Ariana Grande




Here are some fun facts about Ariana<3 Maybe you didn't know about some of these!! 
1. Her favourite book/books is the Harry Potter series.
2. Her favourite foods are strawberries and sushi.
3. Her favourite word is bubble :P
4. Her favourite TV shows are America's Next Top Model, Life Series, and of course, Victorious!!
5. Her favourite music artists/bands are Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Imogen Heap, and Mariah Carey.
6. Her hometown is Boca Raton, Florida.
7. Her favourite movies are 13 Going On 30, Jurassic Park, and Benjamin Button.                                                          
8. Her favourite charity is called Broadway which is in South Africa.                                                           
9. Her favourite car is a Vintage Sports Car Convertible.                                                          
10. Her favourite vacation places are South Africa and Kruger National Park.                                                          
11. Her unique talent is doing very very good impersonations[:                                                          
12. Her favourite designer is Chanel.                                                          
13. The high school she attended was North Broward Preparatory School.                                                          
14. Her birthday is June 26, 1993.                                                          
15. She played Charlotte in the Broadway show, 13.                                                          
16. She is of Italian descent, half Sicilian, and half Abruzzese.
17. She actually doesn't have a middle name, her full name is Ariana Grande-Butera.
18. She's allergic to shellfish, bananas. some cough medicines, and (believe it or not) cats!! :(
19. She loves to swim!!
20. Her favourite Victorious episode is Survival Of The Hottest<3
21. She currently lives in L.A. and her house is over 100 years old and it was previously owned by Francis Ford Coppola, the director of The Godfather.
22. She went to her first concert, a Katy Perry concert, in the summer of 2011.
23. She used to collect stuffed animals, hockey pucks, and Halloween masks.
24. She is hypoglycemic, which means her blood sugar gets low.
25. Her dog's name is Coco Suzy.
26. She doesn't eat meat except for fish.
27. She says that she can't stand it when you smile at a stranger and they don't smile back[:
28. On December 10, 2011, she reached a million followers on Twitter<3
29. The first time she ever ate a taco was on the Victorious episode, The Breakfast Bunch.
30. One time at school, Ariana filmed her teacher shouting at her. That's why we love you, Ariana, hahaha.
31. Her favourite subject is science.
32. Her favourite candies are Razzles and Smarties.
33. Her favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate.
34. She thinks penguins are adorable :]
35. Her favourite types of movies are romances and comedies.

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