Star Crossed Lovers

Aleczander Clark is starting his final year in high school ready for it to end along with his best friend Lexy. Even though high school seems like hell to Alec there is someone that keeps him going; Liam Payne. His shy crush on Liam turns into a relationship bringing nothing but trouble. Will this star-crossed lovers' romance last through it all?


2. Chapter 1

Alec's P.O.V


"Welcome to AP Government!" A tall round-ish man greeted me at the door, a kind teacher? What a surprise.
"Uhm hi?" I murmured, I didn't really do nice and smiling that well. Being me, I was the first one there. More kids piled in, some I recognized from last year, some I knew nothing about. A couple of my friends sat near me, however the seat next to me remained empty. The one minute warning bell rand and the seat nest to me remained empty, it was a satisfying feeling knowing that I wouldn't have to pretend to like someone; yet sad, was I intimidating or off-putting?
The teacher began his introduction and soon lost me in his cliche boring rules: raise your hand, be polite, etc. He soon had us list our previous AP classes to determine something which I had paid no attention to at all. I was beginning to this about all my other AP classes, I knew I had taken AP English, AP U.S. History but there was one missing. What had I taken? I just couldn't remember...
"Oh, yes. We have one seat remaining. Do go sit next to uhm Mr....Mr..." I could hear the teacher saying.
"Excuse me?" He said
"Alec! He's talking to you..." My friend Perrie nudged me
"Your name?" He asked apologetically
"Aleczander Clark." I said irritated only paying attention to the teacher. I gazed back down at my paper; Oh! AP Biology, I remembered.
"Yes Mr.Payne, sit next to Mr.Clark." My eyes got huge, Liam Payne?! Fuck my life! How did I not notice him?!?! I was half panicking and half trying to be calm. Liam freaking Payne, well I guess senior year may not be so bad after all...
"You're turning red!" Perrie exclaimed giggling
"Shut up!" I hissed, I didn't want her to be bitchy right now; I was in no mood.
"Just saying! It's just Liam though." She said grinning and I gave her a dirty look. Bitch was one step away from being slapped.
"Excuse me?" Said a voice and I felt my shoulder being touched
"Yeah?" I said not looking up
"Are you Alec?" Crap, I knew that voice sounded familiar, timidly I looked up and it was Liam.
"Uhm...uhm...yeah?" I mumbled trying to control my emotions
"Is that an answer or a question?" He laughed, making me want to melt.
"Anyways," he continued, "I guess I'm sitting here." and I nodded unable to speak; and partly afraid of saying something ridiculous. I looked at him, trying to determine if I was dreaming or not. He looked hot. He was wearing a dark blue button up shirt with a white shirt underneath, his tan pants and belt making him look better as well. His converse resembling something Luc would wear, though ignoring all thoughts of Luc this was about Liam not Luc. I bit my bottom lip controlling all thoughts I had of Liam, praying I wasn't being obvious.
"Uhm, are you alright?" Liam asked. Crap it was obvious! It was his fault if you ask me! With his mini quiff and deep brown eyes, he just got to me.
"Yeah it's just kinda hot..." I lied quickly
"Its 8 in the morning..." he said giving me a confused look. He was seriously tempting me and he didn't even know.
"Whatever you should just take off your sweater."
"Its complicated." I sighed and turned away, Liam frowned. I wanted to say 'You should take it off for me at night not now.', It really was complicated. I frowned as well and added more to my list of classes. It was a wonder, better like miracle, how I managed to get any friends, I was hitting major nerd status.
"Any more AP classes??" Liam smiled softly at me
"Excuse me?" I said alarmed
"Oh sorry I have no clue what to do here." He sounded hurt, crap I had sounded rude.
"List all present and previous AP classes." I replied. Then I listed AP French and remembered how Lexy and I had convinced the counselors that we passed gym fitness test, both years and didn't require it again for junior and senior year. They knew but they needed our brains to raise the schools academic level, Luc did the same too.
"AP French? Impressive." Liam smiled again
"So Liam, what's up?" Perrie cut me off before I could reply, stupid bitch.
"Hold on," He said and I nodded but Perrie talked to him throughout the whole period and our cheerful teacher kept us busy the whole time as well. I secluded myself all period long and practically ran out the class when the bell rang. I looked at Liam before I left and he looked confused.
"How was hell?" Lexy asked waiting for me
"Heaven!" I gushed
"Why?" She said raising an eyebrow in disbelif
"Two words; Liam, Payne!" I grinned
"Oh shit, hottie alert! Lucky!!" She said as we walked into second period
"Crap." I whispered at Lexy, "we have assigned seats!"
"Damn! This blows!" She yelled stomping over to her seat near some girl named Eleanor. I glanced up to the monitor until I heard a voice.
"You're next to me Alec." a velvet like voice said and I walked over sitting next to him.
"Zayn, Zayn Malik." He offered his hand and I shook it. I was about to ask him a question when the teacher walked in. He looked like one of those crazy kinds though I remembered him from Chemistry a while back.
"I hope you all are ready to save the world?! Oh and by the way the fellow pupil next to you is and will always be your lab partner! Damn! I forgot your syllabuses in the office, I'll return shortly!" He said and with that left.
"Guess I'm lucky!" Zayn smiled trying to talk to me
"How'd you know my name?" I questioned, he looked familiar but I don't remember from where.
"Oh well, uhm..." He said confused
"Well?" I demanded
"Crap..." was all he replied "well I know you via Liam. Plus I had you in classes before like Chemistry. I just wasn't sure if you'd remember me. And based on your reaction I'd say you don't." He said trying to explain to me as if I was retarded, I felt like it at the moment though. I wasn't completely convinced yet I had no reason to distrust him. I did try to block all past memories of school.
"Sorry, I try to block out all past memories." I said truthfully
"Yeah I know how you feel." He nodded, "Better be mysterious with a few friends than have fake backstabbers." And I nodded in agreement and he continued on, "Like I've always said, I'd rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies." I nodded and took in his appearance. He had a quiff with hazel eyes, dark blue letterman jacket, brown pants, and dark shoes. He seemed familiar to me and it frustrated me how I could forget him.
"So you know Liam?" I asked taking advantage of the teacher's absence.
"Mhm." He hummed while doodling on a piece of paper
"Then how does Liam know me? I rarely know the guy..." I questioned rather confused
"Oh well Liam certainly does know you!" He chuckled and turned away. Wait.....what???
"I'm sorry what?!" I nearly yelled
"Relax Alec, it's not my place to tell you but Liam rescued you once. He just wants to be your friend." He said. Rescue me? Since when had my life turned into a soap-opera?!?! Damn I hate high school!

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