Without a Trace (Niall Horan)

If I cry, would you wipe away my tears? If I'm lonely, will you come and comfort me? If I'm broken, would you put the shattered pieces back together? Or would you leave without a word, without a trace.


5. 11:30

I lay down on my bed, burying my face in the mattress, continuing to pull the pillow down farther onto my ears to unsuccessfully block out the noise. It was hard to even hear yourself think, as loud as they were sometimes. But there are certain things in life that you can't do anything about, so you have to let them be.

I sit up when I hear a something hitting against the window. Confused, I get up and pull the curtains back, sighing when I saw what made the noise. He smirks and nods his head towards the window and I reluctantly open it. I grab hold of his hand to help pull him in. After he steps inside, I quickly shut it again and turn to look at him.

"What the hell are you doing here, Niall? Are you nuts? I swear if my dad finds out you're here..."

"Oh come on Ally, lighten up. I'll be quiet." 

I glare at him, causing him to laugh slightly. Again, loon comes to mind.

"What are you playing at? Who do you think you are sneaking into my apartment in the middle of the night?"

"Since when is eleven thirty the middle of the night?"

I continue to glare and he throws his hands up in defeat.

"I just wanted to make sure your parents didn't kill you."

I roll my eyes at the stupid excuse and push him back towards the window. I was definitely not in the mood for this right now. I had already dealt with enough.

He pushes me back, causing me to fall onto my bed. He starts laughing and I throw one of my pillows at him. I find myself cracking a smile, despite my annoyance, when he steps backwards with a shocked look on his face. When he catches me smiling, he throws it back at me, hard. The glare immediately returns to my face. 

"Stop fooling around. I thought you said you were going to be quiet."

"Someone doesn't seem too happy that I'm here."

"Damn it, Niall, I'm being serious."



He gets cut off by my dad calling my name. I immediately panic and jump up to push him towards the closet. My dad's footsteps get louder.

"Oh shit. Get in, get in. Now." 

I quickly shove him in and run back to lay down on my bed just as he opens the door.

"Hey Ally, you still awake?"

I turn over and nod at him. He walks over and sits down beside me.

"I'm sorry I overreacted. It's just hard because I know you're growing up and you need your freedom, but I just don't want anything bad to happen to you. I'm just trying to protect you sweetheart."

"I know dad, it's no big deal."

"Yes it is."

We sit in silence for a minute. He was making a face that I recognized immediately. It meant he was trying to figure out how to word something.

"As hard as it is for me to let you do this, why don't you go out tomorrow? Have some fun for a little while."

I smile and throw my arms around him. This was the first time he had ever let me do anything like that without my mom or himself coming with me. I was extremely grateful to him for this. It might seem pointless to anyone else, but it was a huge deal to someone like me. I couldn't contain my excitement.

"Thank you dad! That sounds amazing!"

He laughs quietly and pats my back. I squeeze him so tight that I'm sure it had to hurt, though he didn't say anything. 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Goodnight, bug." 

He pulls away and gets off of the bed, leaving me still smiling the biggest smile.

"Goodnight dad!" I call out as he walks out and shuts the door.

A few seconds later Niall comes out of the closet, panting slightly. I laugh at the sight.

"Geez, what's wrong with you? It's just a closet."

"I'm claustrophobic."

"Oh." Was my response.

He quickly composes himself and walks over to the bed to sit down next to me.

"So, you're free tomorrow?"

"Looks like it."

I smile at him, still getting used to the thought that I had freedom.

"Well, do you maybe want to hang out with me while the boys and I are still in New York?"

"Wait a minute. You mean like on a...date?" I ask, a little scared.

He laughs, as if the thought itself was completely absurd.

"No, of course not."

Relieved, I let out a breath I hadn't realized I had been holding.

"Remember how I said I was in love with you? Yeah I've been over it for a little while now."

I throw my hand over my chest in mock hurt, causing him to laugh even harder. A few seconds later, he stops and looks at me. I could see the pleading look on his face. But I couldn't blame him. After all, it had been four years. 

"So, do you want to or...?"

"Sure, why not."

"Awesome, well I'd better go. See you tomorrow yeah?"

I nod. He pulls me into a quick hug and stands, walking back towards the window. He opens it and I follow behind him, holding it up while he hops out. I smile when he waves at me. I wave back before closing the window and walking to my bed.

I pull the covers back, crawling underneath their warmth. Closing my eyes, I suddenly realize how tired I was, and I quickly let sleep overtake me.


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