Never Let Me Go

This Story is about a girl who was shopping and she bumped into a guy who she didn't know. The guy was Harry Styles. Harry Was Running because he was being chased by fans....


3. Who Said I Never Loved You?

"No Ysa I Insist! You said someone was following you! That person might get you!" Harry said to Ysa pleading her to ride with Harry on the way home. "Ok! If you insist!" Harry lead Ysa to the car and Harry drove. "Ysa were's your hotel again?" "Oh It's the Sofitel Paris" Harry dropped Ysa off and gave her his number. Ysa went up to her penthouse room and started researching on One Direction. While she was reading all the comments, news and stories about One Direction she immedietly texted Harry. "Hey! I was wondering if you could come over?" Ysa was scared he wouldn't text back. briiiiiing. Ysa's phone went completely off. She answered it "Uhmm.. Hello?" Ysa said "Yeah Ysa, this is Harry!" "Oh Hi Harry!" "Yeah Ysa I was wondering if you've eaten dinner already?" "Uhm I was just about to call room service. Why?" "No don't call room service I'll be on my way" Harry hung up the phone and Ysa didn't know why Harry told her not to order room service. She heard the doorbell it went on and on and on and on. Until she answered it.

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