Going insane..

It's my perspective of what is going through a mad man's mind..


1. Going insane..

I've heard of Cinderella, snowhite

And the beauty and the beast

Of how a prince rescues these young princesses

By just giving them a kiss while they're asleep


                                                          They're fairy tales you ugly thing!


I am no such princess

And I have no such prince

I would lie if I say

I'm beautiful and rich


                                                           Liar Liar pants on fire


I have no luck and I don't see happiness

Always drowned in fear and sadness

I count 1-2-3

Then 4-5-6

But my problems never get fixed


                                                       Tick tock, tick tock

                                                       Mind stopped, full shock!


Don't call me names

I don't lie

I say the truth

That no one's by my side


                                                          Go to hell!


I come across a crossroad

I take right instead of left

I take the wrong instead of the right

Right wrong, right wrong


                                                          I'm going insane!


Can you come and hold my hand?

I feel alone.

Why do people call me mad?

Is it because I have no home?


                                                           Right wrong, Wrong Right


Again I took the wrong right

So I write this song

Instead going left

I went the other way 'round


                                                         Help me, please?


No one helps me,

I can't get any higher

So I light my pants and scream


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