Baby Tommo

They met at a party, just years before. Louis knew she was someone special, someone he wanted to be with. Was it the matching blue eyes? Or the way her smile lit up a room? He wasn’t sure but Louis knew he had to have her and so he did. When the world found out that she was pregnant, she suddenly became the hottest gossip in hollywood, will the drama become too much for the young couple? Read and find out!

Warning! - Unexpected ending

This is the first part in a four part series, please head to my profile if you wish to read the others.
1- Baby Tommo

2- Mrs Tommo

3- The Tommo's

4 - She's a Tommo.

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6. He's a Cutie


Chapter Six

The scandal died down, Zayn’s mum was satisfied by the way Liam calmed it all down, she stayed for another week, she approved of Ashley, which I still have no idea why, the pair of them took her to all over Hollywood, she was impressed by our glamorous lives, Lou seemed to be back to his chipper self, which made me happy, it was extremely emotional when Zayn said goodbye to the woman who gave him life, when she got on that plane to return to his old life, we were there for him when he was moping around our house , when Ashley was away with her job, he soon turned back into the Zayn we know and love.

The boys were heading out on a tour of America in my 18th week of pregnancy, Lou was upset about missing out on my ultrasounds, and begged me to come with them on the tour, I did not think that would be a wise idea, I didn’t want to burden them. Lila was moving in with me for the three weeks I had without them, it was going to be just like old times before she moved out of our old apartment.

“Jay!” Lila squealed when I opened the door to my apartment.

“My ears!” Louis complained, rubbing his ears, Harry and Louis were finishing packing for their trip, our living room was filled with suitcases, and their clothes were everywhere.

“You guys pack so much for men” Lila said staring at all their things, she pulled her suitcase behind her, and she was right, her case was half the size of Harry’s and a third of the size of Lou’s and that is saying alot because Lila’s bag was not small.

“You’re going to turn our place into a chick’s flat aren’t you?” Harry asked us, packing the final touches into his case.

“I promise we won’t” I trudged over to help Louis pack his last minute items, he wouldn’t let me touch his clothes though, he insisted that it was his responsibility.

“I’m going to miss you both” I told the boys, helping Lila settle in, they were finished packing by then, and started to eat instead.

“We’ll miss you too” Harry told me with a mouthful.

“I’ll skype you whenever I can” Lou promised, he’s really wasn’t looking forward to leaving me here for three weeks, and I felt the same way. Lila came back into the kitchen.

“What are we going to do today missy” she ruffled my hair in a playful way; she’s my best friend so I let her get away with messing up my hair.

“Who knows, maybe we should have a party” I winked at her; we began to tease the boys about messing up their precious apartment, until they had to leave. I cried when their taxi drove them away, I stayed out on the street until I could no longer see the car. Lila took me inside, and tried to cheer me up and it worked.


“So what’s it like, having a growing person inside of you?” she asked me, while we sun bathed on the roof, just because my tummy wasn’t tiny anymore, did not mean I had to go around looking like a bed sheet.

“It’s strange, it’s like I’m a house, but a person at the same time” I giggled

“I can’t believe you’re gunna be a mom!” she exclaimed excitedly, there is one thing you should know about my best friend, she a squealer.

“Me too babe, It’s so unbelievable, a few months ago we were filming on the show, i was skinny and we had it all. Now I’m not so skinny, but I have it all and more” I looked over at her, I couldn’t tell her reaction as her face was covered by her sunnies.

“That’s really beautiful babe” she smiled back at me, and it was beautiful, I had a beautiful baby inside of me, and a beautiful boyfriend to look after me.


“What did you two scoundrels get up to today?” my lover asked us on skype that night, he looked really tired, his voice wasn’t at its best, but his face gave me great comfort.

“Wouldn’t you like to know” Lila said cheekily, Louis laughed.

“We just did some talking, and soaked up some rays.” I told him

“Did you use sun lotion?” he asked protectively.

“Yes Dad” Lila smirked, making fun of his protectiveness.

“I’m not quite a dad yet, thanks Lila” he said through clenched teeth, offended by her sarcasm.

