Baby Tommo

They met at a party, just years before. Louis knew she was someone special, someone he wanted to be with. Was it the matching blue eyes? Or the way her smile lit up a room? He wasn’t sure but Louis knew he had to have her and so he did. When the world found out that she was pregnant, she suddenly became the hottest gossip in hollywood, will the drama become too much for the young couple? Read and find out!

Warning! - Unexpected ending

This is the first part in a four part series, please head to my profile if you wish to read the others.
1- Baby Tommo

2- Mrs Tommo

3- The Tommo's

4 - She's a Tommo.

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12. Change Your Life Part Two


“Harry, what is it?” he didn’t answer, instead he kept shaking his head, he ran his fingers through his knotted curls, before hiding his face in his hands.

“Come on Harry, please tell me” I pleaded, I was really starting to feel upset for him, I hated seeing him like this.

 “They, they, Jay I don’t know what I’m going to do” he looked at me finally, confusion and worry in his eyes, curiosity was killing me, but I wasn’t going to rush him.

“What is it Harry?” I asked softly.

He looked right up at me, before he told me who was on the phone.


“Why do we all have to be here?” Niall complained, shifting in his seat.

 “Because Harry needed us” Liam told him sternly.


Harry looked very nervous, as he was eyeballing each of us, slowly.

 “Alright Harry we’re all listening, what is if that you’ve got to say?” Liam asked him, as Zayn, Niall, Lou, Liam and I all stared at the curly haired boy.

 “Well, you know how much I love you all”


“Aw shucks, Haz I love you too” Lou gushed, making a big deal out of Harry’s statement.


 “Shut it Lou” I kicked him, as he was sitting against my feet.

 “Ouch was that necessary?” he asked, glaring up at me, on the lounge.

 “Listen to what Harry’s got to say” I told him, pointing at Harry.




“I’ve had an offer, to record a solo album” Harry manages to say quietly.




Liam looked the most hurt out of all the boys, his head drooped, as he sunk down in his chair.




“What did you say?” Zayn wanted to know.




“I told them I wasn’t sure” Harry answered truthfully.




“Mate, what the hell Harry.” Lou growled angrily, and stood up to leave.




“Louis, come back” I called after him, but he just lifted his hands up in the air, and didn’t even turn back.




“I don’t think I’ll take it, I can’t even think of singing without you lot” he told the rest of us.




“If going solo is what you want then I’ll support your choice” Zayn, being the mature one, said to Harry.




“Yeah, well of course I’d be cut if you did it, but like Zayn said. You’re our mate I’d support your decision” Niall added, patting Zayn on the back when he mentioned him.




“Liam, please say something” Harry pleaded.




“I don’t want you to do it Harry, but I can’t stop you, not as a friend, a band mate of a manager.”




“Lou will come around” I told him, when I noticed he was looking to see if he’d come back.




“I’m not going to do it, I’ll call them back now” Harry went to call them back, leaving the rest of us to talk it over.




“I’m not in the band but I think he’s made the right choice” I said the three remaining boys.




Zayn nodded, and Niall murmured in agreement.




“It just hurts that he told them he’d think about it, meaning it was an option in his mind” Liam said to us all.




“Yet he’s turning them down right now” I pointed out, running my hands through his hair, trying to comfort him.




“Who’s going to check on Lou?” Zayn asked, reminding me that my fiancé had rushed out of the room merely minutes before.




“I’ll go” I told him, and made my way down to our bedroom.




When I opened the door he was lying on the bed, his head propped up by the pillows.




“Ok, let me have it” he snapped, assuming that I was going to rip into him for leaving.




“He turned them down” I told him, slipping onto the bed beside him, resting my head against the spot between his arm and his chest.




“I knew he would” he admitted to me, running his fingers through my hair.




“Then why’d you get so upset?” I asked him.




“Because, he didn’t say no straight away, he had to make it into a big deal, like he was actually going to leave the band or something babe, I don’t care if he turned down the Queen of England, he still considered leaving the band, leaving me.”




“I’m not leaving you Boo” Harry said, we both hadn’t noticed his presence at the doorway; I could feel Lou moving to look at him, as I was still pressed against him. Harry made his way over to the bed, and laid down next to me, the three of us must have looked really strange lying there on the bed. I was leaning against Louis, while holding Harry’s hand.




Soon Zayn, Liam, and Niall were all piled on the same bed, which must have looked even stranger, but none of us cared, this was going to be one of the last moments of the year where we were going to be together, soon Niall was going back to Ireland, and Liam and Zayn were going back to England. Then it would only be the three of us. Harry had decided that he wanted to stay here for Christmas with us; he figured it would be the last ‘proper’ Christmas he’d be able to spend with Lou, before he’d become a dad, and have new Christmas responsibilities.


“WAKE UP CURLY” I heard the screams of Louis Tomlinson in the next room, he was over excited as today was the day his family was arriving from England.




