Never Let Me Go

This Story is about a girl who was shopping and she bumped into a guy who she didn't know. The guy was Harry Styles. Harry Was Running because he was being chased by fans....


1. Flight To Paris


Ysa was a straight-A student and a fresh college graduate. So her parents had a surprise for her. They booked a ticket for Paris. She will be leaving on February 2. She'll be there till the end of February. She won't be with her friends on Valentines, but she will find true love in Paris. "Plane 057 has landed in Paris, France thank you for choosing American Airlines" says the Capt. Ysa arrives waiting for a taxi. Her parents paid for the hotel the most expensive hotel in Paris The Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe. She got the penthouse room. She lived in luxury. Paris is the capital of Love but mostly fashion. So the day she settled in her Penthouse she went to sleep. The Next Day Feb.4 she went shopping. She had no friends she was a loner. But luckily shopping was her best friend. She went to Chanel, Victoria's Secret, Prada & Gucci. When she got home she turned on the TV and she watched news. " Le One Direction est ici. Ils commencent leur concert de demain." She understood it but the problem was she didn't know who One Direction was.

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