Who's my father?

Lily Styles is Harry Styles Daughter. She knows that her mum died when she was 3 but has no idea who her father is. She lived in an orphanage for a while until she was 16. She left the orphanage and brought her own little place in the middle of London. What will happen when she finds out who her father is?


5. Chapter 5

Lily's P.O.V

"Party here I come." I said quietly too myself. Since Harry has grounded me he will hopefully trust me. There is a party tonight at 8.00 but of course the boys will be awake. I'm gonna sneak out of the house at 9.00 exactly. If they are still awake I will jump out of the window. I parked my car up the street a few minutes ago. I hid all my stuff under my bathroom sink and I went downstairs to see Harry and the boys.

"Hello Dad, Hello Uncles." I said walking into the kitchen.

"Can I please speak to you." Louis said.

"Sure." I said.

Louis walked into the kitchen and looked at me.

"What game are you playing?" Louis asked.

"Nothing." I said grabbing some iced tea from out of the fridge.

"About 30mins ago you hated Harry and us now you are nice to us." Louis said.

"Yeah I know. I thought that I over reacted about everything. I'm really sorry." I said walking out of the kitchen.

I sat on the recliner in the lounge and joined the boys.

"Are you feeling okay?" Niall asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine why?" I asked.

"Well you were a bitch before." Zayn said.

"Yes, yes I know. I'm really sorry." I said. I looked at the clock on the wall. It's 7.00pm.

"Do you need to be somewhere?" Harry asked.

"Nope. I just wanted to see what the time was." I said smiling.

"Ok. Well I'm really tired I'm gonna go to bed." Zayn said.

"Night Zayn." We all said. We watched Zayn walk upstairs. I looked back at the boys and smiled. 

"What time are you guys gonna go to bed?" I asked them.

"Haha I'm not sure." Harry said.

"Well I might go to bed too." I said getting of the chair. 

"Okay. Night." The boys said. 

I ran upstairs and into my room. I got dressed into my party dress and put my pajama top over it in case if Harry checks on me. I will put my makeup on just as i'm about to leave. I grabbed my iPhone and started playing games and listening to music. I heard someone walk up the stairs so I locked my iPhone and pretended to sleep. My door opened and I'm guessing it was Harry because I could just open my eyes to see his curls. He kissed me on the cheek and left. The lights turned off so it was pitch black. Yes! They have all gone to bed. I waited a few more minutes then got out of bed. I walked into the bathroom in my room and turned the light on. I applied my makeup and turned my curler on. I quickly did my hair and then turned my curler off. I dropped my curler and it made a huge BANG! I started panicking. I ran towards the bathroom door and closed It. I heard my bedroom door open and someone knocked on the door.

"Are you alright Lily?" Harry called.

"Yeah. I just um. Went to go toilet and um I knocked my curler." I said.

"Okay. Well I will be in bed if you need me." Harry said. I heard the door shut then I opened the bathroom door and grabbed my bag. I put my phone, Car Keys and make up into my bag. I have to jump out of my window. I grabbed my high heels and threw them out of my window. I looked out and started having second thoughts. I decided that I was going no matter what. I threw my bag out the window and I stepped out. I fell off the window and fell on the grass.

"Ouch." I said getting off the ground. I grabbed my high heels and bag and raced towards my car. I threw all my things in the passenger seat. I started the car and drove off to the party.


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