Two Loves

Abbi longs to fall in love. She longs to experience all of the feelings that come with being in love. She doesn't expect to be caught in a love triangle. She'll have to face heartbreak, confusion, and sacrifice. Will things turn out for her, or will she give up on the idea of love all together?


2. Chapter 1

I kicked off my gumboots and watched as the mud splattered all over the front porch, sighing as I mentally added it to my to-do list. The screen door slammed and I struggled to tug my jumper over my head on my way to my bedroom, glancing at the clock in the hallway on my way past. 11.25. Shit! Thirty- five minutes. Thirty- five minutes to get dressed and make myself presentable for Liam. Liam, who I'd met coincidentally three years ago. Liam, who had treated me so kindly and charmingly and politely on our last three 'official' dates. Liam, who was picking me up from this very house in less than half an hour.

The only sound in the house was the sound of my feet connecting with the steps as I practically flew upstairs. I'd bought a dress especially for this occasion and I pulled it out of my closet while forcibly trying to undo my bun. I yelped as the hair tie got stuck in my hair, and finally managed to get it out without ripping any of my hair out in the process. The dress was black and had long, cut-out sleeves. It was tight. It was hot. And it was so me. I decided to pair it with my favourite silver stilettos and added minimal jewellery. I left my hair down, lightly curled, and applied dark makeup that I thought complimented my green eyes nicely. I just so happened to have a pretty red purse that went perfectly with my dress, and I tossed in some makeup, my phone, and of course some money before clicking off the light and heading downstairs. I descended the stairs extra carefully, knowing how easy it would be to slip and break my neck while wearing these shoes. 

It was 12:05 when I got downstairs and I half expected Liam to be waiting on the porch, or maybe sitting on the couch waiting for me. I knew how difficult it was to hear the doorbell from upstairs, and I figured Liam wasn't the type to arrive late. Apparently he was.  I wandered around the house for a while, cleaning things up so they were sparkly clean for when Liam finally arrived. We wouldn't be staying in the house for more than five minutes, but I wanted everything to be perfect for him. I guess I was a bit of a perfectionist like that.

I awoke quite some time later to the sound of Liam, I assumed,  ringing the doorbell, unaware that I'd fallen asleep. I delicately removed myself from the couch and smoothed down my hair and my dress. I slipped my feet back into my heels and checked myself in the hallway mirror one last time before opening the door to find Liam huddling on the porch holding an umbrella that was soaked from the rain. He was wearing jeans and a nice shirt with his usual Converse, I quickly observed. He looked so cold and uncomfortable that I automatically reached out and wrapped my arms around him without really thinking about what I was doing. He placed his hands on my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. We stood there for a while, basking in that beautiful moment, me smelling his cologne and him tracing his fingers lightly up and down my back. We both pulled away, smiling.

"Hey" He greeted me.

"Hi... So, ah, do you want to come in?" I asked. He just smiled, unfolding his umbrella and leaning it against a chair in order for it to dry. I saw his car parked on the gravel driveway, surrounded by puddles, and I wondered how he'd managed to get from the car to the house without getting his shoes soaked.

"Abbi, I'm so sorry I'm late! I got held up and the traffic was really bad in the city on the way her-" He started as soon as we took a seat on the couch, but I cut him off.

"It's okay, Liam. I mean, it's not like I've never been late for something. It happens. I mean, you were only two hours late. It could have been worse" I joked.

"That's true. Hey, just let me go and use the bathroom and then we can leave, okay?" He told me, and I watched him as he shuffled up the small set of stairs and to the bathroom. The bathroom was quite large, as was the whole house. It was easily large enough for at least 6 people to comfortably live in. The house had 3 acres of land connecting it, and personally, I loved the place. I'd lived on a farm with my parents and brothers my whole life, up until a few months ago when I decided to move out. I knew I'd miss the whole farm life too much; the freedom that the land brought, the whole disconnection from the rest of the world, the animals that not only served as pets, but as my best friends. It was for those reasons that I'd still decided that I'd like to move out and get my own place, but I wanted my own farm. And now I had one. And I loved it. 

Liam appeared shortly thereafter and I linked my arm through his as we headed off. I didn't bother locking the front door; I never did. I had lived here long enough to know that nobody ever came this far out, apart from my personal vets who drove out every couple weeks to check on the animals. 

The front porch steps were wet from the continuous rain but surprisingly easy enough to get past with Liam's help. I managed to walk to Liam's car without getting wet or muddy and ruining my outfit. Almost.