“How was the show?” I asked him trying to change the topic.

“It was great, the fans in Nevada are amazing, Harry got a few phone numbers, and Liam was kissed out on the street, it was alot of fun, wish you came but at least i get to see you now.”

“Don’t forget you can see Lila too” Lila piped up speaking about herself in third person, which was cute.

We talked to him for another half hour, before Liam came to ruin our conversation.

“Hey ladies, sorry to break up the party but Lou has to go to sleep now” he said into the camera.

“Bye, bye, Lou”   Lila yelled at him.

“Talk to you tomorrow” I said to him, blowing him a kiss.

“Bye girls, and by baby” he blew us all a kiss and logged off, it was great to see him again, even though he only left not long ago, I was already missing him.


“Ok, so you’re either going to love me or hate me when I tell you what we’re doing today” Lila greeted me the next morning, her hair was already perfectly done, and as always she looked stunning, I looked down at my pregnant belly and sighed, why did my best friend have to always look a million bucks?


“What is it?” I asked her, pulling the covers off of me, I was still in bed when she came in all excited.


“We’re going to have a best friend’s photo shoot.” I groaned, of course we were. I had to have my picture taken with my gorgeous skinny best friend, while I looked like a balloon.


“Fine, we’ll do it” I told her, getting out of bed.


“YAY” she squealed, I had to shield my ears from the piercing sound.


I went off to have a shower, I checked my phone for messages just before I got into the shower, one new message from Louis appeared in my inbox, a smile crept over my face. He’s so sweet!




“Lila darling!” the gay old man kissed both of my friend’s cheeks, I wasn’t excited to find out what he would do to my baby stomach. He seemed like the touchy feely type.


“And you must be the Jay, my Lila always talks about” the man kissed me on both of mine, and completely ignored my baby bump, I silently prayed to God, thanking Him for sparing me from the old man’s hands.


He had us posing in positions I’d never thought a pregnant lady would ever have to be in, luckily I was only 4 months along, and not let’s say.....about to pop.


“You’re a hot mama” Lila purred at me, when we were taking a look at some of the shots we’d just posed in, and I must say she wasn’t far off the truth, I’m not saying I looked hot, no I mean I wasn’t as ugly as I’d been feel for the past few months, for once I could almost see what Lou had been hinting at the entire time. I felt beautiful for once, and not because a magazine told me I was either.




We stopped for a snack at our favourite coffee shop that we always used to go to when we had a break from work, it was like old times, we laughed about the silliest things, we filled each other in about our current relationships and we even gossiped a bit.


“Do you remember that time we were pegging pegs on everyone without them noticing? You were so good at that game Jay, next season we’ve got to do it again” I remembered that game as well as many other pranks we used to get up to on the set.


“I own at that game” I agreed, I really miss working on the show, it was always loads of fun, we’d muck around, play games, perform pranks on each other, have dance battles and everything else you could imagine. We were like a great big happy family, we’d been working together for almost 6 years, and they were like my third family, third to my One Direction family and my actual family.


“Lila, Jay look over here” a paparazzi, shoved a camera in our faces, which was against the rules of this cafe, the main reason we liked coming here is that the owners of this shop didn’t allow any photography inside but obviously this joker didn’t follow the rules.


“Come on let’s leave” Lila grabbed onto my hand and we ran down the street, we couldn’t run as far as we used to because I got way too tired now days, I couldn’t keep up with her, she’s as fit as anything always has been.


“Lila wait up” I called to her; she stopped and came back to me and waiting for my breath to come back to a steady pace.


“Promise me Tomlinson, that we will be friends forever.” She said to me as we started walking again.


“What did you just call me?” I asked confused, but I couldn’t contain the smile that insisted on crawling onto my face.


“Tomlinson? What? Don’t give me that look Jay, you mightn’t officially be a Tommo yet, but trust me you will be one day.” She had this knowing look on her face, she always had that look on her face when she knew what she was talking about, although I couldn’t help doubting what she had said, if he wanted me to be his wife he would have asked or at least mentioned it, which he never has so there’s no point holding onto worthless hopes.



