Star Crossed Lovers

Aleczander Clark is starting his final year in high school ready for it to end along with his best friend Lexy. Even though high school seems like hell to Alec there is someone that keeps him going; Liam Payne. His shy crush on Liam turns into a relationship bringing nothing but trouble. Will this star-crossed lovers' romance last through it all?


3. Chapter 2

Alec's P.O.V


Something about what Zayn said bothered me.What did you mean? Most importantly what did Liam know and how did he "rescue me"? I decided to ignore Zayn for the rest of the period and felt bad when he attempted to create more small talk.
"Look, I get it. Just don't tell Liam okay?" He gave up, gathered his books and left. The bell had just rang.
"Why the long face?" Lexy said nudging me
"It's a long story..." I sighed
"Well tell me the basics bitch!" She said excited for a juicy story. I sighed in defeat and started to decided on what to say as she walked me to pre-cal. Lexy tried to pry more details that she knew I had skipped on purpose, but I didn't give in. I did not tell her what Zayn had told me about Liam "rescuing me". I would tell her once I had figured out what he meant and the moment, I was stumped. I walked into pre-cal and knew taking this course was a mistake. I saw graphs, greek alphabet, and a bunch of weird symbols but I stopped myself when I saw Eleanor. I guess seats were given alphabetically by last name. 
Then, he walked in. Liam Payne.
"Oh come on!!!" I half yelled. Jesus was after me. Though it'll be okay. The seats were in alphabetical order, I'm a C and he's a P. I'm good.
"If anyone need to move seats because of seeing problems, do say so now!" The teacher lazily said.
"I do!" Liam raised his hand.
"Oh? Okat uhm sit next to uhm." he was deciding. Please not next to me, please!
"Next to Mr.Clark, yes that'll work!" He said pointing to me. I had the urge to kill myself now.
"That'll work." Liam grinned. What was he playing at? Freaking Liam Payne sits next to me in Pre-Cal. No wait, he chose to sit next to me. Well call me crazy but that seriously bugged me.

Liam's P.O.V

Pre-Cal at first didn't seem bad despite its caliber of difficulty. I walked in and took my seat next to Danielle Peazer, a long time friend. Recently she had begun to male romantic advantages, it was nice but awkward. I didn't want to be rude but I wanted to move seats as soon as possible. Then I noticed Eleanor talking to Aleczander Clark. No doubt I'd seen the boy before and wondered if he remembered me at all. Zayn had said he'd known me for quite some time but I'd only remembered him from last year. So when the teacher allowed me to move next to him, I smiled. I will take the opportunity to know him and El more they seem nice and I wanted more friends than Dani in this class.

Eleanor's P.O.V

Alec Clark had sat next to me. He is extremely nice and Liam sat next to him, but Alec seemed displeased. He bit his bottom lip and turned to his left completely ignoring Liam. Strange, considering the past. Did he not remember? Liam seemed to notice too because he frowned, a thing he rarely does. What was going on?


Alec's P.O.V


I was seriously debating on weather or not to be mad at Liam at all. He was incredibly hot and I could smell his cologne, He gave me an apologetic stare which had me feeling guilty. I returned to my old lip biting habit in a desperate attempt to stop from peeking at him. Thankfully our teacher had us doing a lesson, everyone complained but I didn't, it stopped me from thinking of Liam. The bell finally ran and I left class confused over both the lesson and because of Liam.
It was break time and I wanted to go get some food. I was daydreaming about Liam while contemplating weather or not to get a cinnamon roll or a bagel. I ended up getting my first choice, the cinnamon roll, and enjoyed it as Lexy walked up and sat next to me.
"Imagining the icing is Liam's cum?" She asked me causing me to do a spit take, she was so dirty minded.
"I cannot believe you just said that! I will never eat another cinnamon roll." I gasped still shell-shocked
"Hey I saw my opportunity and took it!" She shrugged and took a bite of her bagel
"You're just jealous because of who I sit next to in second period!"
"AM NOT!" She had gotten defensive all of a sudden. I had always teased her for her crush on a certain Zayn Malik. I didn't blame her.
"I knew it!" I got all loud ans earned a few dirty looks, so I toned it down a bit. "I bet he likes me more than you." I teases grabbing an apple to munch on.
"Maybe Liam likes me then." She back-fired. I threw my apple at her
"Touche cunt." I scolded
"Well anyways, after my win of just now, I'd like to ask how was hell. I meant Pre-Calculus." She asked
"Don't get me started girl!" I said and I started to rant about Pre-Cal, well more about Liam than the actual class.
"Liam Payne again? The gods want y'all to fuck." She giggled
"Lexy language! I don't think of him that." I blushed
"Yeah, mhm and I don't like Zayn." She rolled her eyes
"I'm innocent!" I exclaimed
"Whatever, I'm walking you to AP French ya 'innocent' child." She muttered about Liam and but I couldn't quite catch what she had said.

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