Two Loves

Abbi longs to fall in love. She longs to experience all of the feelings that come with being in love. She doesn't expect to be caught in a love triangle. She'll have to face heartbreak, confusion, and sacrifice. Will things turn out for her, or will she give up on the idea of love all together?


4. Chapter 3

"I, um... I'd love to" I lied, trying to sound as confident as possible. The truth was, I didn't like meeting new people. I had trouble opening up to strangers and letting them in; Liam was the only exception so far. Getting physically and emotionally hurt by people I thought cared about me was one of my greatest fears. That was one of the reasons I only had a small circle of close friends who I was certain I could trust. Again, Liam was one of those. But, I guess, if Liam's friends were anything like Liam, I had nothing to worry about!

"On one condition..." I continued.

Liam looked at me questioningly.

"I need you to help me do a couple things around the farm first".

He thought for a minute before nodding and hopping up from the bed.

"Deal. But just let me get changed"

I waited in the kitchen while Liam dressed and showered, finishing off my tea. As soon as he walked into the kitchen I burst into a fit of giggles. Liam looked confused.

"What?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Your... Clothes. You can't... Wear... That!" I gasped, still not able to control my giggles.

He was wearing designer jeans that looked like they cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and a fancy hoodie that looked way more expensive than a hoodie should be. I looked down at his feet, and laughed even harder when I saw what shoes he wore: his usual white Converse that seemed to get whiter and newer looking every single day. I didn't know how they would fair in the thick mud and rain.

Liam just shrugged, saying that these were his cheapest and least favourite clothes and that he didn't really mind if he got a little bit of mud on them. If these were his cheapest clothes, I hated to think how much his dearest ones cost! I wanted to tell him that he would probably actually get a lot of mud on his clothes, but decided against it. Whether his clothes got absolutely covered in mud or he only got the tiniest drop on his sleeve, he'd probably never be able to wear them again.

I grabbed my raincoat and slipped on my gumboots on the way out, tossing Liam a spare spray jacket. I led him over to the supply shed and piled up the cart with the different types of animal foods that we needed.

We'd fed the cattle, sheep, chicken and the birds and were now standing in the horse's paddock, having done the daily feeding round in record time. The rain surely hadn't slowed any.

"Can I feed them?" Liam asked quietly from behind me.

I froze. I had no idea why he'd want to, but I guess it wouldn't hurt anyone if he did.

"Why would you want to?" I asked curiously.

"I've just never done it before, that's all" He replied.

I nodded and handed him the bundle of hay. I had three horses, but they shared only one bunch of hay, as I'd noticed that one of them had gotten rather fat lately and I'd assumed I'd been feeding her too much, so I'd reduced her food amount. Either that, or she was pregnant. I'd have to get the vet to check it out the next time he came.

Liam looked terrified as the horses approached him, and I smirked. He looked so cute! One of the horses stretched his neck out to grab the hay from Liam's hand, and I jumped as Liam let out the most high pitched scream I'd ever heard and leaped back.

He looked so startled, and that along with witnessing his girly scream set me off again, and I burst into another fit of laughter. I grabbed his hand and we began walking back to the house, the only sound being my loud and boisterous guffaws.

Out of nowhere, Liam slipped forward into the thick mud. He was still holding my hand, but I managed to stay upright and stepped back out of his reach so that he couldn't pull me down with him. To outsiders, Liam may look mature and innocent, but I knew the real him; I knew he loved to be cheeky and pull pranks on people.

I was just standing off to the side under a tree to protect myself from the rain, minding my own business and laughing at Liam when a massive blob of sticky, disgusting mud hit me in the back. I looked back at Liam; he was trying to keep a straight face and act all innocent, but I knew he had thrown the mud. Who else would it have been?

I reached down and grabbed a handful of mud, attempting to roll it into a ball like I would if it was snow. The blob flew out of my hand and towards Liam, not too hard as to injure him but just hard enough that it would reach him. Sure enough, it hit him right smack bang in the middle of his face. I smiled triumphantly, but apparently for Liam, that was the last straw.

He asked me to help him up and reached his hand out to me, but instead of letting me pull him up, he gently tugged on my hand and I fell into the mud, landing on top of his muddy self. Should've known!

He lay me gently on my back, leaning over me so that he could press his lips to mine. The kiss was more passionate than I would have expected, considering our current situation, but I went along with it, just because it was Liam and it felt so extremely right. My hands tangled in his dirty hair and he clutched at my waist as the kiss deepened.

I'd never kissed anyone in the mud, or rain before, but it was surprisingly enjoyable. Maybe it just had something to do with the person I was kissing.



A/N: Here is the new chapter guys! Sorry I didn't get a chapter up yesterday like I promised. I was so tired after school and everything. Anyway, it's the weekend now so there should be a couple new chapters over the next 2 days, but no promises! I thought for so long about how to word this chapter, so it would mean a lot if you left some comments and feedback! Have a good night everyone (:   Rochelle







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