The Book

Me ,I saw a book and then i loved reading it. I read it everywhere. It was a trap, my life seemed to be in a book. I did the same as in the Book.What will happen to me? it said the girl would die,Will i too?


1. The Book


A book that I had found on the first day of summer on the last shelf near the darkest corner. I was attracted towards the book and then bought it. As soon as I reached home I began reading it. There was a girl who wanted to go to the most haunted amusement park, which thrilled her. She asked her parents to take her and after a long discussion they agreed. It was dinner time. I returned to read it.

Her parents made her promise that she would be with them all the time, she agreed. In thoughts she decided to run away while her parents were busy, buying tickets for a ride.

The next day, they left for the thrilling experience. She did what she planned to do. She ran till she could find a scary looking maze, which made her desperate to get in.

My mom came in, asking me to sleep. The next day at breakfast, my mouth spit out the eagerness to go to a amusement park. My parents asked me to promise. It was like deja-vu, clearly. The thoughts rushed through my mind, as in the book I read last night.

Next day we left for the park. I had got the book to read the rest. The girl goes in even though she was stopped saying that she would not come out alive. she entered and walked in the narrow path of grassy maze. she then heard a sound from behind and was killed by a monster with his powerful rays which were in green colour. This book ended and a fear began in me. We were at last there, what could I do, I was drawn to the same sequence as such the book.

I had known about the warning and my rejection.When I entered the maze my mind was no longer being controlled. I ran and ran till i saw a mirror, I thought of using it to kill the monster by his own rays, then suddenly I heard a sound and was getting ready to reflect the rays. He came before me and ‘dhashhh’ his rays were reflected. And as he collapsed a strange man appeared and said in the most fearful voice,” I’ll kill anyone who comes here or reads the book” and laughed the most disgusting one.”CUT” came a sound,” We’ll do this shot one’s again” “Nooo,not again!”

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