused.

“I’m serious, and it suits you” I was happy with that, I’ve love to be British!


“So what are we going to do today?” I asked, and they both shrugged their shoulders.

“Wait, I have an idea” Lou jumped up and ran out of the room.

“Do I even want to know?” I questioned, and she shook her head.

“Probably not”

The crazy man I would soon be calling my husband ran in holding onto a few shopping bags.

“What is this?” I asked, and he started to take out everything out of the bags.

An assortment of baby toys and clothes and everything else that you could imagine started to fill the top of the coffee table.

“This is adorable” his mother told him, holding up a striped jumpsuit, and I had to agree it was so cute! There would be absolutely no doubt in the world that this kid was a Tomlinson.

The home phone started to ring, I raced to answer it even though Louis would have been alot quicker, the reason I raced to answer it was because I knew exactly who was calling.


“LEEEEEEEYUM” I called cheerily into the receiver.

“Hey babe, how are you?” he asked, relief washed over me, because I didn’t actually look at the caller ID, this call could have been anyone.

“Really good, how’s England going?” I wanted to know all about his flight, and his family and basically everything, I was sounding like a mother.

“Really good, so Harry called me and told me about your little snog” he said bluntly without any warning.

“Oh did he know?” I asked shocked that Harry would tell anybody, I checked to see what Lou was doing, luckily he wasn’t interested in the phone call and was deeply engaged into a conversation with his mum.

“What did he say?” I was curious.

“He said, Jay and i kissed, and I liked it so now I’m going to see Lila” Ok sure he basically admitted to Liam that he was using Lila as a distraction but I was almost certain she was doing the same thing to him.

“He liked it?” I whispered, honestly shocked.

“Apparently Louis hadn’t promoted your abilities fairly” Liam was now laughing on the other end.

“Not even funny Liam, now what am I meant to do?”

“Nothing, you’re with your fiancé who loves you and Harry’s now involved with another girl, so you do nothing” he said like it was plainly obvious.

“Blimey you’re annoying Liam”


“Happy Birthday! my baby boy!” Lou blushed as his Mum smothered his cheeks with great big sloppy kisses. Harry and I were laughing so hard I could hardly breathe.

“Muuuum!” he laughed embarrassed, his sisters were all giggling which only made it even more hilarious for Harry and I.

“Oh come on Boo bear, I never get to see ya, let me have a mummy moment” she kissed him one more time before letting him have his space.


“Can I open my presents yet?” Lou bounced up and down, shaking his presents just like a child at Christmas time.


“Open mine first!”  His sister’s all said at once, before turning to each other and laughing.


“Here, why don’t you start with this” Harry grabbed a box out of his pocket and handed it to his best friend.


“Aw thanks Harry” Lou opened the box and a smile lit up his beautiful face. I tried to catch a glance at the mysterious gift but Lou closed the box and stuck it in his back pocket. I watched as he stood up to give Harry a great big bear hug, it was good seeing them so close like this again.


“Baby here’s my gift for you” Lou took the wrapped up gift from his Mum and opened it carefully.


He unfolded the t-shirt, and inspected it himself before turning it around for all of us to see, it was a picture of he and I, a personalised photo shirt which was really adorable!


“That’s so cute!” I exclaimed holding it up against Lou’s body, trying to picture it in him.

“Just wait till Christmas” she winked, I suspected I’d be gifted one similar.

Harry snapped a photo of Lou with the shirt and uploaded it to twitter this day was gunna be fantastic.


“Happy Birthday Louis!” was trending all over twitter, girls all over the planet were going nuts for my fiancé. It was cute in a way, but I sure was glad I was the one he was celebrating with!


Liam was calling Lou on skype, so the whole family plus Harry and I were sitting on the lounge with the laptop on display.


“Happy Birthday Tommo!” Liam sang giving us all a wave.


“Thanks mate” we stayed chatting with Liam for a little while longer until a call from Zayn interrupted us.


“Gotta go Li, Malik’s calling me” we all said goodbye to Liam, and he blew us all kisses. The familiar face of Zayn Malik entered the screen.


“Vas Happening?” he greeted with his signature line, we all said hey, and his big sexy grin made us all smile.


“Happy Birthday Louis” he cheered, and Louis told him all about his gifts, and everything else that had been going on since he’d left...well besides the Harry kissing me thing...we hadn’t told his family about that yet.