He raced back into our room, and noticed I was already awake.




“Are you coming to the airport or waiting here?” he asked me.




“I think I’ll stay and tidy up” I told him.




“Don’t even bother, Mum won’t even care about the house, she’ll just want to fondle your belly” he laughed hysterically, as he left the room.






I stared at the message Jelena had sent me, I still couldn’t bring myself to reply, and maybe someday I would reply, just not today. Today I’m going to settle my Fiancé’s family into this apartment, and then I’m going to take Harry out shopping for Lou’s birthday which was only a week away, and I still hadn’t bought him anything yet.




I heard the door fiddle as keys were in the key hole; I then heard voices, as Lou and his family were coming through the front door. I got off the bed, so I could go and greet them. After all they were my family now too.






“Jay, honey look at you” Lou’s mum cooed, when I walked into the kitchen, she came and gave me a great big cuddle which nearly cut off my airway. I didn’t entirely mind. I inspected the faces of this four sisters, Lottie who was now 20, Fizz who must have been what 17? Wow, and then the twins who were around 13.




“Aren’t we missing two people?” I asked searching for Lou’s stepdad and best mate.




“Oh the other two are still coming” his mum answered for him.




“Does anybody want anything to eat or drink?” I offered walking over to the cupboards.




“We’re fine” She assured me, when I had last seen Lou’s family his mum insisted I’d call her Mum, and her husband dad, which I still hadn’t gotten used to it.




“You girls are very quiet, what’s wrong?” she asked her other children, they all shrugged, so I showed them to the longue room, where they could watch any movie or play any game they wanted. Lottie stayed behind with us adults.




“How much longer till the baby comes?” she asked me nodding towards my stomach.




“A couple of weeks, hopefully” I replied, I was so anxious about the whole thing, I was so scared of giving birth but at the same time I couldn’t wait to meet my baby.




“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?”




I leaned over and whispered the gender in her eye.




“Now don’t tell anybody, you’re the only one who knows, Lou doesn’t want to know so I haven’t told anyone yet so keep it to yourself” It felt good to be able to share a secret with his sister, I started to feel like she was my own sister, which I guess she would be once I’m married to her brother.




“Oh my gawd, is that the ring Lou bought you?” she exclaimed staring at my hand, I lifted it up so she could get a better view.




“Mum, look at the rock on this thing” she pointed to my hand.




“Boobear, you have amazing taste, you lucky thing” she showed me her tiny engagement ring, which wasn’t even that small, but compared to this one on my finger, any ring would look small in comparison.








Lou took his family out to dinner, but Harry stayed home with me, Liam had just left for London that afternoon, and the others were leaving tomorrow, so it was definitely just the two of us.




“Baby you light up my world like nobody else” I sang to my belly, while Harry was in the shower, the baby seemed to like my voice, because boy was it jumping around in there.




“You like that baby?” I asked it even though it couldn’t verbally respond.




I continued singing, until Harry sat down beside me. I hadn’t even realized that he was back out here.




“You should be on the radio” he said to me, I was so embarrassed to have been caught singing.




“I was just mucking around” I told him.




“If that was mucking around I’d hate to see you being serious” I had a strange feeling deep down in my gut that he was being serious. I’m not a singer? I’m an actress! I can’t sing, that’s Lou’s job.




“Yeah funny joke Harry” I faked laughter.


“I’m not joking” he tried to convince me, but I wouldn’t budge on the subject.




“Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you” he sang, which was directly aimed at me and the singing thing, so I turned away from him.




“Come on please don’t be mad, I was just giving you a compliment” he tried to make me turn around. His lips pressed against the skin of my neck, causing goose bumps to spread along my neck, yet I still didn’t turn back around.




“I’ll name my baby after you” he promised, causing me to smile, but I still didn’t turn back around.




“Please talk to me Jay-baby” I was just about to turn around when he kissed me on the cheek, at least that’s where he was aiming, unfortunately I turned around rather to quickly and his lips had brushed against mine instead of my cheek.


He looked me directly in the eye, before staring down at my lips again. I also stared at his lips, I wasn’t even thinking about what I was doing, I was just doing it, and before I could stop myself, my had started kissing my man’s best friend, this time on purpose, and at first he was kissing back, at first he was enjoying it, until we both pulled away, our thoughts were in sync.




“Bloody baby hormones” I muttered, Harry began laughing.




“What’s so funny Styles?” I asked him, with a grin on my face.




 “My best friend’s pregnant girlfriend just snogged me, and then admitted it was because she’s horny” he started to crack up, personally I didn’t get it, but his laugh was contagious, and I too began laughing hysterically, I laughed so hard my stomach began to hurt. When we both started to calm down, and were beginning to catch our breaths I turned to him before saying “Harry”




“What?” he asked quietly.


“The baby got excited when we were kissing”





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