Fibia Bouch was told that her mother left her a grand treasure. Will she find it? What will it be? Will Fibia, with the help of her friends, Natasha and Rolet, discover the treasure?


1. Chapter 1


It was a dark night outside, darker than before. It was so dark that the movement of trees felt like they were crawling towards you. The wind swooshed, that would have given you a cold shiver. Thunder was heard and lightning stoke towards the lane to an electricity pole, switching off the power.

A young lady, who was drinking a cup of tea in her night dress, went towards a door leading to a kitchen. She came and a dim candle lit the dark room, she left the candle on a stool and sat on a couch nearby. Closed her eyes to think deep about something, flashes of scenes occurred in her head like a dream, there was a pause for a moment and she was on a dirty narrow road people walking through her and a girl appeared from a direction, all covered in blood crying and screaming, but it seemed nobody heard her or saw her, as though she was invisible to them. She stopped screaming and walked to a direction. The lady followed her into the lane, turning every minute, it seemed like walking for hours, at last the girl stopped, cried and opened the door they were standing before and there was a women lying on the ground wounded. Streams of blood drained out of her body.

Knock knock… knock knock…

Turned around and saw no one was at the door except the girl weeping.

Knock knock… knock... knock.

The lady opened her eyes and she was sweating, stood up and walked towards the door next to the kitchen. Fibia though fragile opened the door with all her strength and found two girls on the other side of the door.

They entered without a permission. one of them was behind the other hit the bookcase as the girl entered.

“Are you fine, Fibia,” asked a girl with long hair, happily plump face on a blue long frock. “Did you sleep? You seem as though you shined your medals and trophies all night.”

“Umm... Yes, Natasha,” replied Fibia after thinking. “So, how was the farewell party?” “Don’t ask us… there was nothing fun in their party. I think the house must be having a lot of water then the pool. Songs were being played but nobody danced, there was a strict rule,” irritatingly replied the girl now near the bean bag and sat with a loud burst where the whole building shook; Natasha and Fibia laughed together. “I told you, this would happen, Rolet!” Natasha told. “I’m hungry. Anything there?” Natasha, leading her legs towards the kitchen. “Nope!” yells Fibia from the hall. “I’m going to sleep.”

After that she was on her bed, not getting sleep of what she had seen a few minutes ago... she fell asleep.

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