“Hey baby!” Lou’s cheerful voice rang through my computer, he and Harry were seated together in their tour bus, I could hear Liam and Niall talking in the background, but not Zayn, for he was most likely sleeping.


“Hey guys! How’s the shows been?” I asked them, Harry Waved at me, but didn’t say a word; I thought maybe Louis wouldn’t let him speak to me?


“Really good actually, we’ve scored a few pairs of knickers, flung onto our stage, Liam copped one on the eye, poor lad, he’s hoping it was a fresh pair, and not a previously worn.”


“I bet he’s hoping that!” How awful, must have been terrifying, I for one have never experienced a knickers toss, because I haven’t got girls all over the world wishing to get into my pants, and I do not have the hands on experience with my fans, I don’t perform live in front of them ever.


“Haz wants to say hi” Lou positioned the camera a little further to the left, so I could see more of Harry, he waved at me and told me hello, that sweet kiddish smile I had been missing, made my day a whole lot better.


“Do you miss your Hazza yet?” he cheekily asked, his happiness was obvious, I could see it dancing around in his beautiful green eyes.


“I miss you so much” I blew him a kiss, he pretended to catch it in his palm, it was so cute, but Lou didn’t like it so much.


“Alright that’s enough Styles” Lou hardly ever called Harry by his last name, only when he was being serious, the jealousy was written all over his face when he was the only one I could see again.


“I love you” I told him, clutching my heart, he was always inside my thoughts, he was the reason for every breath I took, and every step that I’d take, I was so deeply in love with this boy it was not funny, it was in fact very serious.


“I love you, and Miss you, and adore you, and I want to see you” he breathed, staring directly at me.


“You can see me right now” I reminded him, he chuckled slightly but you could tell this type of interaction wasn’t enough for him.


“How much longer do you have spared?” I asked him when he hadn’t responded.


“Probably ten minutes, I don’t know really, when do you have to leave?” he asked me, I checked the time and winced, I had to go to my ultrasound soon, Lila was sitting across from me, listening to her IPOD, waiting to take me to my appointment.


“I’ll have to go soon, don’t want to be late for the ultrasound” I smiled at him, he was excited about this appointment but at the same time, disappointed that he was away from me at such an important event in our child’s life.


We said our goodbyes, but neither one of us wanted to end the call, he just sat there staring at each other, Lila was getting annoyed so she came over to the screen, told Louis goodbye and ended our conversation, she can be a cow sometimes, but I love her anyway.




“Ew, so that gel is going onto her stomach?” Lila questioned the technician, she had been asking her questions ever since we had walked in the doors, the lady seemed to be taking it well, if I were her I would have told Lila to sod off, but luckily she had more patience.


“Is this your first time here?” she asked Lila, my best friend nods, as she stares around the room in awe, taking in everything she sees.


“She’s the best friend, filling in for my man who is on tour right now” I explained, because Lila was occupied.


“What a lovely friend you have, it’s always good coming with your girlfriends” This lady was not the same lady who had done my previous ultrasounds, but she seemed nice enough.


Lila’s face screwed up as the gel was spread upon my stomach, I laughed ever so loudly at her expression, it was one of the funniest things I’d seen in a while.


“What are you laughing at Jay, you’ve done this before, it’s all new to me remember” she whacked my arm in a playful manner, but her eyes quickly were absorbed by the screen above, when she saw my baby up on that screen, her face soon changed, it was a very rewarding experience for any, but little did she know that it was nothing compared to how you feel when it’s your own foetus on the screen.


“Now ladies, would you like to know the gender of this baby?” the woman asked us, I looked at Lila, who looked at me at the exact same moment, I didn’t know if i wanted to, should I? Or shouldn’t I? It was a difficult decision to make.


“Do you want me to wait outside? Louis probably doesn’t want me knowing before him anyway” Lila said politely before exiting the door, I didn’t want her to leave, I wanted someone to share this next step with me.


“Ok, I’d like to know what the sex is” I told the lady.


“Congratulations it’s a.....”



