Two Loves

Abbi longs to fall in love. She longs to experience all of the feelings that come with being in love. She doesn't expect to be caught in a love triangle. She'll have to face heartbreak, confusion, and sacrifice. Will things turn out for her, or will she give up on the idea of love all together?


17. Chapter 16

Niall's POV

Days had passed since I had heard from Abbi. No calls, no emails, no letters.... Nothing. I was getting worried, as you would. By the first day when she hadn't called I had begun to assume the worst. I mean, she'd said she would call me, and she hadn't, so what was I supposed to think?

I just hoped she was making the most of her time. Lying on a beach somewhere maybe. She'd always said that the beach was her favourite place to go to think things through. 

I liked to think she was at a hot beach somewhere, fixing herself, crying maybe, rather than being holed up in a dark hotel room somewhere, making herself feel better by cutting.

That was my worst fear. That she was taking her anger, confusion, whatever it was that she was feeling, out on herself. And if she was cutting while she was alone, who knows how far she would go? No one there to stop her, or to comfort her. I should have gone with her. I should have followed her or something. She needed me. I needed her. We needed each other.

Just thinking about how much danger she could be in, I almost made the decision to go to her right then and there. But, she was wherever she was because she wanted to get away from me. She wanted to protect me, but what she didn't know was that she was hurting me more by running away. 

We just had to give each other time. Time healed all wounds, right? And I would just have to have faith, and trust in her, that wherever she was, she was safe. Meaning that she wasn't self harming. I knew Abbi though, and I knew that she would never stoop that low. She knew how much it hurt me to see her self harming. And she had promised me that she would stop. She promised.

I blamed this partly on myself. It was me who had suggested we tell Liam about us. We never should have gone. We should have just run away. Cut him out of our lives. None of this would have happened if we had just dissapeared somewhere. The things he had said about Abbi, right in front of her... they were unacceptable. And I didn't know if I could forgive him for that.

But mostly, I blamed Liam. This was his fault. His words had hurt Abbi more than he had intended. I'd seen the pain and the hurt in her eyes that night and I never wanted to see her show those emotions ever again.  

If I'd known he was going to come out with something that terrible, and that harsh, I would have stopped him. But it was a shock to me. Up until that moment, I'd never even dreamed that it was possible for such... such hurtful words to even pop into Liam's head, let alone leave his mouth. 

But what's done is done. As much as I wish I could, I can't take back that night. And I can't bring Abbi back. Not yet. Waiting it out is the only solution. I was going to wait for Abbi to come back. I'll wait for her forever if I have to. 

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