Two Loves

Abbi longs to fall in love. She longs to experience all of the feelings that come with being in love. She doesn't expect to be caught in a love triangle. She'll have to face heartbreak, confusion, and sacrifice. Will things turn out for her, or will she give up on the idea of love all together?


7. Chapter 6

I couldn't do anything but sit in that same seat in the car, stiff as a statue, staring off into space. Questions and thoughts were swirling around in my mind, making me dizzy in the head and sick in the stomach. Why hadn't he told me? Didn't he trust me enough? Was he playing a trick on me? After all, it was April Fools Day. But the question that worried me the most... Did he still have feelings for his baby's mother? I didn't know. I just didn't know. I didn't want to know. All I wanted to do was run away. Run far, far away. Away from everyone I ever knew. I wanted to hide away, cry and kick and scream and let out all of my feelings. But I was glued to the seat. I absolutely couldn't move. That was, until I felt my stomach contort and I instantly snapped out of the nightmare world I was currently trapped in. 

I unbuckled my seat belt in uncanny speed, lurching out of my seat. I slammed the car door, not even caring if it caused any damage to Liam's car. I hoped it did. He deserved it. Liam, who had been sitting beside me the whole time, trying to get me to talk as he silently weeped, followed me up the drive and into the house. He had apologised too many times for me to count, but it made no difference to me. I was not planning on forgiving him. Not just now, but not ever. 

I nearly tripped a number of times as I sprinted up the stairs, trying my absolute best to reach the bathroom before I threw up the contents of my stomach. I lurched into the bathroom, throwing myself at the toilet and leaning over the bowl as my digested food came flushing out. Liam reached out his hand, trying to hold my hair back from my face, but as weak as I was currently feeling, I had the strength to slap his hand away. 

"Don't" I gasped aggressively.

He sighed, slouching his shoulders and exiting the bathroom. I felt a little relieved, glad to be alone and have some time to think in this horrible situation, especially as I was feeling so gross after the very recent events. 

I cleaned myself up, changing my clothes and then washing my face and brushing my teeth. I sighed, dreading the idea that I would have to face Liam again when I went downstairs. A sudden and even more sickening thought occurred to me, making me hurl myself back at the toilet and release my stomach fluids for the second time. What if... What if Liam was seeing the girl, his baby's mother, the whole time? While he was dating me? I felt so sick and disgusted that I could barely breathe. I was terrified that I would have a panic attack at any moment.

I managed to drag myself down the stairs, needing to get a confirmation from Liam about my latest revelation before I worried myself anymore. When I stumbled onto the lowest floor of the house, Liam was nowhere in sight. I glanced out the window and, so help me god, his car was gone too. I threw my hands up in anger. He couldn't even stay around to give me an explanation. What a bloody coward!

And then, as thoughts of betrayal and loneliness washed through my mind, I slumped to the floor, blackness taking me as it all became too much.




I woke up with a splitting headache, a blanket wrapped around my shoulders, sprawled out on the couch. My head was resting in Liam's lap, his fingers gently stroking my hair out of my face, the word's "I'm so sorry" repeatedly tumbling from his mouth. Aware of our close proximity and also how angry and shocked at him I still was, I tried to move away, but I just didn't have the strength.

"Abbi! Thank god you're finally awake! Are you okay love?" He asked, concerned.

"I'm perfectly fine, thanks very much for your concern" I replied sarcastically, scooting as far away from him as possible. I groaned as the sudden movement hurt my head. 

He rushed up and to the kitchen to grab me a glass of water and some pills.

"Thanks" I mumbled as I grabbed the glass, swallowing the pills whole and gulping down my water. 

He just nodded his head sadly. He walked back to the couch, leaving me leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Look, Abbi. We need to talk about it" He suddenly said, not needing to say anymore; I already knew what he was talking about.

"No, Liam. We don't. I know what happened. What's done is done. Get out"

He ignored me though, walking over to stand in front of me. As I tried to avoid eye contact with him, he titled my chin up, making it impossible for me to look away.

"I know you don't want to hear what I have to say. But I'm going to tell you anyway. I need to make things right"

"Nothing you ever say is going to make things right between us, Liam" I growled. I took a couple deep breaths. Breathe, Ab. Calm down. Just say what needs to be said and get this over with.

 "Liam... Did... Were- Were you with her while we were together? Were you with the babies mother?" I choked out.

He was silent for an astoundingly long time, and in that moment, I was told all I needed to know. I knew. However much I didn't want to know, I still knew.

"I... I.... Yes. Yes. I was with her. I'm sorry, Abbi. I love you. I love you so much. I don't know why I was with her, I just... I just needed to get away. I needed to see my baby. I didn't go there to see her, I... It just happened" He told me as tears pooled in his brown eyes.

I already knew, but it still shocked me to my core. I was frozen; frozen like a block of ice. I felt like my feet were nailed to the ground.

"I'm done Liam, I am so done! You lied to me. You betrayed me. You made me believe you actually cared about me, but now I see. You never did. You never cared about me. You kept so many secrets from me, Liam. Do you know how it feels? DO YOU? YOU HURT ME!!" My somewhat calm voice turned angry and raging as I shouted the last part, no longer being able to hold my tears back.

Somehow, for whatever sick reason, he had the nerve to apologise. After all he had done, he had the nerve to literally drop to his knees and beg me for forgiveness, apologising again, and again, and again. I wasn't standing for it, though.

"LET ME GO, LIAM! JUST LET ME GO!!! WE'RE OVER!" I yelled, but the words were barely able to be heard through my never ending tears.

I ran to the living room, grabbing my emergency bag from out under the couch. It contained only essentials I would need to survive if I ever had to leave the house; clothes, food, money and water.

The door slammed shut, rocking the whole house as I raced to my Volvo, leaving Liam there sobbing in a ball on the couch. My still streaming tears made it nearly impossible for me to drive safely, and I pulled over once I arrived in the city, not knowing where to go.

I found a secluded workshop at the less crowded end of the city, sitting outside against the wall as I put my head in my hands and just let all my emotions out.

I didn't know how long I sat there for; it could have been weeks for all I knew, when a familiar face approached me. He recognised me immediately, and without saying a word, pulled me against his chest and let me stain his shirt with my tears. 

"What's wrong, Abbi? Tell me what's wrong; I can make you feel better" Niall asked me, rubbing soothing little circles into my back.

"Liam... He... He... He cheated on me. He lied... He cheated... He did... Did so many bad things to me, Niall" I sobbed. 

"Shh, love, shh. Everything's going to be okay" He hushed me.

"Niall... what did you mean when you said you can make me feel better? What are we going to do?" I mumbled.

I thought I was prepared. After all of today's events, I was sure I would be prepared for whatever happened next. But, clearly, I wasn't.




A/N: Here we go guys! A long chapter :) I would have written another one to make up it up to you by not writing this last weekend, but I have to go to bed early so I can wake up at 6 and curl my hair for school photos tomorrow :O Anyway, enjoy!! Xx

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