Star Crossed Lovers

Aleczander Clark is starting his final year in high school ready for it to end along with his best friend Lexy. Even though high school seems like hell to Alec there is someone that keeps him going; Liam Payne. His shy crush on Liam turns into a relationship bringing nothing but trouble. Will this star-crossed lovers' romance last through it all?


1. Prologue

Alec's P.O.V


It was during my high school years when I met him, Liam Payne. Junior year to be exact. It was AP U.S. History, he sat across from me. Looking at him gave me a feeling I never felt before, which was rare since no other guy had ever done that to me. Liam was partly the reason why I passed that class because every time my name was called out in praise he would smile sweetly at me even though he didn't know me. That made me study a lot, his smiles were my heaven. Every time he glanced at me I blushed and he grinned, it was as if he was doing it on purpose. That year was the best because of that and my senior year was to start and instead of thinking of prom, I thought if Liam would be in any of my classes.



My annoying alarm sounded disrupting me of my dreams. I, Aleczander Clark, was dreading the first day of school. I got dressed comfortably, an over-sized black hoodie for warmth, dark blue jeans, and gray vans. I styled my hair casually, school was torture not a fashion show. As soon as I got down I woke up my twin Luc (pronounced Luke), who luckily had a shorter name than me. Luc decided school was a fashion show and put on a leather jacket, casual gray shirt, black jeans, and a pair of converse; simple yet stylish.
I ignored Luc and texted my best friend Lexy, she had sat next to me in AP History as seats were given alphabetically. We bonded over that fact that her name was a girl version of my own, in a way.
"Who's the hottie across from us?" Lexy giggled, that was when I had first seen Liam
"I don't know but-" I stopped and blushed that was not suppose to come out like that.
"It's cool. I don't judge!" Lexy smiled, "But if we're gonna fighter over the hottie, I'd win." She winked and I laughed, instant best friends.

To: Lexy
Lex, meet me before we get our schedules?

From: Lexy
Sure thang Mr.Payne

I laughed at that, she had been calling me that since day 1. I seriously don't know what I'd do without Lexy, she's one of my few friends since I kept to myself and generally hated people. We trudged onto school wanting the day to end even though it had just started.
"School sucks!" I groaned as Lexy, Luc, and I received our schedules. I got 1-AP Government, 2- AP Environmental Science, 3-Pre-Calculus, 4-AP French, 5-Geography, 6-Art, and 7-AP English Literature.
"No one told you to go nerd status! Maybe school will suck less for you this year!" Lexy said staring over my shoulder
"4 Advance Placement classes and Pre-Calculus? Doubt it!" I snorted
"No you dumb cunt! You have 2 classes with me! Second and sixth!" She said
"Thank you Jesus!" I smiled and glanced at her schedule: 1-AP English Literature, 2-AP Environmental Science, 3-Teacher Assistant, 4-Japanese3-4, 5-Study Hall, 6-Art, and 7-AP Government.
"Study hall is basically sitting for an hour!" I said annoyed
"Yeah well it was that or a math, no thank you!" She said exaggerating on the 'no thank you'.
"I have study hall 5th too!" Luc pointed out, he was not as bright I noticed glancing at his schedule: 1-Peer Assistance, 2-AP Government, 3-Sign Language, 4-Algebra 2, 5-Study Hall, 6-AP English Literature, and 7-Biology. My thoughts had burst when the bell rang, I groaned.
"It won't be that bad Alec, just stop being a little bitch and go!" Lexy said half serious and half joking.
"Fine! I'll see you in second! IF I survive first period!" I said in a defeated tone, my last year of hell had just started.

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