Never Let Me Go

This Story is about a girl who was shopping and she bumped into a guy who she didn't know. The guy was Harry Styles. Harry Was Running because he was being chased by fans....


2. Meet and...?


Ysa was walking near the Eiffel Tower. She looked behind and she assumed she was being followed. For her not to get kidnapped she ran as quick as she could glancing behind her if she was still being followed. She bumped into Harry. Harry was being chased by millions of girls. So Harry won't be mobbed he grabbed Ysa and brought her up the Eiffel Tower. Harry introduced himself to Ysa. "Hi Ysa, I'm Harry by the way sorry if I dragged you up here :)" "Oh It's ok." So Harry & Ysa continued talking till it was dark. "Oh well look at the time Harry, I gotta go" While Ysa stood up & fixed her bag Harry grabbed her hand & kissed it. "Oh Ysa this shouldn't be the last time we could see each other." "Oh Harry me too it was nice! I had so much fun." "Oh Ysa why don't I bring you home." "Oh Harry No need" 

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