Star Crossed Lovers

Aleczander Clark is starting his final year in high school ready for it to end along with his best friend Lexy. Even though high school seems like hell to Alec there is someone that keeps him going; Liam Payne. His shy crush on Liam turns into a relationship bringing nothing but trouble. Will this star-crossed lovers' romance last through it all?


4. Chapter 3

Alec's P.O.V


"Bonjour! Ca va?" My AP french teacher greeted me. O had known her for 4 years now and we were like old best friends. The only teacher I was comfortable around.
"Je me sens tres bien." I told her
"Pourqoui?" Her nosiness asked. I didn't want to say because I have 2 classes with Liam.
"Parce que je suis ici!" I said knowing it would make her happy. I sat down in an empty desk with three other ones that were also empty. The room was set up in squares of 4, 12 squares in total. The concept of AP was teaching ourselves to be fluent, it made no sense to me at all. Our teacher was crazy and she taught us efficiently. I was seriously about to question her teaching methods and about why the desks were arranged like so.
"Hey I didn't know toy had this class!" Zayn smiled at me
"I didn't know you spoke french at all." I said look up at him, he took the seat next to me.
"There's 23 other empty seats ya know?" I said making sure to include the irritation in my tone.
"I know but I seem to like you so I might as well have fun in this class." He grinned and I put on a really annoyed face.
"I fell bad for your friends." I replied back, I was not gonna let Zayn Malik of all people get to me.
"You know my friends though." He said like it was clearly obvious
"Do I now?" I said raising an eyebrow
"No duh!" He persisted, "You know like Liam." I blushed and looked away and wondered why the hell we were the only two in the classroom.
"Would you not?" I replied
"I'm sorry?" He said seeming confused
"Rubbing in Liam? I don't even know him!" I nearly shouted. He looked at me studying my facial expression and smiled. This boy was gonna kill me out of frustration.
"But you do want to..." He winked and looked at his phone. He was seriously about to make me commit first degree murder. "Look just tell me what's up with Liam!" I sighed in annoyance.
"What about Liam?" A dirty blond boy asked taking a seat in front of me. He was wearing a light blue sweater with a black shirt underneath along with a pair of khaki pants ans a pair of white converse. I didn't know him at all so I decided I guess her knew Zayn. 
"Nothing Niall." Zayn told him looking at me then at Niall, "I'll tell you later." He smirked
"Where's Loud?" He asked, I didn't know who that was either.
"Right here loves!!" I guess the guy named Louis walked in. His red and black striped shirt seriously casually making me go blind. He also wore suspenders, a pair of black pants, and white Toms.
"Oh? And who's this young lad?" He questioned motioning to me.
"Oh that's Alec!" Niall replied matter-of-factly. Wait, I never introduced myself to Niall how the hell did he know who I was?
"Oh Alec?" Louis grinned, something told me he knew who I was already. I was confused.
"Oh good Zayn you found your friends. You can all go sit somewhere else now!" I gestured toward some empty desks. Others already filling the desks now.
"Oh sorry were you expecting someone else?" Niall asked wondering if he had ruined my seating plans.
"No, actually I was planning on sitting alone but-" I began to reply but the teacher butted in.
"Oh lala, you found a group." She excitedly exclaimed, "I'll write you all on the seating chart. Mr.Tomlinson, Mr.Horan, Mr.Malik, and Mr.Clark." That traitor. She excitedly glanced at me one more time before leaving to go fill the rest of her seating chart, she knew I preferred solitude.
"I guess we're staying here then." Louis smiled taking his seat in front of Zayn. Niall smiled at me apologetically, I slumped on my desk sighing in defeat.
"Classe, today you will parliez avec un partenaire." Our teacher began to talk and describe our assignment to learn about our new partners. Niall was seated in front of me so he was partnered up with me. I was okay with this. He didn't seem as irritating as Louis and I would have died if I was stuck with Zayn again.
"SO shall we begin Alec?" Niall questioned
"Wait how do you know my name?" I counter-questioned. He let his gaze on me fall and turned to Zayn and Louis as if he needed help.
"Monsieur Horan, work please!" Our teacher sternly said/ It seemed like every time I had asked that question I was interrupted. I was getting irritated , but despite my irritation I decided to do my assignment/ That 4.0 GPA was not going to achieve itself. Besides I didn't want to seem rude to Niall. The rest of the class was actually pretty fun if I ignored Zayn and Louis, I learned tons about Niall as well. He was of Irish descent, had divorced parents, and an older brother named Greg. He however had more of a difficult time getting me to talk.
"Okay, well all I've got so far is that you're a twin who doesn't get along with him and his name is Luc. Anything else?" He said in a defeated tone.
"Oh just ask about Liam he'd answer your questions then!" Zayn told Niall while Louis snickered.
"Will you shut up? Why do you have to be so irritating?" I groaned fed up with him.
"I don't get it." Niall said
"Yeah, well me either Niall" I sighed

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