I walked out into the waiting room, Lila was chatting to some of the other mothers about the show, I don’t know why she always does that, always blabbing on to anyone who’ll listen to her, I’m almost certain that the woman she was talking to doesn’t care about how many views we got on our season finale.

“Lila, let’s go now” I smiled at the woman, she looked grateful for the rescue, we went outside into the car park, the air was quite warm for autumn, but it always was warm here in California, at least compared to back home. I scanned the park to see where we’d parked Lila’s car, but silly me, how could I forget? Her car is a flipping hot pink Ferrari convertible for goodness sakes.

“Did we really have to come here in this car Lila; I mean come on this definately draws attention.” I looked at her, as i sat down in the passenger seat. She turned on the car before she responded to me,

“That’s the point, I love this car, people stop and stare at it when I drive by” she said whilst reversing out of our parking space.

A One Direction song came on the radio, I turned it up we both sang along as loud as we could, those who were on the footpaths beside the roads got a good earful of our sing along but I didn’t really care if they heard us, I was happy singing with my best friend, screw what anybody else thinks!

“I’m going to miss you when the boys are back, we don’t get to see each other for ages because we aren’t filming for ages and we no longer live together, I feel like we’re drifting about Jay, jay.” She pouted, which looked so darn cute.

“I know what you mean, but soon the baby will be here and we can spend some more girly time together, you’re kind of like an aunt to this kid, and since my sister is in Australia, you’ll be the closest thing to one anyway” her smile widened, she didn’t have any siblings of her own, so this was the only way she would be an aunt before she got married, I was so glad that she was happy about this, it made me feel like I had made the right choice in making her an aunty.


I twisted the keys into the door, and opened our apartment; I was shocked when the door was fully open, because two of my favourite boys were sitting there in the living room. I ran over to Louis and gave him the most passionate kiss I have had in a long time, he kissed me back so hard, so passionate and with so much love that I could hardly breathe when we broke away from each other.

“I didn’t sign up for porn” Harry joked.

“Come here you” I widened my arms out, so he got off of the lounge to give me a hug, the baby was kind of in the way but it was nice all the same.

“You grew” Lou pointed at my stomach.

“Did not” I wailed, covering myself with my hands Lila came and sat next to Harry, while I sat down next to Louis.

“What are you guys doing back so early?” Lila asked them suspiciously, she had a point though, as we weren’t expecting them back for about another 4 or 5 days.

“You seriously don’t watch the news do you?” Harry asked me, he was having a go at me, so I gave him a nasty glare, that only made him chuckle.

“No” I answered in a huff.

“Liam’s lost his voice, some sort of throat infection, he can’t talk or perform for two weeks” Louis filled us in on what had happened on tour. Liam had just began singing ‘One Thing’ from their very first album, when right in the second line, his voice completely broke down, no sound was coming out and the audience went wild, Hollywood bloggers were suggesting that he lip synced, but those rumours quickly died down after their interview on a popular television program confirmed that he had difficulty even speaking.

“He’s on bed rest for the remainder of the week, Niall’s moved in with him until he’s better” Harry continued on from Louis’ story.

“That’s terrible, I should call him later” they all looked at me like I was stupid, then it hit me....he can’t talk on the phone without a voice.

“I’ll skype him then, he can just type his responses, I want to see he’s okay.

Louis hugged me closer to him, and it felt so good to have him home, even though it was all because of poor Liam.


I bought a special present for Liam, I knew he wouldn’t be feeling his best with what had happened, and I wanted to cheer him up, I didn’t want him to get depressed over something he couldn’t have prevented. I just wanted to lift his spirits up. He relied so much on his voice, and I could understand how awful he must feel.


Harry walked into our room the next morning, unannounced, thank goodness nothing intimate was going on, I wouldn’t be able to stand seeing Harry every morning if he had walked in on THAT.


“I’m going over to see Liam” he told us both, we were still adjusting to the sudden brightness in the room, thanks to Harry turning the lights on to wake us.


