In The End

Urm... I wrote this short script for school.... hope you like it C":


5. In The End



Fin continued this until he was down to his last arrow; the last boy standing had been his twice but didn’t give up easy. Fin made sure this shoot counted. He lined it up with the boy heart like he did the first time; he steadied himself and let the arrow go. He quickly put his back to the tree and waited… no sound came, had he missed? Vic lifted his head up half out to it, and grabbed something from his pocket. He pushed the cold metal blade into Fin’s hand. Fin knew he had to finish of what he started and carefully made his way across to the other side. The three boys he had shot before were on the ground, dead, or nearly there. He looked around just in time to see the boy he was supposed to kill. Fin shook his head, is raised his arm to the unarmed boy and put the knife to his neck. With a twist of his quick wrist the boy fell to the ground without a single sound. Just the thud as his lifeless body hit the cool ground.



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