After Zayn left we all were getting ready to go out for dinner at our favourite restaurant, the same one we took my sister Tamy to when she had come to visit. Because it was so close to Christmas we had to book in advance meaning the fans had figured out where we were dining.

“This is nuts” Lou’s Mum noted as we were all unable to even get near the entrance of the restaurant. There were hundreds of girls lined up waiting for a glance of Harry and Louis.

Harry was waving at the girls, resulting in deafening screams, these girls were crazy. They apparently love Louis, so why were they ruining his birthday?

“Yeah that would be great, cheers mate” Lou said into his phone before finishing the call.

“Who was that?” I asked him, grabbing hold of his arm.

“The cops, they’re sending over some officers to control the crowd, I’m really sorry about this everyone” he apologised to all of us, but we didn’t mind it wasn’t his fault.


Harry clinked a spoon against his glass; we were all sitting at the table in a nearly empty restaurant, because police had scared half the other diners off when they heard about the crowds outside so dinner was quite peaceful for once.

“Listen up everyone.” He made sure we were all listening to him before he gave his speech.

“Lou you have been my best mate since x-factor, you’ve always made me laugh; you’ve always helped me get a grip on reality. You were there for me in some of the toughest times in my life and I realised i never really had a chance to say thank you properly. Louis Tomlinson you’ve like a brother to me, you’re the other half of my Larry Stylinson. We’re two of a kind and I am so glad that you’ve got your life on track you have a fiancé that is perfect for you as well as a baby on the way. If I had been told that I would be standing here in front of you all the day I auditioned for X-factor I don’t think I could believe it. Happy Birthday Lou” he kissed him on the cheek, which for most people would be weird, but for Lou it almost made him cry, everyone in the world practically knows how close those two were, they might even be closer than Lou and I. It made me a little jealous sometimes.

“Thanks Harry, you curly ball of love” he tweaked Harry’s cheeks, in a similar manner to the way i always do to annoy him.

“Ok, ok. That’s enough love for now Lou.” He rubbed his cheek, and took a mouthful of his drink once more.

“You’re so old now Lou” one of his sister’s teased him, the all started laughing at him, but you could tell he hardly minded he was just glad they were here with him.

“No baby yet?” Lou asked me rubbing my tummy, it was no secret that he’d hoped to have this bundle of joy here by now, but luckily for me I wasn’t screaming in agony on his birthday.

“Not yet.” I smiled at him sweetly, wrapping my spare hand around his.

“Picture time.” Lou’s Mum interrupted our little moment, of course she wanted pictures after all my Mum would have wanted the same thing.

Harry took out his phone to snap a few photos of Lou; no doubt they’d end up on twitter in a matter of minutes knowing Harry.

“Smile Boo Bear.” Harry laughed holding up his phone ready to snap a few pictures.

Lou put on a massive cheeky grin especially for the photo, his friend snapped the picture quickly and so did his mother, but he wasn’t satisfied with just the one picture, no he wanted more.

“Come here Hazza, I want a picture on my birthday with my man.” Harry handed his phones (yes plural) to the twins, so they each could snap a few pic’s

“Harry get closer” they demanded, and Lou pulled him into a tight embrace, they took alot of silly snapshots, accompanied by many giggles and he looked like he was really enjoying his birthday, I was so relieved that the crazed fans did not ruin it after all.

“Now get one with your fiancé.” Lou’s Mama told him, Harry pulled me in closer into a three way embrace. We all smiled cheekily towards all the cameras and it felt great, Harry and I were no longer awkward and I was having fun with my new family.

A kiss was planted on both side of my face, as Harry and Lou were attacking my cheeks with kisses especially for the cameras, I couldn’t stop laughing, now these are the boys I’d had a ball with on all those tours and award shows. I’ve missed this.

I thought we’d finally settle down when the cake arrived but I was mistaken. Harry and Lou started a cake fight to the embarrassment of the adults, but the girls couldn’t help themselves from laughing, I had to agree it was pretty funny until I got a face full of frosting, which the boys didn’t hesitate to lick off me, now that’s something I wish they caught on camera!


“So what was that gift Harry bought you?” I pressed Louis that night in bed.

“Secret Curly haired business” was his smart ass response.

“Come on, you can tell me.” I rubbed my fingers against his abs; he kissed me on the forehead but wouldn’t budge on the secret.