“Oh Harry, could you please give him something for me?” I asked him, pointing to the present beside the bed, his eyes followed the direction of my pointed finger, he picked up the gift and started to examine it in his hands, just like children did on Christmas, when they were anxious to find out what their presents were. He actually reminded me of my own brothers.


“So what is it?” he asked, holding it still.


“Not for you” was my answered almost rudely.


“Would you buy me a present if I lost my voice?” he sat down at my feet on the bed, Lou groaned in the background, causing Harry to smirk.


“Of course I would” I smiled up at him “Make sure that you give it to him please”


“Harry” Louis murmured, annoyance in his voice, his eyes were still shut as he hadn’t warmed to the idea of waking up yet.


“Yeah boo bear?” Harry asked him attentively.


“Why are you on my bed?” he questioned his best mate, still with his eyes shut.


“Good question” he stood up and left us alone, switching the light off as he left.


“Don’t forget!” I yelled out to him, before snuggling up to Louis again.




“Did I tell you that Niall has a new girlfriend?” Lou asked me an hour later when we finally got up to eat breakfast.


“No, you never did. Where’d he meet her?” I was really excited about this news, I was really happy for my little Niall, he hadn’t had a girlfriend in a while, so this was awesome news.


“On tour, he met her at a restaurant, their orders were mixed up or something, I don’t quite recall the exact details, but yeah he asked her out, and she’s coming to visit him soon” he was eating marmite toast, while I was nibbling at my unappetising multigrain toast, that Lou insisted that I had to eat, I hate multigrain bread, but love makes us give sacrifices. I must continue suffering through this for him. Sure I am being melodramatic, but that’s because I truly hate this stinking bread.


“You look really pretty today” he whispered across the table in a sexy way, I don’t know why he was whispering because we were the only ones home. He stood up and came over to me, picked me up, which was a struggle as I weighed a ton, and he actually carried me over to the lounge chairs, and kissed me, he sat next to me, and kept on kissing me, and kissing me.


“I love you” he said in between kisses, I had no idea where this suddenly sprang from, but I definately wasn’t complaining, he had want in his eyes, I could sense he wanted me, his tongue was playing cat and mouse with mine, his hands were wondering my new body, he kept moaning, and I kept moving my hands up and down his abs, he had an amazing body and always had.


 “I want you” he breathed, kissing my neck, we hadn’t been close like this in a very long time, I was scared that he wouldn’t want me anymore, that the belly would put him off, I wanted to be close with him again, I wanted to feel the connection on a deeper level, I’m in love with him, of course I wanted to, but I was scared out of my mind, he played with my baggy clothes, tugged and pulled at the bottom of my t-shirt, I ran my fingers down his back, it was awkward trying to do this with a baby in between, but somehow we managed. He pulled me back to our room, our lips never departed on the journey down the hall way, we shut the door, and left our clothes on the floor.




“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time” he told me, as I lay in his arms, my head was rested on his shoulder as we lay side by side under the covers.


“Why’d you wait” I asked him, with curiosity.


“Um, I don’t know” he lied, I can tell the difference between his truths and lies, he can’t hide anything from me


“Be honest babe” I prompted him to tell me the truth.


“Just something Harry said” he admitted, and from what I could pick up, he was embarrassed by whatever it was Harry said.


“What did he say?” I really wanted to know.


“Never mind that” he tried to change the subject to something about how beautiful I was, but I wasn’t buying it.


“Tell me.” I demanded sweetly.


“Promise you won’t laugh?” he asked me quietly


“I promise, just please tell me” I was so confused, why would he think I would laugh? What has Harry done this time?


“He told me that if we had sex, that the baby wouldn’t like me intruding into its personal space and who hurt my....” I couldn’t help but crack up laughing; I covered my mouth and apologized a few times, I could not believe what I had just heard.



Harry entered the apartment a few hours later, after Lou and I had a chance to shower and freshen ourselves up for the rest of the day.

“I smell sex in the air” was the first thing he said, before walking straight past me, to sit on Lou’s lap, my mouth was hanging open like a fly catcher, I couldn’t believe he’d just said that, and more importantly how did he even know?

