Pretty Little Secrets

It is about 6 girls that are walking from school and then a girl named Sarah disappears. The 5 girls try and find her but they get try and find who it is but....

Read To Find Out.

The characters Bella, Abbie, Steph, Kristy, Skie and more...

Sarah is the missing girl


3. The New Friend

Louis P.O.V

This girl Sarah is Beautiful, she has wavey sweet brown hair and blue and a hayzil circle around some blue. She has a clear face with GORGEOUS freckles. I couldn't stand not staring at her.

It was a week since Sarah had gone home her parents got her to come home. She got his number and left. Just before she left he hugged her and kissed on the cheek.

Sarah P.O.V

I'm in the car going home but I am still blushing, HE KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK AND HUGGED ME. I was happy to be home with my family it was good but I miss Louis THAT HANDSOME MAN. I was not allowed to walk home for a while and I was happy now because he couldn't get me now.

I was in the car going to school when... I saw Louis sitting down sad and alone but...

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