“It was a gift from my male lover, I’m sorry but that is not something to share with future wives.” He chucked, quite smug that he could get away with keeping this from me.

“I could just go and snog him again to see if that would get the answer out of him.” I cheekily tried to bribe him

“Go ahead.” Drats, he didn’t take the bait.

“I’ll do it in the morning, I’m already toasty warm in here.” Which was true, it was so much warmer in bed with Lou than in the cold hallway that I would have to walk through to get to Harry.

“That’s more like it, a girl who is too lazy to cheat on me.” He joked, and snuggled into me.


“Yeah Babe?” he asked me.

“We could be parents in a few days.” I whispered softly, it was a scary thought that. I mean I had to eject a child out of my body very soon, and then I’d have responsibility over a human life, I’d have to change its nappies and feed it and give it a name. I was going to be a mother and Lou was to be a father, he’d be the fun one, which would then make me the boring one who spoilt all the fun, I didn’t know if I’d be able to do that but for Lou I was definately willing to try.

“Are you as scared as I am?” he asked me, and relief suddenly fell over me, it was strangely comforting that he was as unprepared for this as I was, it made me feel at ease knowing that we were both in the same boat and would be able to help each other out when the time came.

“I’m so scared, but I know we can do it. If we get married I know that it will only make everything more perfect than it already is Lou, I love you and I can’t believe we are having this baby. If you had said to me that day at the signing back when I was 16 that I was going to be having your child in a few years time i would have asked you what you’d been smoking.”

“If you had told me that I’d be proposing to you via serenade on a plan to Australia, I would have called security to come and collect you.” We both laughed quietly, it was so unbelievable how our lives had turned out, but to be completely honest with you, from the very first day I had met him briefly at that signing I knew that he was my ideal man.


“Mum hurry up! There is going to be hundreds of girls there and if we don’t hurry up we’ll never get a spot” I rushed my Mum the morning of the signing, I checked my reflection once more to make sure I looked my best for the band, I knew they probably would hardly look at me but I still wanted to look my best

“They won’t be interested in you” My brat of a sister Bailey snorted as she rushed past me on her way to our car, it hurt when she said that. It didn’t even matter that she was right; It always hurt when she said things like that to me.

In the car ride over, Bailey made sure she turned the radio up extra loud just to annoy Mum, she was always doing that on purpose she often didn’t think of anyone but herself and it wasn’t fair on any of us really.

“Why are we leaving this early? The boys aren’t going to be there for another few hours” Mum reminded us, as we were parking the car.

“If we turn up at the exact time the band does we’re pretty much guaranteed that we won’t get anything signed Mum, don’t you know anything?” Bailey rolled her eyes and rushed out of the car, desperate not to be seen with either of us.

“She isn’t very nice to us.” I said to mum as we walked over to the mall, Mum wasn’t going to be staying with us as we lined up, so I brought my IPOD to entertain me for the next two hours, I wasn’t interested in screaming my brains out or listening to the girls who were doing that.

It took almost three hours of waiting in line before the boys showed up, my feet hurt and my battery was running low, but as soon as I saw a glimpse of a striped t-shirt I knew it was all worth it.



Another hour passed until I was even close enough to be able to see them up close, but only an extra half an hour before I was next in line, Bailey had already been through and was talking to a bunch of girls she had only just met when I was next in line. Liam was the sitting the closest to the starting end so I handed over my CD and he smiled at me.

“Hello, how are you today?” he asked me, even though I was convinced that he didn’t care.

“I’m great, how are you guys today?” I asked him, faking confidence, the truth was on the inside I was the complete opposite.

“Really good thanks.” He flashed me one more of those gorgeous smiles before sending my CD over to Zayn.

“Hey Zayn.” I greeted him, he quietly said hello back to me, but hardly talked after that simple greeting. I didn’t mind too much because what I had observed in interviews I’d seen on youtube, he wasn’t always that talkative.

Niall was sitting beside Zayn, I was kind of nervous about Niall, he’d scared me off a bit after one of his latest tweets, but it turned out I needn’t of worried, he was actually really friendly on this particular day.

“Hello there.” He gave me one of his cute little smirks before asking me about my day.

“Nice to meet you” I told him before I went onto the next 1D member, The swoon worthy Harry styles.

