Two Loves

Abbi longs to fall in love. She longs to experience all of the feelings that come with being in love. She doesn't expect to be caught in a love triangle. She'll have to face heartbreak, confusion, and sacrifice. Will things turn out for her, or will she give up on the idea of love all together?


5. Chapter 4

The afternoon light was beginning to fade, allowing the tiny sparkling stars to make themselves known in the darkening sky by the time Liam and I were cleaned up and ready to go. I sat in the passenger seat of Liam's car as he carefully reversed down the driveway and out the front gate. He had insisted on driving, and I had eagerly complied, not sure how I would go driving down the still sloppy road. The rain had finally subsided after a long few weeks, allowing things to dry out a little, although the roads were still a little slippery, drops of built up moisture from the recent storm dripping down from the leaves of huge trees. The sun was long gone by now, the last of the day's heat disappearing with it, though it was still quite humid. The windows of the slick and shiny car were rolled all the way down, the light wind blowing my curly blonde hair in tendrils around my lightly made up face. 

The radio was softly playing in the background as the car glided along the smooth roads of the crowded city. Liam was intensely concentrating on the road stretching out ahead, but every once in a while, out of the corner of my eye, I would see him shoot quick glances at me. Leaning back into the leather seat, I stared out the window as the lush greenery all blurred together as we sped past, my eyes glued to the beautiful dark shadows cast by the old trees.

The city was crowded with people clustering together on the footpath, taking advantage of the late night shopping that occurred only once every week. The looming darkness and black clouds threatening yet more rain obviously had no effect on the eager shoppers, and we often had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting the many party goers. 

My heart began to speed up, nervousness tugging at me as Liam informed me that we were close to our destination. Liam was obviously close to these four boys who he often referred to as brothers, and I wondered why he hadn't introduced us years ago.

The car finally came to a stop in front of a fancy apartment block. We were parked in front of a huge, automatic gate that separated us from the many apartments on the other side. Liam cursed as he noticed the little key pad on the wall next to the high gate. He had obviously forgotten to get the password for the gate, and he quickly whipped out his phone, punching in the 10 digit number and holding the device to his ear.

The conversation lasted only a few minutes, of which I could only understand Liam's side of the conversation. I could hear a deep voice on the other end, and I thought I could make out that it was an Irish accent. Liam recited the 6 digit code for the gate, having confidence in himself to remember it. I knew Liam; he wasn't capable of remembering a dentist's appointment he himself had booked, let alone some random code. He kept repeating the code over and over in an attempt to drill it into his brain. I yanked a pen out of the glove box, where I knew Liam always kept one in the case of an emergency, and scribbled the code onto my hand.

He reached his hand out the window, tapping the numbers into the keypad, but stumbled halfway through the password. I smiled, glad that my quick thinking had come in handy. 

"Damn it!" He growled, frustrated.

I held up my hand, telling him the numbers as he tried again. There was a beeping sound before the black iron gates clattered open.

"Wow, thanks!" Liam smiled at me, running his thumb softly along my  bottom lip before driving through. I grabbed his hand, removing it from my face and placing it on the seat, entwining my fingers with his. I trusted him enough to be able to drive the short distance one handed without losing control and crashing. He didn't object. 

The car came to a stop in front of a large, modern apartment; I was guessing it was the largest apartment in the entire complex, judging by the small, scrappy looking other ones. In my opinion, this apartment was ridiculously over sized  unless a whole army was living here!

Liam unclasped his belt, sliding out of the car, and was at my side in a flash, pulling open my door for me so I could easily climb out. He took my hand and squeezed it gently as we walked across the frail looking bridge that ran through a beautiful mini lake. Liam rang the doorbell as we approached the front door. We stood on the doorstep for a while, waiting for our guests to usher us inside. I looked around, observing my surroundings. Liam was comfortable just standing there; I guessed he had been here a lot.

I heard footsteps and soft voices echoing throughout the house and began to grow a little impatient because we had been standing here for quite a while. Liam suddenly tugged my hand, causing my body to crash up against his. He locked his arms around my waist as he smashed his lips to mine. My lips began to tingle, and sparks shot right through my body, settling as butterflies in my stomach. The whole world slipped out from under me, and it was just Liam; the feel of his strong hands gripping my waist and his soft lips moving in sync with mine as he showed how much he cared about me. 

The door swung open then, revealing a cute boy with curly brown hair and crystal green eyes that seemed to sparkle like diamonds. I was brought back to reality, and Liam and I pulled away, both smiling sheepishly. 

"Harry" Liam greeted him, smiling. 

"Hey mate" He replied, looking me up and down like he was waiting for an introduction. Liam seemed to get the hint.

"Haz, this is my girlfriend Abbi" He said, wrapping his strong arm around my waist and rubbing my back. 

"Nice to meet you, beautiful" He flirted. I smiled and blushed, flattered at the compliment from someone I'd known for only mere seconds. 

"You too" I said politely.

Harry lead us into the spacious apartment, down a rather long hall that was painted a nice soft grey, with modern canvas' strung up along the wall. We walked along a fluffy black rug, and I regretted not taking off my shoes so that I could feel the soft material against my bare skin.  

We stepped into a massive living room where we were met by four others. They all had their hair in quiff's; although one boy, with rather dark olive skin and brown eye's had a quiff that was clearly the biggest. They were introduced as Zayn, Louis and Niall. Louis had chocolate brown hair and I could just make out some stubble beginning to grow on his chin. I thought that was cute. Niall's eyes met with mine, and I couldn't look away. They were so blue, so clear and sparkly. I felt like I was staring right into his soul; I was mesmerized!

I quickly looked away, distracting myself by observing the layout of the room we were in. The walls of this room were painted light brown, matching the few couches that were spread around the space. A large, spectacular chandelier hung from the high ceiling; where on earth did these boys get so much money from? There was a fluffy brown mat in the centre of the carpet, accessorized  with a brown egg chair in the corner. I was no Interior Designer, but I guessed the theme colour of this room was, well, brown. It wasn't exactly clean, but it was better than I'd expect from a bunch of teenage boys. 

"These... these are my band mates. I'm in a band" Liam broke the silence, gesturing to the four boys. My mouth dropped open, shocked. What... what had he just said?



A/N: Hey everyone :) I'm sorry I haven't updated in like 3 days! Sometimes I just get so tired and I just really don't feel like writing. So I'm really sorry. But I'm back now, so keep reading :) I'm also sorry this chapter is so short! Love you guys X

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