Fibia Bouch was told that her mother left her a grand treasure. Will she find it? What will it be? Will Fibia, with the help of her friends, Natasha and Rolet, discover the treasure?


2. Chapter 2


“…she cleaned ours also! What shine this has. Look!” said a blur figure. “Ummm…yes very beautiful,” said the other astonished.

Fibia woke up and saw Natasha and Rolet standing in front of the showcase full of medals and trophies she had cleaned yesterday night.

She walked towards them and stood beside Natasha “ohh, you have woke up!” she exclaimed with a sudden fright. “Good, you have cleaned the showcase really neat. Nobody would think we got these here for almost since our childhood.” “Not all…”said Rolet and she was interrupted by Natasha “want breakfast?” “Yes” replied both, Fibia and Rolet, at once.

Rolet and Natasha left the room. As Fibia was about leave, she saw something glitter that she did not see before, she went near it, to find it to be a gold plate, something was written on it. But she could not read it… it was in another language… it must be Rolet‘s, she thought and left the room.

The next moment Fibia was in a tiny room in the house with a stove and shelves opposite the door, fridge towards the right and a table with four chairs to the left. Natasha was putting breakfast on a plate, Rolet was arranging the table. Fibia walked towards the fridge, opened it to get a pack of juice and her legs lead her to the table to keep the juice pack. She went to help Rolet and Natasha.

The table was ready for breakfast with sandwiches, juice and boxes of lunch. Rolet and Fibia started to have and Natasha having her food half the time and checking her phone all the time.

They left the kitchen later, to get ready. “Where are you going Fibia?” asked Rolet who was ready to leave like Fibia. “’thought to roam around the city to know it better. I get bored sitting at home.” When all of them were ready, they left.

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