"Oh my god! I'm so stupid! I forgot my purse!" I exclaimed, breaking the silence. I dodged the puddles of water and mud and random objects the storm had brought with it. Liam refused to leave my side, hovering behind me, ready to catch me if I fell. I was only metres away from the front steps when my heel got stuck in the thick mud, and as I attempted to wrench it free, lost my balance and fell face forward into the mud. Liam, who had been holding my waste when he saw me struggling, fell forward as well and ended up in the same position I was in.

I couldn't believe it. The most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me had occurred in front of the love of my life. And I had brought him into it as well. Of course, we weren't a couple yet. I knew Liam was interested in me, because he certainly showed it, and I was pretty sure that Liam could tell the affection I always directed at him was more than just simple flirting. I was so embarrassed. It wasn't the fact that I had face planted right into the mud, because that had happened many times before and it had never worried me. Liam had seen me fail. That was what the big deal was.

I wiped as much of the mud off my dress as I could and then reached out my hand for Liam to grab. I could hear him laughing quietly and if it was any other time, I'd be laughing too. But I was way too embarrassed right now.

"Liam.. I... I don't know what to say. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I ruined your clothes, and your shoes, and you have mud in your hair. And now we can't go out like you planned, because you don't have another outfit and you spent so much time and money organizing this date and... And..." Tears were brimming in my eyes. I felt so stupid! Liam must think I'm wasting his time.

"Ab, calm down. It's okay. It's perfectly fine. I thought that face plant was quite cute. Besides, we can just go back inside and watch a movie or something. I don't care; as long as I get to spend time with you". He reached out and cupped my cheek and I smiled.

To my complete and utter surprise, Liam removed his muddy, wet shirt and hung it out over the porch railing and shook a huge amount of mud off of himself before entering the house. I just stood in the doorway, staring at Liam's perfect bare chest with my eyes bugging out and my jaw nearly hitting the floor. It was obvious that Liam knew how flustered I was over seeing him shirtless, and I bolted up the stairs to grab him a change of clothes before I passed out or something. I took a quick shower and changed into some jeans and an over sized jumper and ugg boots before getting some tracksuit pants, a T-shirt and some socks for Liam.

I dried my hair briefly and smoothed a beanie over it before dashing back down the stairs to Liam. I handed him the dry clothes.

"Thanks, love" He said, kissing my cheek and then heading up to the bathroom. I heard the water of the shower running and went into the kitchen to make us some hot Milo.

The jug was boiled and I was looking in the cupboard for some cookies when I felt a tap on my shoulder and jumped about 6 feet in the air.

"Ah! You scared me half to death, Liam!" I exclaimed, placing my hand over my heart.

"Sorry, babe" He smirked and wrapped his arms around me from the back.

I handed him his mug and grabbed mine and we went to the couch.

Liam opened his mouth and before he even spoke a word, I cut him off, knowing what he was going to say.

"Yes Liam, we can watch Toy Story" I grinned.

"How did you know?" He asked, shocked.

"Liam, I've known you for years. We watch Toy Story every time you come over. I just know".

"There's nothing wrong with Toy Story!" Liam pouted defensively. I got up to put the disc in the DVD player but Liam was faster.

"Let me" He smiled nervously. That was weird! What did he have to be nervous about? I also thought it was strange how he hadn't let me get up myself and put the DVD in, but I thought nothing of it.

He put the DVD in the player and then came and sat on the couch; as far away from me as possible on the small love seat  I was confused at that, but more hurt then anything, though I tried not to show it. I slid over next to Liam, but he just gave that little tense, nervous smile again and squished himself even closer to the armrest. I was puzzling over Liam's strange actions; trying to figure out if I had done something wrong. And then I didn't need to figure anything out anymore, because the answer to my questions was right in front of me. I could see tiny words zooming in on the TV screen. I was so confused. This didn't look like the usual previews and ads that I was used to.  I figured that Liam had put it the wrong disc, and I quickly got up to switch it with the Toy Story one, but Liam grabbed my wrist and pleaded with me to just trust him.

And then it was there. Big, pretty letters on the small screen read "WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?" along with a picture of a smiling Liam and myself. It all clicked then. Why Liam had been so nervous and avoided me on the couch; why he'd been more eager to watch Toy Story than he usually was.

I was so extremely happy I thought I might burst. I ran and jumped into Liam's stunned arms. He recovered from his momentary shock and crashed his lips to mine.

"I'll take that as a yes" He chuckled.

"I thought you'd never ask" I said as I kissed the soft skin at his throat.




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