A Love Like Ours (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Jessy is just a simple but beautiful girl who move to London. She was happy to stay in London 'cause she saw many beautiful places in London. One day, she was exploring the London town someone caught her eye. What did she see? Who? Find out in my story!

(Hey guys! I'm not gonna continue my other story 'cause I know it sucks, So here's new one. Hope you'll like it <3 and I also upload this in my account in Wattpad!)


1. A Love Like Ours (ALLO) 1


Hello to All! It's my new story. So, I hope you guys like this!   It's about Jessy who fall inlove with Niall Horan.   Don't be a silent reader! Always leave a comment or message me so we can talk! :)   Be a Fan, Leave a comment and Favorite this Story! Thanks!!!!   - Averil    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       Chapter 1       Jessy's Pov    "Sweetheart please hurry up, Were gonna be late in our flight." My mom shout in my room so I can clearly hear her. Yeah, my mom is right. Were gonna leave my hometown, Los Angeles to move in London 'cause my Aunt suggested that we should live in London in the whole summer so we can have some fun, and my mom agreed to that.   "Just a minute mom. I'm almost finish packing my things."   I hurry up packing my things so that we won't be late in our flight. Btw, I'm Jessy Anne Lindsay. I have one brother named James Lindsay. I'm 17 years old while he was 20. I went down and we all put our things in the back of the car.    "Mom, all of our things our already in the back. Let's go to the airport so we won't be late in our flight." My brother, James said to my mom.   "Okay, honey. You and your sister go to the car while I lock the door in our house."   "Okay, Mom."   Me and my brother entered the car and my mom started the engine. I put my earphone in my ears and start playing random song and I fell asleep.       -------------------------------------------------   Hey Guys! It's a short chapter. Sorry!!   I'll promise in the next chapter it will be long :)   Remember: don't be a silent reader, Come talk to me so we can be friends :)   Be a Fan, Leave a Comment, Favorite!   2 favorites i'll post the next chapter :)             
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