Pretty Little Secrets

It is about 6 girls that are walking from school and then a girl named Sarah disappears. The 5 girls try and find her but they get try and find who it is but....

Read To Find Out.

The characters Bella, Abbie, Steph, Kristy, Skie and more...

Sarah is the missing girl


4. Meeting the Boys

It wasn't it was it was someone that looked familiar but my eyes had deceived me, his hair was blond not brown. He was really cute and then I remembered HE'S LOUIS'S FRIEND NIALL. I said hi but he mustn't of recognized me because he looked quiet confused.

Niall P.O.V

I was sitting down feeling lonely when I familiar faced call gets out of the car to see if I was alright I am confused about who she is when it was a light blob dinged in my head her name was Sarah, How could I forget her Brown wavey hair, her clear face and her cute freckles with that touch of a smile SHE WAS GORGEOUS. But she had to go though to school I had to leave school because I'm too old now. She is only 17 but I want to date her, *sigh.

When she left I was lonely again but then I heard a honk and a yell called BYE NIALL, it was her she was my friend I think. I left to see the boys and to get her to come over for dinner they loved my idea.

Sarah P.O.V

They asked me to dinner THEY ACTUALLY ASKED ME. I was excited I went shopping with my mum and I bought a new dress I wasn't trying to show off but I wanted to look beautiful. I left home to go with my make up on and my fab dress on. I got there and they WERE ALL starring at me stunned I was thinking hello? Boys...

Boys P.O.V

WHOW SHE LOOKS STUNNING. We we're starring at her like idiots and like we couldn't speak. Louis said first Welcome Sarah come on in. The others were like her ugly ducklings that always followed her (well handsome ducklings).

Hello Sarah I'm Zayn
Hello said Sarah

I'm Niall
Hello said Sarah

I'm Harry
Hello said Sarah

I'm Louis as u know me
Hello Louis said Sarah

I'm Liam how do u do
Good y thank you Liam said Sarah.

They all sat down for dinner chatting away. Sarah slept over for the night because her dad was drunk at home and her mum had to look after him. Sarah and Louis watched The Hunger Games and Louis cried when Rue died. Sarah was patting Louis's back to make him feel better then...

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