Pretty Little Secrets

It is about 6 girls that are walking from school and then a girl named Sarah disappears. The 5 girls try and find her but they get try and find who it is but....

Read To Find Out.

The characters Bella, Abbie, Steph, Kristy, Skie and more...

Sarah is the missing girl



 There was 6 girls, Abbie, Bella, Steph, Kristy, Skie and Sarah. They all went to the same school , Weskay High School, In grade 8. It was finally Lunch the bell rang, as they were running out of homeroom they saw, on the school's television, on the NEWS, they saw that the Lunch Lady was crying because her husband was murdered, she looked quite mysterious in her face and she looked like she ... its hard to describe.


Bella P.O.V


I was walking in the Cafeteria, When... A fire started net to me in the pot I was Frightened and Scared i didnt know what to do.


"Hey Hey Hey Bella," said Steph

"WHAT!" said Bella

"Do you want the thing?" asked Steph

"What thing?" said Bella

"The thing that blows fluffy white stuff,"

"do you mean the fire extinguisher?"

"the WHATTT...?"



After that it was hometime the girls all walked home. As Sarah was walking home a 'CREEPY MAN' jumped in out of the bush. She Screetch and started to run away as fast as light she ran home, luckily her home was on a corner. When she was nearly home the men was gone, she told her parents and they ran the police and she was safe and sound.


The next hour, I rang the girls and they were scared to then... OUT OF A SUDDEN I saw the man in the window searching around, then he came to our house and he said to my parents 'I am here to see if you need babysitting' but Luckily my parents said no. I was so happy to find out they said no, It was like there was butterflies in my stomach when he came to our door.


The Next Day, Sarah's parents took her to school and were picking her up, they were really worried. When we were at school we heard that the Lunch Lady was away because she had been murdered by a crazy man. There was a video on the news i noticed that he was turned back to the camera and turned his head, he had a mask on, it was a skii mask.




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