Baby Tommo

They met at a party, just years before. Louis knew she was someone special, someone he wanted to be with. Was it the matching blue eyes? Or the way her smile lit up a room? He wasn’t sure but Louis knew he had to have her and so he did. When the world found out that she was pregnant, she suddenly became the hottest gossip in hollywood, will the drama become too much for the young couple? Read and find out!

Warning! - Unexpected ending

This is the first part in a four part series, please head to my profile if you wish to read the others.
1- Baby Tommo

2- Mrs Tommo

3- The Tommo's

4 - She's a Tommo.

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13. Isn't life lovely part one

Chapter Eleven

Lou came back into the apartment, after dropping his family off at their hotel. They would have stayed with us but we had hardly any room. Harry’s logic for having a small apartment was: We are never here anyway. Which was true before I got pregnant, before then the band were away on more tours instead of always being home.


“Evening Boobear” Harry murmured when he walked in, I must have fallen asleep in his arms, because that’s where I woke up.


“What did you two kids get up to, behave yourselves?” he asked jokingly, but I couldn’t help think back to that kiss, I think Harry was thinking about it too, because his face changed slightly.


“We snogged.”Harry joked, and Lou started laughing, coming closer to us.


“I’m a better snog” he nodded at me, before roughing up Harry’s curls.


Harry grinned at me before heading off to his room, when he was gone and it was only the two of us there Lou’s face turned serious. I could tell something was coming, perhaps something I wouldn’t like.


“He wasn’t joking was he?” he asked concerned.


“No” I admitted, not wanting to lie to him, he closed his eyes, and nodded a couple of times, leaned over to kiss me on the cheek.


“I love you Jay” he whispered, before leaving me alone.


I didn’t know what he was thinking, I couldn’t tell if he was upset or angry or whether he was fine with what happened. I didn’t want to lose him, I couldn’t. Harry is like a brother to me, he must know it didn’t mean a thing. I hope it didn’t mean a thing.


I could hear a door being opened, it wasn’t our room, it was closer than that, it must have been Harry’s room. I couldn’t hear any yelling but that didn’t mean they weren’t fighting, I could feel my heart in my chest, and I couldn’t  breathe, nor could I move my legs seemed to be frozen in this spot.


It was so long before Lou came back out to the living room, where I was sitting.


“Come to bed babe” he helped me off the lounge and led me back to our room, I couldn’t help but look into Harry’s room, which had the door wide open, he was lying on his bed listening to his IPOD. Nothing seemed to be damaged so I assumed a fight never took place.


“Lou” I whispered, just as we got to the closed door of our room.


“Yeah babe?” he asked, opening the door, we walked inside and he closed it behind us.


“Are you angry at me?” I asked scared of the truth.


“No I’m not, look when you’ve spent as much time with the boys as i have, you learn to let things go like this, you’ve never got pissed at me for snogging any of them, so why should I be bothered by you doing it” he asked, taking a seat on our neatly made bed.


“But you’re a male” I said confused.


“But I’m Louis Tomlinson” he winked, I finally understood, he was referring to the Larry Stylinson rumour from way back, and I suppose that anything could happen when it came to him and Harry.


“I love you” I told him, sitting down beside him.


“I know babe, trust me I know” he told me wrapping his arm around me.


“What did you say to Harry just before?”


“I told him I’d snog his fiancé” he laughed, which made me smile, he truly was the best fiancé in the world.


“Now, can I trust the two of you alone?” Lou asked Harry and I, when he left to take him family around tourist attraction, we both nodded, he seemed satisfied with that and kissed up both on our cheeks.


“Be good children” he called, before shaking his ass at us, goodness me, he’s a strange child, we heard him leave as the door shut behind him, I stared at Harry wondering whether it was going to be awkward.


“Whatever he told you that he said to me is a lie” he told me, sitting down beside me, as he switched the telly on with the remote.


“Why, what did he actually say to you?” i was suddenly interested, Lou had never lied to me before, especially not about Harry.


“He said, if I wanted kids that i shouldn’t snog his girl again, oh and then he said he’s gunna snog my fiancé” he smiled at the last part, but had a hand holding his balls while he pictured what Lou would do to him if we ever kisses again. The strange thing was, I sort of wanted to do it again. I wouldn’t of course! Especially with Harry’s future kids at stake!


“Please don’t kiss me” he whispered, still clutching his pants.


“Whoa, calm down. I wasn’t even thinking about it” I lied, hopefully my acting ability hadn’t significantly decreased in the last few months otherwise I’d be screwed.


“Why’d you wanna kiss me anyway?” he asked me, and I had no idea what the answer was.


“I told you, baby hormones, and Lou wasn’t here” I told him, hoping that was the answer, it did seem possible.


“Or maybe you just fancy me” he cheekily added.


“Or maybe I should kiss you again, and tell Lou all about it” I snapped, although not very harshly.


“Even if you did, I lied. He only said the kissing fiancé part.” He cracked one of his wicked smiles, his lips curled perfectly up on either side, and his glistening white teeth twinkled in the light. His lips looked so kissable, I tried to shake away these thoughts but it didn’t seem to work. What the hell is wrong with me?

