Pretty Little Secrets

It is about 6 girls that are walking from school and then a girl named Sarah disappears. The 5 girls try and find her but they get try and find who it is but....

Read To Find Out.

The characters Bella, Abbie, Steph, Kristy, Skie and more...

Sarah is the missing girl


6. Special Moments

It has been three days since Sarah graduated and five weeks since we were dating. We decided to start she was 18 now so why not she even agreed she will. It was night time Sarah and I were in bed, pash, when she gets a call. It's a man 'Oh work him baby work him oh shit wrong person.' We were laughing and we got back to it.

It has been a months since the creepy thing happened and I'm still not allowed to walk, he could wait there everyday waiting but tomorrow I am walking and that will be good. Louis and I were in love and Loved each other ALOT. Louis wasn't walking with me though because I'm capable now since I'm 19 now.

We are going to a night club tonight and we can't wait, but first I have to go to my high school reunion it's gonna be terrific. The boys and I got dressed ready for the night. Louis and I slow danced it was SOOOO romantic!
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