In The End

Urm... I wrote this short script for school.... hope you like it C":


3. In The End

Vic slowly moved his hands to the arrow sticking out from his hip, blood tinkled down slowly on his skin, then to his fingers and over. With unsteady hands Vic slowly pulled to long arrow out, he moaned in pain as Fin quickly ripped off some of the bottom of his shirt off. He then proceeded to tare half of Vic’s shirt to make the bandage longer. Vic tried not to whimper under Fin’s hands as he bandaged up the wound. Fin was so worried for Vic’s life; he couldn’t do this without him! Vic was his partner they got through everything together, Fin wasn’t going to let him die.


Vic looked from the wound to Fin and smiled but Fin saw right through it. Fin tried to encourage Vic and told him that everything will be aright and that he was going to do whatever it takes to save him. Fin looked back at the enemy; they were still firing at them and all around. Despite his words of encouragement Fin felt like there was no hope left for them now. Fin hung his head and sighed. Vic moved a weak hand and picked up Fin bow, and looked him in the eye. Right then, that look Vic had in his eyes, he knew now he had to do this, there was no other way.



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