Two Loves

Abbi longs to fall in love. She longs to experience all of the feelings that come with being in love. She doesn't expect to be caught in a love triangle. She'll have to face heartbreak, confusion, and sacrifice. Will things turn out for her, or will she give up on the idea of love all together?


14. Chapter 13

I lay my head on Niall's chest and felt his arm constrict protectively around my waist as we lay on my bed together. I could hear his heart beating steadily, hear the buzz of his throat as he hummed to me. Could see his blue eyes flutter closed, and see his hair ruffle as the light afternoon wind blew through my open window. 

I felt my own lids slip closed and I snuggled deeper into Niall's side as the sun dissapeared behind a cloud, the once pleasant, refreshing wind turning into a chilly gust. I yearned to experience more of the blissful joy I had been feeling lately and my mind slipped back to the memory of when Niall had finally become mine.



The car pulled up at my familiar childhood house and all the boys quickly piled out, racing through the front door and spreading themselves throughout different parts of the house. 

I trudged quickly up the stairs to my bedroom before I could break down in tears. I could sense Niall staring after me, and I barely managed to give him a quick nod to let him know I was okay, which I was clearly not, before I was face down on my bed, the tears spilling from my eyes and soaking my bed sheets. 

Despite the relief I finally felt knowing Liam and I were back to normal, or as normal as we could be, that was the hardest thing I'd ever had to do. Properly breaking up with him. His devastated face haunted me every time I closed my eyes. I constantly felt responsible for his pain because, truth be told, if we had never broken up, never got together, if we had never even met, Liam would be happy. But because of me, he wasn't. But I couldn't change the past.

I didn't even notice Niall had entered the room until he was sitting on the bed next to me, forcing me to sit up and then tugging my hand gently so I fell forward into him. He brushed his fingers soothingly up and down my battered arm, kissing my tears away, but that only caused me to sob harder . All the pain I had caused Niall. Not anymore. I wasn't going to hurt Niall anymore. I was going to do everything in my power to make him happy again.

My tears began to slow as I finally accepted the fact that it was over between Liam and I. For good. Liam was in pain because of me. I was in pain because of Liam. There was nothing I could do now except surround myself with people who loved me and try and get on with my life. Because, no matter how much pain I was in, or how much I despised myself, life went on. And that's just the way it was. 

Niall's lips moved slowly from my forehead, brushing over my nose, down my cheek and stopped at my jaw bone. I knew what was going to happen next. He used his gentle hands to brush my hair back out of my face, all the while bringing his face closer and closer to mine. I leaned forward until I felt the softness of his lips against mine.

I was frozen momentarily as chills ran through my whole body, like when an icy cold rain drop lands on your face, except this was all over. The chills quickly turned into warm tingles, much to my relief, as Niall moved his hands from my face and wrapped them tightly around my waist. I clenched my hands around his neck as we pulled out of that breathtaking kiss; but it wasn't over yet. Niall merely moved his lips from mine and began kissing all over my face; my cheeks, my nose, my forehead, my eyelids, my jawbone, my throat, the place just below my ear, and finally, my neck. My hands momentarily began to twist his blonde hair around my fingers as we leaned our foreheads together, our eyes locking and our breathing laboured. 

I felt my lips curl up into a happy smile, and expected Niall to do the same. He didn't. My smile faded as I recognized a look of regret on Niall's face. My stomach dropped. Was this just all a big mistake to him?

"Abbi, I'm sorry" He began. I started to cut him off to ask what he was sorry for, but he continued before I could get a word out. "I'm sorry for kissing you just now. I... don't know what happened"

I was confused at this point. " Why? Why are you sorry?"

He sighed. "I know you're not in love with me, Abbi. You still love Liam. No matter how hard you try to hide it, I can see right through you. I just... That kiss was a mistake. I'm... sorry. I'm just.... going to give you some space" He hopped up off the bed and headed toward the door, but I grabbed onto his arm and tugged him back down onto the bed before I lost him forever.

"You're wrong, Niall. I do love you. I've told you that before, have I not? Now, I'm not going to lie and say that I'm over Liam, because I'm not and everyone can see it. I still love him. There's always going to be a piece of my heart that belongs to Liam. I've already accepted that. But he's just not the one for me, Niall. Not anymore. You're the one for me. I love you! I want you!"

He looked pleasantly surprised, but then his surprise turned to joy as he processed what I'd said. 

"I... I love you too. I always have. You know that. But... are you sure you want to do this?"

"I'm sure, Niall. I'm more sure about this than I've ever been about anything"

He smiled widely, showing his perfectly straight, white teeth. He grabbed me into a tight hug before another word could be spoken.

"I'll never, ever hurt you" He whispered into my ear, kissing my cheek gently. I couldn't be sure, but for the first time in months, I really, honestly believed things would be okay. As long as Niall was with me, I was in my happy place.  




"Abbi.... Abbi, I think we should tell Liam. About us. Tonight" Niall whispered, bringing me back to the present.

I snapped open my eyes and was greeted by darkness. The bedroom window was still wide open, the air still cold as it blew into the room. The sun had dissapeared for good now, plunging the entire sky into blackness. The only light provided was the soft glow from the full moon.

I thought about Niall's suggestion. I didn't want to do it, sure. What sane person would want to tell her ex boyfriend, who she was still in love with, that she was now dating one of his best friends, who she was also in love with?

I dreaded this more than I'd ever dreaded anything. More than I'd dreaded going to school. More than I'd dreaded my parents getting a divorce. And more than I'd dreaded properly breaking it off with Liam. This was worse than all of that, though. Much worse.

I'd been scared to meet with Liam all those months ago, of course. This was different. I'd known how Liam was going to react. I'd known that he'd be extremely upset, and hurt, and maybe just a little glad. But I didn't know how he was going to react this time. What I did know, was that I had to do it. It was the right thing to do.

"Okay. I think so too, Niall"





My shaking hand grasped Niall's as we stood in front of the door to Liam's apartment, waiting to be let in. This was the exact  apartment Liam had brought me to when we'd first started dating, to meet the boys for the first time. I'd certainly been here many times since. It was déjà vu, and it was not pleasant. I was not here on happy terms this time.

The door swung open with a whoosh and we were greeted by a smiling yet tired looking Liam, and someone I had not expected to see. Someone unknown to me. Unknown to Niall.

Liam's eyes widened; he looked surprised to see us. I hoped he didn't see Niall and I holding hands. Maybe in a different situation I would have dropped Niall's hand, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it now. His hand in mine was the only thing keeping me from collapsing from nervousness. 

"Guys! I wasn't expecting to see you here" Liam smiled.

"Well, this is still my apartment as well" Niall chuckled.

"Of course. Come on in!"

We followed Liam into the apartment and took a seat on the assorted couches. 

"Oh, I nearly forgot to introduce you guys to Matilda!" Liam told us dramatically, wrapping his arm around the skinny, blonde haired, green eyed girl's shoulder. "This is my girlfriend"


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