“Are you alright?” he leant a hand on my shoulder in concern; I only nodded because opening my mouth would be a disaster.


“Harry” I said at the same time he said “Jay.” I looked into his gorgeous big green eyes, and sighed. There was no doubt about it I had a slight craving for one Harry Styles.   


He noticed me checking him out, and shyly turned away. What the hell were we doing? It’s only Harry? One of your best friends, knock it off!


I could hear his heart racing, and every time he took a breath. How’d we even get this close? I don’t remember moving? This felt so wrong, yet at the same time so, so right.

He looked me in the eye on last time before his lips were once again on mine.


He broke away.


“We can’t” was his response, I could see he felt really bad about what happened, I laid my hand on his shoulder, his muscular shoulder. It felt different to Lou’s but it was good different.

“Why the hell does it keep happening?” I asked confused, this was frustrating me to hell, I’m not a cheater, never have been and I know Harry wouldn’t purposely hurt his best friend, this is definitely not who we are!


“He’s gunna know it happened” Harry looked spooked, he could hardly turn to look at me, and I certainly didn’t trust myself if he did look at me again.


“You have nice shoulders” I cooed, before I could stop myself.


“You have nice um…lips?” he said confused, but I didn’t mind.


“Better to kiss you with my dear” I teased, he looked really startled as I said it, so I realized that I had taken this all too far. I reached out to my phone which was situated on the edge of the coffee table we both had our legs leaning on.


I sent a quick message to Lou/


To: Lou.


I love you.


He replied instantly.


From: Lou.





I stiffened, how did he know?


From: Lou


Joking babe, I love you too xxx


Oh…that almost gave me a freaking heart attack!


Harry got up and rustled around in the kitchen, when I heard him rattling some keys

“See you later” he muttered before leaving the apartment.


Now I’m going to lose Harry and Lou.




I dialed Lila’s number; it rang four times before she answered.

“Hello?” she giggled on the other end.




“Lila, I need to talk to someone” I whispered, unable to raise my voice any louder, as I was ashamed of myself.




“Just wait Jay” she said into the phone, but in the background I could just make out the words “Harry, just wait Jay wants to talk to me”



Fantastic, Harry is with Lila.




“I did something bad, and I don’t know what to do, I just need someone to talk to.” I told her, she sighed and fiddled with something.




“Okay look I’m a little busy but I’ll text you a number of my therapist, she’s a great listener, don’t knock it okay. They are like paid to be friend for an hour and there is no worry about them leaking anything”




“Um, alright” I didn’t know what to say, or think or do. A therapist? I’ve never been before.




After she hung up on me - probably to go shag Harry- I stubbornly called the number she had sent me, I booked an appointment for that morning and rushed over there as soon as I could, desperately hoping that nobody would see me. If this got out everyone would think something was wrong, it would be all over the news and Lou would be upset.








Receptionist looked at me, when I approached her desk, she smiled her fake smile before asking me if she can ‘help’ me.




“I made an appointment” I whispered embarrassed.




“Are you the 11 o’clock?” she asked me, checking her appointment books.




“Yeah that’s me.” I sighed, really wanting to get this thing over with.








“Jay welcome. Lila has told me so much about you” the therapist greeted me as I went inside her rather stylish office. Stylish I sighed, why does everything turn back to the kiss?




“Good things I hope” I faked a good mood.




“So take a seat over here” she pointed to a rather comfortable looking couch, and I do what I’m told, anything to make this less painful was a good option in my book.




“So where would you like to start?” she sits down on a wheeled office chair, takes out a notebook which made me rather nervous. She’s going to record this? There will be proof that I came here!




“Well you probably already know a bit about me, like how I’m engaged to Louis from One direction, and well this is my baby”  I pointed down at my belly, she only nodded, and waited for me to continue.




“Well you see something bad has happened, well twice it has occurred” I tell her, too ashamed to say it.




“Well at least you’re admitting it was bad, why don’t you try and tell me what it is?” she scribbled something onto her note pad.




“Well you see, Harry and I kissed last night and again this morning and I have never had feelings for him and I’m sure he feels the same, but I don’t know why it’s happened, and Lou already knows about the first time and I just don’t want it to happen again” I blurted out, not wanting to look at her in the eye, I was scared of her judgment.




“Jay, this is an easy one.” She tells me, I look at her startled, not knowing whether I’d heard her correctly.




“Pardon?” I asked.




“Well I know exactly why this has been happening, these kisses occurred when Louis wasn’t home am I correct?” I nodded, so she continued. “Well lately you’re hormones have been every confusing haven’t they, and you’ve become very needy and wanting to be nurtured. So the kisses aren’t sexual, they are just a way of your body reaching out, wanting comfort. When Louis has been absent your mind has turned to Harry, who is the one person who is as close to Louis as you are. He’s so important to Louis, and that’s why your mind has made the connection of the two gentlemen.” She told me, and I sighed as relief washed over me it was all making sense now.




Of course I don’t have feelings for Harry!


“Lou, I think I know why I kissed Harry” I said to him in bed later that night.


“Why then?” he asked, kissing my neck, as he tucked us both into the sheets.




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