Star Crossed Lovers

Aleczander Clark is starting his final year in high school ready for it to end along with his best friend Lexy. Even though high school seems like hell to Alec there is someone that keeps him going; Liam Payne. His shy crush on Liam turns into a relationship bringing nothing but trouble. Will this star-crossed lovers' romance last through it all?


7. Chapter 6

Lexy's P.O.V

I was worried about Alec, he was so fragile and it hurt me to pretend not to notice the obvious. His pained face, his sad gaze it was like watching a zombie day after day. Yet teasing him about Liam and joking around him seemed to lift his mood. I had to tell him about Liam but that was his job not mine.

Alec's P.O.V

Did they know what happened last year? Did they know about my attempt at committing suicide? And if they did, did they know why I did it? So many questions ran through my mind, questions that I didn't have the answer to and that frustrated me beyond belief. I was ready to solve this mystery once and for all. It was my first day of my senior year and I'd rather not start it off like this.
"Niall?" I whispered to him. We were suppose to do an activity where we colored in on a map the places we've been to. I noticed he colored in the many places around the world and currently coloring Canada.
"Do you know what happened last year?" I asked making it seem like I was asked a very innocent question. He dropped his blue-green colored pencil and turned to stare at me.
"What?" A shocked look on his face. I got him now or at least I think I do.

Niall's P.O.V

I had not at all expected Alec to ask me that. At that moment I knew exactly what the others meant earlier on. The boy Liam saved was Alec! I finally got it!
"Uhm..." I started off, picking up my colored pencil, that was now broken, "ask Liam?" I said and rushed up to sharpen the colored pencil.

Liam's P.O.V

I hear Niall speak my name. I turned away from Harry and looked up at Niall who was walking to sharpen his pencil. Alec looked flustered and all pale. He looked at me and quickly turned away, what had Niall done?
"Alec?" I said gently tapping him on his shoulder causing him to jump.
"Sorry!" I muttered, "Are you okay?"
"Mmhm." He said while picking up a red colored pencil. His sheet had not been colored in at all, besides his hometown.
"You sure?" I questioned more, he certainly did not seem okay.
"Yes." He said beginning to furiously shade in his hometown while pulling his sweater sleeves forward. He was nervous and had tried to cover his wrists, something I noticed since last year.
"Alec, I know." I sighed finally giving in. He looked up and panicked what was I gonna say?


"And the highest score goes to Mr.Clark!" Our teacher energetically said while smiling at Aleczander Clark. He turned beet red, muttered a thanks, and pulled on his sweater sleeves. I noticed more red marks. I frowned and looked at him. He also held my gaze and knowing nothing to do I smiled. He bit his bottom lip and turned to talk to his friend Lexy, I think, pulling up his sleeve a bit more. I got concerned from him but opted not to butt in, maybe I had imagined the marks?
-End of Flashback-

Harry's P.O.V

"Alec I know." Liam sighed, he had finally told Alec. Alec the poor thing looked ready to collapse. That poor kid had the shittiest life of anyone I'd known. Funny though he still didn't know I was his neighbor, something that ended up saving his life...


"Does anyone know Aleczander Clark?" Liam had said walking up to us at lunch.
"Clark? Sounds familiar." I replied biting into my taco
"No mate sorry." Niall replied as well with his mouth full of sour cream and onion chips.
"The kid in our U.S. History class?" Zayn asked fiddling with his jacket, Liam nodded.
"Yeah, I think he's suicidal." He frowned and I choked on my taco, Louis slapped me on the back.
"Why on earth would you say that?" Louis said concerned as well.
"He has res marks on his wrists." Liam said looking at all of us, "I think we should help him out."
"Look mate you have good intentions but we'd need more evidence before that." Louis said with a serious look on his face.
"Besides we can't just accuse him of that, we don't know his life." Zayn said looking at Liam, Niall nodded in agreement.
"Well I'm his neighbor." I confessed to them, Liam turned straight to me.
"Help him Harry, please." and with that sad look on his face I knew I had to try something.
"Okay, I will." I said while Liam sighed in relief. I had hoped Alec wasn't suicidal because he had such a successful future ahead of him and that would be a tragic waste.

-End of Flashback-

Alec's P.O.V

"Alec I know." Liam confessed, tears threaten me at the moment.
"What do you know?" I said quietly beginning to shade in Nevada with light blue.
"Everything." He whispered to me and I knew exactly what he meant, my suicide attempt.

Zayn's P.O.V

'Zayn, Liam is telling Alec!' Harry texted me during study hall, I started to panic.
'Zayn!'s all bad what do we do?' Niall's text read
'What's this about Alec?' Louis text seemed as confused as me. I guess Harry, Liam, Niall, and Alec were all in the same class.
"Fuck!" I groaned
"Language!" The study hall teacher said. Then I heard a giggle, I spotted the source of the giggle. It was a girl and I knew her, Lexy, Alec's friend. Should I tell her? Does she even know? Well that last questions has to be ridiculous of course she knew! Unless Alec was mysterious to her, he seemed the type that felt all alone in the world. Regardless, I decided to tell her anyways.

Lexy's P.O.V

"Lexy?" A velvet voice asked and I looked up to see a very hot Zayn Malik talking to me.
"Sorry for giggling." I said trying to keep it cool
"Not it's not that, but thanks anyway." He said , he seemed distracted.
"Is everything alright?" I said trying to figure out his expression.
"No." He said bluntly
"Then?" I said irritated that he was ruining my fantasies about him to say nothing at all.
"It's just that uhm.. well you's about.." He was struggling to say
"Look as much as you're hot and all and class being super boring just spit it out!" I said annoyed
"It's Alec!" He blurted out, "Liam told him!" he sighed in relief and slumped in his desk. Crap! Poor Alec! I looked at Zayn and then at my desk.
"Did I sound bitchy a few seconds ago?" I asked and Zayn looked at me and nodded with a grin.
"Great! My friend's probably freaking out and all I'm doing is being a bitch." I puffed out irritated.
"So what's wrong with Alec? Is he okay?" I got all concerned
"I think you know what's wrong Lexy, so tell me?" Zayn asked with concern in his eyes.
"We have a long boring period to go..." He motioned towards the clock, he was right.
"Ok." I said, "Where to begin with..."

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