Star Crossed Lovers

Aleczander Clark is starting his final year in high school ready for it to end along with his best friend Lexy. Even though high school seems like hell to Alec there is someone that keeps him going; Liam Payne. His shy crush on Liam turns into a relationship bringing nothing but trouble. Will this star-crossed lovers' romance last through it all?


6. Chapter 5

Alec's P.O.V

I knew I was in trouble when I walked into Geo. Globes literally everywhere and maps plastered the walls. I was kinda freaked out!
"Hey Alec, sit next to me?" Niall pleased
"Uh sure?" I replied he was being really nice to me and I appreciated that.
"Why are you being so nice to me? No one is nice to me except for Lexy but then again she's my only friend so..." I admitted while questioning Niall. I felt bad for questioning his kindness and I guess he did too because he looked shocked.
"Why not? That's just me! Nice Niall!" He grinned at me before passing, "And now you have two friends, if you want." He smiles gently at me.
"Okay. Let's sit?" I said in relief, glad he wasn't offended. Two friends now? Lexy would love this and to be honest I was glad he was now my friend.


Niall's P.O.V

I was surprised that Alec had asked me that. I guess that explained why he was always to solitary and always looked sad. He had smiled when I told him I was his friend. It was heartbreaking seeing his face of disbelief. He kept looking at the door nervously, I was guessing it was because of Liam. I still didn't get why.

Alec's P.O.V

"Does this teacher seem like a lunatic or not?" Niall asked me glancing at our teacher. I did notice her wore big old glasses a plaid shirt and baggy brown pants with black loafers.
"I don't know if I should get him fashion help or to run out the door." I agreed with him
"Haha! Someone call Joan Rivers!" He snickered
"You watch the E channel?" I asked very amused
"Yeah it's my guilty pleasure! Especially-" He started before I cut him off
"The Kardashians?!" I said
"It's so good! I can't help myself! Do you also believe Kim is a slut and Kourtney is the most irrelevant hoe ever?" He questioned his eyes gleaming with excitement over this topic. I couldn't help myself, but I laughed.
"What?" He said chuckling
"I just can't believe we are seriously discussing the Kardashians in our first day of geography." I said between my laughs
"Well that's what friends do. We talk about random stuff." His Irish accent showing up more when he laughed.
"Excuse me guys?" A voice told us and we both looked up still laughing.
"Liam..." I gasped, I had forgotten he had this class! Crap! Niall just looked at me and shrugged. He nodded at my direction and then at Niall. He hugged Niall and then took a seat to the right of me since Niall sat on the corner of our row. I was now stuck between Liam and Niall. I could smell his cologne and it was driving me crazy. I looked at Niall afraid of losing it and I gave him a pleading look. He looked at me confused, he didn't get it. But then he smiled, maybe he would help me out. But what's the best he could do? Switch seats with me? That couldn't work, Liam would still be so close to me. Tell Liam stop being hot? I mean it wasn't his fault he was irresistible and hot!
"HARRY!" Niall shouted and I guess Harry was the one who looked our direction. His curly hair and green eyes were the first thing I noticed of him.
"Niall! Liam!" He flashed his smile at us. I was glad that he didn't know my name as well.
"And you are?" He said offering his hand, I gave him a weird look but still shook his hand.
"Alec, Alec Clark." I told him
"Oh Alec! Hey! Harry, Harry Styles." He flashed his smile again and sat next to Liam. Did he know me or was he taking in my name. Either way he seemed to recognize me.

Liam's P.O.V

I seriously felt like slapping Harry. I had told him before about Alec and his tone of when he greeted Alec totally gave way that he knew something. Alec's facial expression continued it I mean he isn't stupid, he has all those AP classes! Ugh Harry! I was debating whether to chew him out right here and now but it seemed like Alec ignored him so I paid no extra attention to this.

Harry's P.O.V

Liam gave me an evil glare. I knew it had to do with me greeting Alex but I didn't mean to do anything at all. I just sighed and shrugged turning to look at Niall and Alec. They seemed to be pretty good friends already, I was glad for him.

Alec's P.O.V

The way Niall ans the rest of the boys spoke to me made it seem like they were ready for me to have a meltdown or something. I thought of earlier on, Eleanor's gaze at me, Lexy trying to get me not to stay by myself, my brother not giving me rude comments. What on Earth was going on? What else could they know about me rather than my name? I was going through my past in my mind and something popped up. Did they know about that???

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