In The End

Urm... I wrote this short script for school.... hope you like it C":


2. In The End


Fin swapped glances with his best friend and helper Vic, they looked back at the enemy, they had been shooting arrows at them for the past twenty minutes. Fin had gotten a good look at the teenage boys faces bout there was about four of them. He turned to Vic with pleading eyes and shakes his head causing his brown hair to fall in his eyes. He didn’t want to kill those boys, but if he wanted to stay alive he was going to have to. Vic placed a warm hand on Fin’s shoulder and nods. Vic pushed Fin’s bow closer to Fin’s chest he could feel fin’s body shaking and the terror in his eyes.


Vic moved out a little bit, Fin did the same on the other side of the tree. They scanned their surroundings and spotted the four boys. Fin was about to fire an arrow at them when a scream of pain came from Vic, his body hit the ground with a thud. Vic’s eyes were wide with disbelief. Fin couldn't speak he was too shocked at the sight.


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