“Hello Love, you have pretty eyes.” He told me in a flirty voice, staring directly into my eyes, I had to blink I was so embarrassed, he laughed at me for blinking.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just a sucker for blue eyes.” Lou joked, referring to the fact that he also had blue eyes.

My heart did major flip flops when I realised both Louis Tomlinson and Harry styles had talked about my eyes.

“Thanks Harry” I said to him, and he flashed me another knee weakening smile.

“Hurry up Styles!” Lou said rather too loudly, all the band members as well as the girls lined up beside me all stopped to stare at Louis, he just shrugged all the extra attention off and snatched the CD case from Harry’s grasp

“If it’s smudged you blame boo ok?” Harry asked me, before getting hold of the next girls CD, normally I would have listened in to see if he complimented the next girls eyes too, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I was standing in front of Louis Tomlinson.

“Were you screaming his name too?” he asked pointing towards Harry beside him.

“Um no, I don’t believe in screaming in public.” I made a slightly in appropriate joke, but I didn’t have much time to regret it because he started laughing.

“Yeah, I never really fancied it either.” His smile was heavenly, I could feel my heart going nuts inside my chest, I was half expecting to fall over from a heart attack.

“Do you have a mobile phone?” he asked me, I didn’t know what to say. “For a photograph” he explained, which I was over the moon about, I was going to get a photo with Louis! He handed my mobile over to one of the security guards and walked over to me, Harry must have spotted us because he came over too, much to the disappointment of the girl behind me,  her face was completely horrifying, I swear she wanted to stab me, for I was cuddled up with Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. It was the best day of the year, little did I know that years from then I would have snogged both of them and lived under the same roof as them.


“Merry Christmas” I grinned into the camera of my laptop in the kitchen the next morning, the smell of Harry’s cooking wafted through my nose and was making my mouth water.

“It’s boxing day.” My sister Bailey rolled her eyes, the time difference was really annoying when it came to Christmas and Birthdays.

“Ha, ha. Well it’s Christmas here ok.” I stuck my tongue out at here in an immature manner.

“Hey Bailey.” Harry stuck his head into the cameras view, just to say hello to my sister, he was only wearing boxers which I think alarmed her a little bit.

“Hey Harry” she beamed at him, yep after all these years she still had direction infection.

“This little light of mine, I’m gunna let it shine.” A sleepy Tomlinson began to sing as he walked into the kitchen naked, I quickly shielded the camera just in case he decided to come my way.

“Jay, I can’t see you I think something is wrong with your webcam” my sister told me, and Lou began laughing.

“Hey babe, you look really hot.” Harry turned to face his naked friend.

“Oh Harry, you always know how to make a lad feel special.” He hugged Harry, and began planting slopping kisses all over his cheeks, in a familiar manner as his own mother did to him the day before.


“Louis Tomlinson go and get dressed.” I growled at him.

“You usually don’t mind me wearing my birthday suit.” He cheekily answered, making himself some tea.

“Well I’m trying to chat with my sister, who does not need an eyeful of your birthday suit thank you very much.” My hands were still covering the camera.


“Oh so you’re camera is fine then” Bailey pieced together what I had done


“Please Lou.” I begged him.


“Fine, I’ll go and find some trousers.” He trotted off angrily to go and dress himself.

“You are a party pooper Jay” Harry waved his pointer finger at me in mock disapproval.


I removed my hands from the camera and continued my conversation with Bailey.


“I’ve got to go now” she told me, yawning. I said my goodbyes and she logged off.


 “See if Liam is online.” Harry told me, and I checked, he wasn’t online but his sister was. I messaged her to make Liam come online and a few minutes later his face was covering my computer screen.


Lou walked out wearing his new purple jeans, and sighed when he saw I was now talking to Liam.


“You made me get dressed for Liam?” he shook his head with disbelief, but came to sit next to me anyway.


“Hey Lou, I’m glad you changed out of your birthday suit.” He laughed, oh Liam knew him so well!


“I feel like someone had put weights on my hips, clothes are so heavy.” He complained.



“That’s how I felt for years and you never believed me!” Harry chirped in.


Liam and I just kept laughing, the rest of the family weren’t coming over for another hour or so, which meant the breakfast Harry was cooking up was for the consumption of the two of them and the pregnant lady that is me.


I’ll tell you was delicious.



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