Who's my father?

Lily Styles is Harry Styles Daughter. She knows that her mum died when she was 3 but has no idea who her father is. She lived in an orphanage for a while until she was 16. She left the orphanage and brought her own little place in the middle of London. What will happen when she finds out who her father is?


1. Chapter 1

Lily's P.O.V

"Lily please come to the One Direction Concert with me it's in 4 hours and I have no one to go with I will be a loner." Lily's best friend Amy whined.

"No. I may like them but I have better things to do and they are old enough to be our dads." I said.

"Please don't tell me your still trying to find your father." Amy said.

"I'm sorry. I need to go to the orphanage. They hopefully know who my father is. If they don't then I'll get my mother's will." I said grabbing my coat.

"Fine." Amy said

"But if you can, get me Harry's signature." I said smiling.

Amy grabbed a pillow and hit me.

"Your such a bitch." Amy said smiling.

"Haha please." I said giving her the puppy dog eyes.

"Ugh fine. Got to go now." Amy said hugging me and leaving the house.

I grabbed my car key, Phone and locked the house. I hopped in my silver Porsche and drove to the orphanage. I knocked on the door multiple times then all of a sudden the door flung open and Ms Wallace walked into the door way.

"Oh Hello Lily. What a wonderful surprise." Ms Wallace said.

"Hello. I'm not here for long but I need to know who my father is. You guys should know." I said walking into the old building. Ms Wallace kept quiet as we walked to her office. The floors were creaking whenever we took a step. When we arrived at her office I took a seat.

"I'm sorry Hun but we can't say who your father is. He gave us orders. He didn't want a child to ruin his career." Ms Wallace said.

"Look. I don't care if you don't tell me. I have other ways of knowing. But you don't know how hard it is not Knowing who your parents are!" I said getting up off my chair.

"He didn't want to hurt you." Ms Wallace said just as I was leaving.

"Yeah. Well that's exactly what he did." I said slamming her office door.

So my dad has a career. That helps a lot. When I opened my car door I threw all my stuff in the back and hopped in. I drove off and headed to the police station. I walked through the doors and walked to the front desk.

"Hello, How can I help you?" The lady at the desk asked.

"I need access to some of my family history documents." I said.

"ID Please." The lady asked.

I handed her my card from the orphanage.

"This expired 2 years ago." The lady said.

"So. It has my name and photo. Please. I need to know who my dad is." I said.

"Okay so your name is Lily Styles." The lady said.

I nodded at her question. She handed me a bunch of files.

"I need these back by Monday." The lady said.

"Thank you." I said walking back to my car.

I opened the boot and placed the files in there. I hopped back into my car and headed back home. I looked at the time. Whoa I have been out for 4 hours already. When I got home I put all the files on the table and started reading. Okay my dad is a singer and his last name is Styles. OMG, Harry Styles is my dad!

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