Lou wrapped his arm around Harry, they looked so much like a couple it wasn’t funny, pangs of jealous pained me, but I was okay with it, especially after what we had done this morning, Harry had nothing to beat that with.

“How was Liam?” I asked him, he looked directly at me, with a blank expression on his face; he then started to think long and hard about how Liam was.

“He was fine, a bit quiet though, I could hear myself thinking it was so strange” he was trying to be funny, but at the time I was hurt that he would joke about such a thing.

“Did you give him my gift?” I asked him, hoping that he had.

“Oh shoot, I knew i forgot something” he jumped up and mockingly ran towards the front door, but stopped half way and turned to me.

“Of course I did, who do you think I am?” I didn’t care that he had just tried to trick me, all I cared about was that he remembered.

“Was Niall there Haz?” Lou asked him, and the two began talking about Niall’s new girlfriend, who apparently was very attractive.

I left them to it, and headed down to my bedroom, and started to text Liam, once I was alone on my bed.

To: Liam

Hey you, how’ve you been?

From: Liam

Heeeey! It’s been alright, hard getting used to not speaking, but every time I try it hurts : (

To: Liam

Stop trying then! I don’t want a broken Liam.

From: Liam

Neither do I trust me!

To: Liam

So how was the tour, besides losing your instrument.

From: Liam

It was amazing, everyone was asking about you, and Lou wouldn’t tell them much it drove them all mad.

To: Liam

That sounds like him

From: Liam

How was Lila’s stay?

To: Liam

We had alot of fun. ;)


We kept texting for another half hour or so, I think he really enjoyed having a proper conversation with someone, instead of them talking to him and him having to write down his responses, I really missed Liam, and I was hoping he didn’t damage his vocal chords forever, he’s never be the same without singing.


Since I no longer had a job, until the baby was born, and the band couldn’t perform without Liam, Harry and Louis were taking me to the beach the day after Harry’s visit to Liam, I was excited to be spending the day with my two boys, usually when we went to the beach it was only Lou and I, or we didn’t go at all.

I wasn’t really a fan of the beach until I moved to California, let’s face facts here, American boys are hotter than Australian ones, or maybe it was just the change of scenery? After all I did more to Hollywood, where everyone is slightly better looking than the rest of the world.

“Let’s go” Harry called from the front door, I trudged out into the front of our apartment, Lou followed me, I was not going to wear a bikini, i did not need my photograph in tomorrow’s magazines, so I just wore my best maternity dress, it was autumn but still warm here, so we all dressed in summer clothing anyway. Except Harry he had no shirt at all, he was definately intending on finding some ladies to impress.


There were couples making out, children building sand castles, boys playing football and girls sunbathing, I know which direction Harry’s eyes were gazing, don’t you?

“Harry, didn’t your Mother ever tell you that it’s rude to stare?” I teased him, I looked to where he was staring, a bunch of topless sunbathers, lying on their stomachs thank goodness! I did not want to see the top side of those bodies.

“I’m not even staring, I’m admiring, there is a difference” he didn’t even look at me once when he said that, I shook my head and held onto Lou’s arm, as we walked along the beach, leaving Harry to gawk at those poor women.

“I really missed you when we were away” he told me, as we walked further down the beach.

“I missed you too” I replied, tightening my grip of his arm.

“I’m secretly glad that we got to come back early, just it sucks that Liam had to go through that you know what i mean?”

“Yeah I get it” he felt the same way as I, which proved that we really are the best couple, better than I actually thought.

“I can’t wait to meet our baby, until you told me you were pregnant, I never really had thought about having one, but ever since then it’s been like I’ve wanted him or her since forever, I can’t imagine what our life would be like without this happening, what if we were still living apart? I’d still be on tour probably, and you’d be filming something new and exciting, I’m just glad that we’re having a break, it’s like we get to sit back and watch the world go by and for once we get to live a little, we’re strengthening our relationship, instead of always putting work first, and I love it. I love you Jay.” He kissed me right in front of everyone on the beach, it was one of the most romantic moments I have had with Lou, it’s like nobody else in this world mattered except us.

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